Monday, February 18, 2008

More Masers More Than Ever

It is a post-parent's place stay day, that being Monday. And true to form, within 20 minutes of a meal the perps are pressuring my prefrontal cortex, the brain part behind my forehead. The masers also start to get more frequent then, these grey or black blobs, wispy trails or fluffballs that course around in my vision, sometimes in concert with outside noises, but mostly like flotsam in a river backeddy. At my parent's place last night the perps were lauching maser flashes off the TV, usually a section of an object as it was portrayed, though I cannot recall what type of object.

And another round of shit games last night too, and one where my parents were each individually participating in the nonconsensual human experimental games. It was a small shit leak in my underwear, and my mother took a bath which was behind my head one half story up, and my father took about 20 minutes to cover all of 4' of carpet, standing up all the time and moving ever so slowly on a W track beside his chair. His final gangstalk position before sitting down was to stand with one leg either side of the chair arm, all to look even more absurd as the final standing gangstalk position. This would be considered gangstalking in slow motion, and his dementia is the cover story, but I don't buy that for a second as he is way too consistent and methodical, never mind being a paid-up accomplice for everything else, selling his first born to the perps for chrissakes. Forgiveness is not even a concept, and only wholesale mind fuckery will change that, and it had better not.

I was exactly between them, in a line, with my mother behind the wall in the bathroom, taking a bath, an activity that is highly correlated with harassment abettment. My father was doing the very slow incremental walk 4' in front of me while watching the TV. Bizarre, even for a demential patient which I don't think he is.

Another bizarre event on two accounts, and made so for me to blog about it, was the passing of a friend of my parent's, an Oak Bay mayor and councillor for 26 years, Mr. Watts on Feb. 08, 2008 (last week). I visited my parents last weekend, Feb. 10 and they didn't tell me anything about it. Then on Feb. 15 when talking to my brother in Kamloops, he told me. Fine. The next day my in-town brother "happened" to need me, and he mentions the "funeral" somehow knowing that I knew about it. Then yesterday, my mother talks about the "funeral", again somehow knowing that I knew when she would of been the logical person to tell me, but didn't. The funeral was on Feb. 11, so I wasn't expected to be there, but it is most strange that I am informed after the fact and then everyone seems to know when I became informed. My ex drove my parents to the funeral, scooping my usual duties, and so it would seem that I wasn't to know until long after the fact. (And no, they don't talk much among themselves unlike close families). Anyhow, this might all be to get me to blog about it as death, demise, obituaries and all things related to this topic are of intense perp interest all the time. The noisestalking immediately starts should I be controlled to even glance at the "d" word.

Yesterday's trip to Linen and Things was the usual First Feral Family gangstalking, and there were at least three reprises from an East Indian woman; at the front, middle and back of the store. Her coming around caused me to think (or was a planted suggestion), that it might have been my sister-in-law in morphover form. Anyhow, I got two new pillows and pillow covers and got rid of the disgusting yellowized ones the perps did in. A photo below. I kept the items in their vehicle overnight which might have been the reason the shiftless male fuckers were all over me this morning when I got dropped off. Out from nowhere they come, always when I am not looking, and I even got a black leather dressed dude in the elevator to accompany me after looking through my mail, putting on the banter about a nice day it was and how nice it would be for a walk when he was heading indoors. Go figure.

A visit to a housegoods store is also a tour of the many plastics items that are on display, as they tell me that plastics pollution causes uncharacteristic variations in electromagnetic response, making this a near six year campaign so far. Not my problem. By touring the store with my parents and toting around their purchase, a stainless steel garbage can wrapped in poly plastic inside a brown cardboard box (parent's purchase), it was a prime moment to be remotely assessed for the perp's major fixations; the color brown and plastic interactions. There was the usual MIB in fleece sweeping the aisle ahead of us before we got to look at yet more plastics, the vinyls in this case, my mother "needing" to look, but not to buy.

This morning, when still at my parent's place, thinking that mattress stalking games were done, why, my mother "needed" my help to rotate hers this morning. Not a big deal, and I was reminded of last week's mattress stalking when they brought it into the elevator for chrissakes. Funny how I only learned that now, and wasn't allowed to make the association at the time. There is too much of this recall obstruction going on, and also too many garbage associations (read, planted) coming into mind.

Yesterday, my daughter and my ex came by to my parent's place, and she had her new (used) Hyundai vehicle to show off. It is a two door model plus hatchback, white with a custom blue swoosh-like detail line on it, and had all the comforts. I gave her my vehicle in 2006, a silver-grey 1982 Volvo 245 in good condition, but that didn't cut it. I suspect the perps bought it off her, if only as a souvenir as the most tailed vehicle in the history of mankind. Now that my ex and my daughter have a white colored vehicle, plus a silver grey Subaru, the perps should be in harassment heaven, making comparisons as to the energetics interactions between them and their respective vehicles. This also tells me that the perps don't have a clue as to how colors interact between vehicle and driver, and that my harassment has at least a year or two to run before the clowns get this one figured out.

