Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Head Pressure Games

I have been getting the forehead head pressure applied to me most of this morning, something I call a "lock in", likely because that is the planted word. They start about 20 minutes after breakfast and have persisted for the past one and a half hours. If it gets too unbearable I rub my forehead and it is immediately relieved for all of a minute or so. I also note that these head rubbings are also timed to outside noises and web Window changes, meaning that all this is intentional and greater harassment progress is possible when I touch my head thanks to the invoked head pain.

Related to this are the serial noise games from outside, these long trailing off noises that are annoying enough (read, planted perception) to have me plug my ears. They put on a session last night when in bed and interspersed it with overhead ceiling pounding (concrete floors no less), a squeaking and rumbling combination noise as if a rusty wheeled 2 ton safe was being pushed back and forth for no sensible reason, the draining water noise and a few others they like to add to the harassment mix when in the prone position. The transition from seated or upright to prone is a big deal for the perps, and they have been hammering me on this from the overt harassment get-go in 2002.

Also playing big is the back pain, always worse in the morning, again relating to the prone to seated transition period again, and on an as needed basis, usually when an (rare) unbidden thought comes to mind, they put on a pain wave, even if I don't move my back or torso.

And plenty of rage-ification games this morning through the breakfast and bathroom routines; they cannot piss me off enough it seems, and so this keeps up, with all my "reactions" managed for maximum intolerance. Dithering my finger control and zoning me out while they are doing useless manouvers and not what I intended is a sure way to get me riled up, and the assholes make sure that is the case. Why waste a stunt to only have a calm reaction?

And I note that more of my self-talk has been hijacked of late; up until a week ago, I had a stream of disparaging thoughts on the perp's capabilities and persona, and now this is not happening. Likewise, "my recall" has improved, read planted associations and thoughts, as all manner of related, but low value, "thoughts" come to mind, usually in concert with the perps' agenda over the Unfavored and their seeming objectives. Invariably, they also plant noise and other phenomenon at key moments of these planted thoughts, effectively thoughtstalking what they inserted into my mind per script. It is getting very dubious of late to know where any thought is coming from as they appear to be able to nearly replicate my native patterns, forged over a lifetime of being irradiated and surveilled, and likely guided, if not controlled. I have no idea as to when they began overt control, as there would of been a development period where none of it was predictable. In other words, there isn't a real me that I can be certain of at any moment. My knowledge of being harassed and controlled is also ditherable, it can be turned off at any moment, and often when I am in conversation with someone scripted, I will "forget" all about this harassment life I lead.

After having lunch, I appear to have been relieved temporarily of head pressure, though that won't last long. The perps zoned me out so I did not see this beginning, took one of my tortilla slices off the dinner plate, and slapped it onto the linoleum floor in kitchen. I had that usual "faster than gravity" look to it, and given their interest in all interactions with the substance called concrete, it does not surprise me. Just another jerkaround and a rage-ification stunt.

They put on a rain shower just ahead of lunch time, and I suppose it is more efficacious than sending out the street sweeper which they often do. I haven't formed an opinion as to what weather is deemed more conducive for harassment, as some years have been very dry, no snow on Mt. Washington ski hill in 2003-2004 as I recall. Many of my pre-harassment Seattle winters were very dry too. Regular readers will recall past blog postings where there has been a rain onset just before heading out somewhere, or even partway through my shopping trips, often the rain begining when I am in the store, ready for my exit, presumably to obtain better in-store energetic determinations. I cannot count the number of stunts at the doors to buildings and rooms that go down, but it is always the case.

