Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back Pain

I have been given a case of mild back pain, a perp imposed condition I have come to know, as there is no causal event, and it gets conveniently made worse at high interest perp locations and/or activities. As this is the first day of the new venue for the yoga class, it is not wholly unexpected. They went berserk on me with extra harasment the first instance at the interim yoga class location in December (2007), and demonstrated similar patterns today. One reason for the back pain is to keep me from walking so fast as they put on extra tails on me, either walking in parallel across the street, or else one to follow me with loud squeaky running shoes who "magically" caught up to me again after I had long passed him. I got extra stupid in-crosswalk stopping vehicles today, and the asshole driver didn't make any bones about, just looked the other way. Looking for proximate pedestrians before encroaching on a crosswalk does not happen any more; the gangstalking vehicle driver barrels into the crosswalk and then looks around. As this happened at least four times today, it is the latest extension of the perps attempting to get vehicles close to me, either in space, or in timing.

After the yoga class was finished, the perps put on a flush of people from another nearby location, all with musical instruments of some kind. Nearby, four same red vehicles were parked in file, and another was beside me when I got out.

For most of the yoga class the perps put on the noise of someone grinding, very possibly for real as they like the spray of sparks and proximate stressed metal events. It was me and three other women as class members today, the rest of the men were absent, but I am sure they will surface before long. There is a decided male/female selection they make to planting gangstalkers and operatives around me, and yesterday's trip to the computer service business on my mother's behalf was an example; three dudes ("customers") aimlessly milling about. This was the same business that put on a seeming male service technician with a plain obvious bright red hair wig on; not even his eyebrows were the same color, being black colored hair.

It was also the first time I wore my winter fleece tights to yoga, normally I wear my thin track pants. But as it is so windy and stormy, the fleece tights are far better for this weather as they don't flap around and lose their heat. The fleece pants are being worn this winter for the first time for exercise classes, and were ordered by "mistake", meaning mind-controlled action, in 2003 after my workout clothes were stolen the year before. Given the inordinant amount of attention the perps give me as to the color, fabric and fit of my clothes, it demonstrates that they plan everything very far ahead.

After the yoga class the perps put on some street sentries, the extra obvious dudes loitering for no apparent purpose; one native Indian with a ponytail in a grey fedora and a black long coat just to look extra stupid was one example. I can never figure out why they do this, except for distance dependent energetics interaction, putting the weirds on to get more of a reaction as I approach and then depart. But as the new yoga class venue is only 10 minutes away from my apartment, much closer than before, it strikes me that the perps are going to put on a full gangstalking contingent for more interaction events. Anyhow, it is all too stupid to contemplate, this insane continuance of abuse and violation of privacy.

More overhead pounding of the concrete floor/ceiling, and finally me yelling at the assholes, not that it helped any. Then the perps forced me to cough and have a tickled in my throat for extra harassment, as if I don't get enough. It is just plain beserk, this concrete pounding that goes on. And I got a similar show about 10 minutes after going to bed last night, the same as the night before. Overhead pounding as if someone was walking on a wood floor, but it is at least 10" of concrete if the sighting when there is a slow elevator with the open door as it passes between floors is reliable.

More pounding, another yell at the assholes, and then another tickle in my throat. When will this infernal misery ever end?

More pounding and vibration, and me yelling at the assholes, all seemingly triggered by thoughts that they cannot yet control. And the masers are out "ready" for me to yell at the fuckers again.

Finally, some relative peace and quiet; before this, the overhead pounding sounded as I was forced to scratch an imposed itch on my nose; who says these noise and vibration events aren't coordinated with my activities?

Every so often as I shift in my seat I get a jab of the "back pain" as it zings through my pelvic area. I didn't have any problem working out today, but mainly with walking speed commuting to the gym and back.