Here are some recent pictures from my apartment. This pair of concentric 180 degree turning vehicles was scripted for me to see, and there is nothing unusual for my orchestrated existence about this vehicle configuration, and the red and white paired combination. Not bad, a blocked off street gets two vehicles doing the same thing with perfect comprehension between the drivers' respective U turns as to who is doing what.
14:31 37sec on 02-01-2008

14:31 50 sec on 02-01-2008

Nothing too far out in this picture; these vehicles are all stopped at the traffic light. The closest lane are mobile vehicle, the further lane with the blue vehicle is parked with one of my least favorite vehicles to look at. The stopped vehicles are all spaced by a vehicle length between them, which is becoming very common now, even this morning, I had the vehicle ahead of me leaving a big gap, and the one behind me backed off by 12'. The lead vehicle is stopped over the stop line and this is now pretty much universal anytime I see stopped traffic. At least 20% of the time they even stop in the crosswalk now, a "new" mass driving behavior since mid-2007.

Taken 14:28 on 02-09-2008. All vehicles are either parked or stopped. The closest two lanes are stopped at their respective traffic controls, and the furtherest most lane is parked. Again, notice that the lead vehicle in the stopped lane (red sedan) is stopped over the stop line, per above. And notice that there is extra spacing between the vehicles, also noted in above photo. The parked vehicles exibit organized order in having two silver grey vehicles parked behind two black pickup trucks. The perps are getting more bold with displaying brown colored vehicles now; a light metallic brown vehicle is second in the file facing right, closest lane.

This is of my bed and the change over of the pillows, something the perps did that has been pissing me off. The old yellow pillows are on the floor with the old pillow cases on top, incrementally yellowized by some means since I got them in 2003. I could not launder the color out, and it only served as the excuse by the perps to blow a hole in the seam to reveal the stuffing thereafter. The new ones are on the bed, the left one in its new pillow case, and the right one as it is out of the plastic packaging. As this is where I place my head for 8 to 11 hours per night per the script, pillow and bedding color has an enormous impact on the remote assay of me and all my energetic interactions.

And many more arranged coincidences these days, usually when talking to someone. An image, a repeat, or a theme will be repeated, sometimes within the minute. My mother was talking about the grounds of her property and the gardening load, and what to do with the "dead branches" while I was driving into downtown. And lo, if my attention wasn't directed to a clump of dead branches placed at the side of the road within two seconds of her making that statement. There is getting to be too many of these to document, and the perps also delete them from my recall as I have come to know. (The "d" word again).

After some attentive reading about leading edge stereo equipment, the clunking started up, the annoying noises to force earmuff use, noises through the earmuffs, and then the whirr of a vacuum cleaner from my "neighbors".

Another forced crap, and the perps made me need a shower to clean up. They like these late day showers without shampooing my hair. This morning, owing to the forced "forget" of my toiletries bag with shampoo in it, and the sudden "disappearance" of the shampoo I left at my parents place, and no other shampoo, I was obliged to clean my hair with conditioner only. This might sound like a juvenile prank, and it is, but also tells me the assholes are still attempting to figure out the energetic signature of each, and the plastic container colors that they come in. They forced me off using Pantene products which I liked by dithering my knowledge of the bottles and their contents as well as removing the terms " shampoo" and "conditioner" from the label, making me into a befuddled mess to force an alternative brand in blue plastic bottles. This is one more example of the myriad of games that they are following and harassing the fuck out of me over. And the real root of the plastic problem (for them) is that I have ingested plastic pollutants in me, like anyone else. The perps have their hand in every major industrial process, and so this problem sits on their doorstep and as a consequence, have decided to take in out on me. A fuck the victim mentality, emboldened by fucking up. Go figure.

And I note a big meat recall in the US in the news. That maybe all there is to it, but given the amount of effort they devote to gangstalking me for my once per week red meat that I eat at my parent's place, I have a notion their dark hand is behind this, though the particulars aren't apparent to me as there seems to be a number of interacting factors at play. Another "not my problem", so why am I being sampled only once per week on red meat?

And there won't be any answer to that, as there are way too many objectives that have been dumped on my back, most of which are esoteric and not understood beyond observing the harassment trends. My take on this is at this link, and the next.

That should be it for tonight; I was allowed some detailed reading for once, and sucked up some interesting stereo reviews and was duly mind controlled into reveries over building my dream system. Quite the escapism for being under the perps thumb; three CD players have been whacked by them, three pairs of headphones have also been taken out, and they only let me listen to music about once every three days or else they turn the event into an auditory assault, pumping through Windows popup tones, courtesy of their duty juvies.

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