Onto another topic that is in the news of late, and has tones of being managed by the same assholes who have an abiding interest in all things bioelectromagnetic, even if the subject expires. And that is tasers; here is a link to a round up of recent taser "incidents" in the US; one can add at least two more for Canada, and it is plain amazing how often this is now happening. In a nearby case in Vancouver, the police tasered a person at the airport when there was four of them attempting to subdue someone who "became" unruly, the quotes to signify the unlikelihood of someone going out of character (IMHO) upon arriving at an airport and not finding someone to pick them up, even if the person wasn't very far away. Why the police used a taser when there was four of them was totally stupid, even if it is to be investigated. There is also an angle on this in that the perps love to gangstalk me with people who have just arrived from a flight, and this seems to related to their interest in energetics as to how it changes with geography. The travails of another TI, Gina Romano seem to fit this pattern; she gets plenty of arline flight crew personnel gangstalking and related harassment. Anyhow, this little piece is on another morbid topic, and it would not surprise me that the instignation to write this up was planted on me, as the perps have been pushing this objective of late; their fixation with death, demise, murder, killing, disorder and all things of like kind has been noticed on all fronts, especially web surfing and the directed attention games I am subject to.

More overhead pounding, room clicking and outside noise as I finish up on creating the lastmost link. It should almost go without waying that the perps noisestalk me all the more when reading TI blogs, stories or email. The perps appear to be looking for some kind of inherent connection between me and these individuals, and I would not be surprised that the many personal blogs that I read would be from the same person. Obviously it is a hot topic, that I even read something from someone they are likely surveilling to the level that I am accorded, as in intese.

As soon as I took the earmuffs off, the water use noise started up; this has become a high harassment day, and the assholes aren't letting up. More to follow when it is noise free.

I did my gym workout today; this calls for a 30 minute walk to OB Rec. Center, 30 minutes of free weight exercise and a 30 minute class exercise set, then a 30 walk back. Today was an exception to the routine, as an appointment with my caseworker had been scheduled, scheduled by the class coordinator. After a 20 minute wait in the waiting room, where I could feel myself vibrating by being irradiated, and the usual freakshow coursing around me, I got to see the caseworker. She told me that the class coordinator was "concerned" as I mentioned the event of the gym club member who got pissed I was on the bicycle machine that he wanted when there were two other machines free. The class coordinator asked about this little altercation, and I told him that it was a high harassment day and that this stunt wasn't entirely unexpected. (This had been blogged some months back, and coincided with the move of the prior yoga class to a new location, a concrete and lino floor).

The caseworker indicated that the gym class coordinator didn't likely know my history, and hence the remark was deemed "odd", and he scheduled this appointment for me. So why didn't these two individuals schedule an appointment to talk about me? The entire pretext was total nonsense as I saw it; flimsy excuses are now de rigeur. Anyhow, I provided an update to my caseworker who seemed to be reasonable about the entire situation. I always find the content of conversations of interest because it is scripted and reflects the current perps interests, recalling that I don't have conversations with anyone, but elicitations instead. Of interest was that she talked about ECT, and restraints in response to me, per mind-fuck script, mentioning the hospital-like emulation games going on, and she put in some obvious defensive time about one of the doctor's stunts of mentioning this treatment, gratuitously so IMHO. In other words, it was all about engaging me in conversation about clinical considerations, particularly those on the Unfavored list. Also, I got to explain the "brown" harassment angle as it relates to the racial rotation of doctors that I get, stepping up to an East Indian from an Asian who appears to be gifted onto greater things for his 18 months as his role as a wall to talk to.

As it turned out, it seemed that the delay and the appointment was timed to have me exit the building with the low sun angle, and of course, endless gangstalking streams of traffic, all color and size coordinated. What the perps like best about this situation is that it is more difficult to determine the color of objects in a backlit situation until it is very close. Hence, I could not see the entire stream of vehicles in all the coordinated colors, but only a few vehicles that were close. Another been there, done that, as this was the way it was for all of December and January. I had at least double the usual number of ambulatory gangstalkers while walking back, and they even started me out in a confluence of five guys around me in the change room when all I wanted to do was get the hell out. And there was Mr. Ethnic Gut, a regular "featured" gangstalking class member, coming through the door to add on more gangstalkers around me. Fucking outrageous.