One of the public works projects on my walking to the gym and back is near completion; all the asphalt and concrete is poured, shaped and cured, and now they have landscaped a new boulevard and have put in underground irrigation with PVC pipe and fittings. And the perps do like me to come into close contact with PVC; they made sure the pipe was exposed before they buried it while I walked by. In one pre-harassment arrangement, the perps had me living on a farm with a leaky water supply system. I put in over 1500' of PVC pipe with fittings, boxes, irrigation systems the whole bit. And here they are still harassing the fuck out of me as it seems that there is residual PVC pollutants in me that confuses their attempts to remotely read my energetics. This, from the assholes who knew there was such a problem in 1960, and are now grinding me down to figure it out. This might also explain why there has been so many toddlers in their strollers of late; they have a transparent vinyl cover down to prevent the wind and rain from driving in, and likely want to compare these children's energetics interactions while under plastic with my own. Not my problem, so why am I being involved in this without my consent?

The more I read about the outcome of WWII and the advanced weaponry they developed but did not use, and the wholesale application of nonconsensual human experimentation, it makes me realize that nothing much was accomplished. Nonconsensual human experimentation just carried on covertly, even on the heels of the 1947 convention banning it. The Duplessis orphans torture and murder in the 1950's, the Dr. Ewan Cameron tortures of that time, and even a stuttering "study" in California was instignated. And I still have no answers to what I went through then, as my requests have not been answered yet, though it is early days. The perps have been very active in attempting to replicate and stimulate long ago traumatizations for which I have no explicit recall.

For a short version of what has happened in nonconsensual human experimentation read this link about two thirds down until you find this statement;
Q: Do you really think our government is capable of this kind of thing?
A: Do you really think they are not? The short answer is, yes. The long answer is below..
And then read the response; it is simply mind boggling, and I am sure there is a more complete reference on this topic somewhere, rather than individual stories.

And a forced pee break in the middle of the above paragraph, just when I was to put the link bookmark in place. This is merely a continuance of the noisestalking that would go on everytime I did the same thing. Now, enforced pee-ing before doing the same task.

Today's gym visit was a little lighter on the gangstalking than two days ago; it was the geriatric crowd that was swarming around me, and being bald headed was part of the show. They even had a street clothed gangstalk couple work out on each side of me, she in a loud red sweater, and foul perfume. This pair have been featured many times and I am suspicious these assholes might be known to me, and could be my parents in morphover. I suspect they have had a more active role in this bullshit even in the long past.

The perps even put a thuggy dude in between this couple and me, working out on the inclined body apparatus in his navy blue top (same as mine) and the over baggy tan brown shorts. The when he came back again, it was time to go, though I am sure that this was the script as they seemed to be ready for me at my next stop.

The hat for the most gangstalking application this week is the beret; it is all over the place, worn by either gender, and it makes me wonder if this is for traumatization re-enactment purposes, or to confer some kind of color energetics to the gangstalker to aid in the perps ongoing surveilling and assaying of these energies. Or, put another way, the perps may have not yet assigned me to have a (mind controlled imposed) reaction to the beret style hats like they have me do when I sight the "big hat" wearing operatives. I cannot get over the number of Tilley hats or their ilk that are worn by the gangstalkers, even if it looks totally stupid as it does at times.

More Windows "dialog" boxes are popping up tonight, often when the rare uncontrolled thought comes to mind, the virtual replicate and timing of the noisestalking for the past five years.

I did some more reading of the Indian Lake Project, link to the right, and my reading and viewing of the text and pictures also brought on more noisestalking and Window box popups, using my anti-virus software as the putative source. The Indian Lake Project is a fascinating history and I do wonder why the perps want me to "find" it, and even revisit this blog. The photo with the three boys and the uniformed military man is especially interesting, as the boy on the left has a resemblance to me at that age, three to four. I have blown the picture up, and came to the conclusion it was not me. I was stymied in getting corroborative photos from my parent's place this weekend as my mother put the box of family photos away, when it had been accessible for months. How convenient; the one time I want to look through them, it was packed up. Even when I did find the box, the perps then gave me the "don't want to bother" (demotivation) mind fuck, and so I did not look.

Anyhow, time to call this one done, and blog off. I am getting severe eye impairing vision emanations from this LCD display tonight, which tells me the perps are cranking up my irradiations.


Anita said...

Hey! I'm learning how to leave a comment on your blog. I'm a TI, but have a little relief now and then. Wishing for an alliance of the unlovely. Just want to connect with other TIs.

AJH said...

Feel free to email me directly, as this Blogspot comments section has been compromised in some way such that it isn't forwarded to my email.