In other freakshow developments today, the perps put on seven negro gangstalkers for my outbound walk and the gym, though none on the way back. Their first stunt was one of a pair of male skinheads talking in the elevator lobby, one on each side of the elevator door I exited from, way too obvious, but that hasn't bothered the perps in quite some time. At least two more were on lead-ahead gangtalk mode in the first few blocks; they like to dress in 1950's like garb, none of the current oversized clothing fad. The final negro was a male at the gym, on his skinhead act after removing his cornrows from two weeks ago, and then progressively to a 3/8"buzz cut last week, and now he is a fully paid-for shiny skinhead. Presently he is keeping himself to a few peripherial vision "featurings", likely for more appearances after the investment in his progressive hair trimming. The perps also put on a female negro in a brown dyed hairdo, all to look extra fugly in my book, and she managed to feature herself at the same exercise equipment at the start and end of the hour that I was there. In total, that amounts to an incredible and wholly unexpected number of negro gangstalkers, and cannot be considered random for this city's low demographic representation from this group. As indicated, it is another appearance from the Unfavored, just in more quantity on a major gangstalk and harassment day.

I stopped at the local supermarket store on my way back to get an item that was a forced "forget" two days ago. And lo, the place was thick with gangstalkers at every location I needed to go to, and at many of the aisle locations. The vegetable and fruit section had at least 30 gangstalkers lined up, one as a "staff member" who purposely bumped into my basket while squeezing me into a tight location as he passed by. I got to the cashier that I knew from the last grocery store I frequented until 2006. Not that she "remembered" me, or at least pretended not to; her once blonde hair was brunette with an absurd top patch that was blondish. At the moment of paying for my groceries the perps pulled an "anal leak" as I later found out when I got back to change out of my workout clothes. This is the second soiled underwear stunt in three days, and the third time I needed to clean up from taking a shit with a shower. It is totally insane that I am not allowed to take a shit the way I want, and this continues to be all about the perps' problems with the color brown. Not my problem, so why am I involved in this fucking outrage?

Other gym class arrangements and stunts were that Mr. New Bald was not there for the first time in five weeks; I reckon that having two "featured" freaks, him and Mr. Ethnic Gut, was too much for whatever reason. But the perps did put on a new dude in the gym class, putting on the waddling mental cretin act and yapping all the time. And lo, if he didn't have long hair, about the length of that of the early 1960's pop bands from the UK. And it "so happens" that I had been watching the Byrds, Dave Clark Five and the Kinks last night on YouTube, all with hair about the same length as this dude who made sure to
postition himself in my line of sight in the floor exercise room. So it would seem that the perps want to map my relative acceptance of male pop band 1960's long hair to that of their "featured" live freak.

I also got the impression from the above featured freak that he is also part of the progressive beard growth games that are going on of late, akin to the abovementioned progressive fugly hair show. As beards are part of the Unfavored class of appearances, the managed game seems to be planting males with five days growth, then longer term beards still in progress, and teasing out what it is that I cannot viscerally stand about beards, which may be derived from past traumatizations that are not recallable. The perps even put on a gangstalker with a trim beard a few weeks ago, planting him next to me in the hallway elevator area, and then planting me with the notion as to how neatly kept it was. Now all I get is the unkempt and scraggly beards, or their precursors. It is fucking tiresome to be constantly fucked with over my particular proclivities that are no business of any other party, never mind informing the hundreds of operatives and shills who are pimping themselves in this Kafka-esque nightmare called my existence, now in its fifth year.

More YouTubing, and the headphones having their "click moments" when they alternately click and self-arrange a small tune with the noise. Just another incursion. Time to call this one done for the day, and ponder what might be a shut-in for tomorrow.

Next Day Update Notes;

My Blogspot composition template was suddenly changed on me and the editor was made non-WISIWYG, which is why the first published version is in small font, that way it was normal sized for me to compose it.

Other story augmentations have been added, per planted notions "after the fact"; those great ideas that always come later, now known to be governed by another party with synthetic telepathy capabilites.

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