Friday, February 08, 2008

Back Pain and Rent Pain

I got an extra dose of imposed back pain this morning, enough to make me reach for something to prop myself up when leaning over, especially noted when changing into my clothes, always a big noisestalk moment for the perps.

And just when I was wondering what I was going to do with this forced shut-in day, why, the apartment manager put on a big rythmic door knocking show to deliver a notice of unpaid rent. My subsidy side of it did not come through this month for some strange reason, and that triggered this event. The entire subsidy thing had gone like clockwork since 05-2007, and then suddenly "erupts" this month, 02-2008. I have already had one of these go-rounds before, where the perps wiped my recall about paying the rent, and lo, if I didn't get a notice and have to pay up the extra $20 fee as well. This last went down in 2005, so repeating this fucking little game is no surprise, only the interval between durations. No doubt the perps want to correlate all the energetics between the two same events in differing locations. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed like this all the time?

As part of this setup, the manager is grossly overweight, something I don't pay any mind to. But today, I did not have a choice; the perps kept on redirecting my attention to his excessive girth, and he even got closer than normal to "explain" the notice. This is something the perps like to do; put on the Unfavored at varying distances, in this case, getting inordinately close, though socially acceptable within the context.

There have been a number of all-quiets today; normally I get a constant background of varying noise, to unbelievable proportions, second story noise on the sixth floor, and then some, e.g. last night's ceiling pounding of a concrete floor. The only exception to the all-quiets has been the backup beeper noise that has been near continuous all morning and through lunch making, eating and doing the dishes. Not that there is that many vehicles backing up around here, as the perps are less concerning with staging putative causal events than they were. But like yesterday, where this same sound "noisetracked" me for 10 minutes of my walk to the recreation center at a constant volume while walking away from any likely source location, appearances don't matter. This is the premier noisestalking noise of the week, this electronic beeping noise coming in at various volumes, the faint beeping being more prevalent today.

No doubt the electronic beeping noise is linked to the staged rent notice jerkaround, and I suspect that as my lunch was two hours ago, this is a prime moment to not only piss me off, but throw other slings and arrows of the perp's litany of aggravations.

They gave me a 10.5 hour sleep last night, now going back to the excessive sleeping games of the last two months, and designed to impair any casual labor work that could come my way. That and the back pain served to keep me contained here so far. The perps also started up a burn like pain on my right thigh, which only came on once I dressed, and not before. They pulled this same stunt yesterday while walking back from the recreation center. This seems to be the new trend, creating more pain sites without any causal event.

Lunch making turned out to be a rage-ified show; they pulled the dinner plate from my grasp while cleaning it and then banged it on the kitchen counter and then slid it into the dish soap container to knock exactly 90 degrees from its usual orientation while kept there. Other games were flicking olive oil around, and even "flying" it from my tortilla first as a mass of tapenade (green ground olives) and then within a minute, an olive oil drop with evenly dispersed tapenade inside it. These two drops of food landed within an inch of each other, and were likely arranged for side by side comparison. It is amazing that a cowardly multi-billion dollar budgeted organization is flicking variants of olive oil and tapenade combinations at me, and are attempting to attain some benefit from this inanity.

I also have been privy to the street rip-up project that I can see from my window, and that has been featured in past blog postings, some with photos. Yesterday, the perps brought out this huge 30' wide blue plastic tarp and laid it down on the street works, but not over anything specific like the concrete pouring of last week when they legitimately used it to slow the cure time. They seem to have moved it closer and for no seeming purpose as of yesterday. Today it is gone, and they are moving gravel and having the backhoe and a small excavator operate where the blue tarp was. I can only assume there is some color interaction games going on, and that anything or person on top of the same location will also somehow interact with the energetics of the blue plastic tarp, even if removed. That does seem to follow the trend; move the item off a surface and have me or a surrogate walk over it.

A similar event happened three days ago when walking to the recreation center over a 4 week old poured concrete sidewalk at the location of a fuel station rebuild. The "worker" was putting in a PVC irrigation system, and some 20' of 1" pipe was lying on the sidewalk with no option to walk beside it as their steel fence was lying on two thirds of the sidewalk, being taken down. The "worker" saw me coming and swept the white colored PVC pipe off the sidewalk, and after exchanging pleasantries, I walked on the only possible portion of the sidewalk, the remaining third where the PVC pipe had been. A perfect setup, having me walking where it had been located. The perps have long gangstalked me with PVC pipe, the seeming irrigation services vehicles with pipe on top, and in past pre-overt harassment days, they scripted some 1,500' of PVC pipe installation, all to seeming no gain, then at least.

The nearby street wide rip-up has installed some 600' (twinned in some locations) of 30" green PVC pipe and has poured at least 2' of concrete over it, which may be related to yet more testing of PVC and me, and whatever energetics interaction there might be between that substance, its color, and me.

After a few phone calls while composing the above, the rent payment crisis has been resolved, and the extra $20 late payment fee has been waived. Another game is done, this time in relatively short order, and not extending it over the weekend like I thought it would be, and sticking me with the $20 as well. The story is that the check was held up in the mail, which strikes me as odd as there is plenty of direct debit financial transactions in this part of the world. Anyhow, it was all about upping my angst, which is a telltale harassment objective. Imagine what they do to those who are covertly followed, harassed and controlled to create chaos and mayhem among individuals, groups and organizations.

I just came off a long read about helicopters and the many designs and variants. Regular readers will know that the perps like to treat me to either see and/or hear helicopters live or online. In fact, I had a string of summer jobs in the 1970's where I had plenty of helicopter access, it being our only mode of transportation for one summer, daily transport to our work sites was routine. As I moved along in my career in forestry there were other opportunities, again with a similar summer of remote access via a helicopter. There is a Helijet Airways in this city that flies to Vancouver and Seattle, and I have had the pleasure of making this trip to both cities. In the latter case, it was my first association with Mr. Passport Tosser, the "passenger" in front of me with an electronic instrument he "needed" me to see just after the announcement from the pilot to turn all communication devices off, there he was with his on. When we got to Boeing Field, he purposely flung his passport at the feet of the INS inspection officer who thought it was so funny, as did Passport Tosser and his colleague. Fucking bizarre, and Passport Tosser is the all time most observed operative not in morphover form; he has "featured" himself at least seven times in two cities, and has two same time hospital visits as when I got fucked into going there. He has various acts; currently either the semi-respectable casual or the vagrant appearance and his former button down executive look to accompany me to Seattle. No one will venture to explain how this string of improbable events has come about, but at least they don't try to explain this as "normal".

I saw a maser coming from my head this morning, exactly between my eyes and emanating while shaving. This is not wholly unexpected as I get constant plasma beam emanations from me when in the floor exercise room at OB Rec. Center, visible in the floor to ceiling mirrors that are routinely marked up at the location I am looking at them. These plasma beams are often of a near vertical orientation, straingt line beams that are in front of my black fleece pants, which then get replaced by plasma beams of the same color that appear to originate and project from my leg bones, shaped in the same manner. This would seem to be a comparison of my leg bones' plasma projection to that of an approximation straight line tangent. I have seen other toroidal and oviod projections from my chest at this same location and juncture, and it is all part of the game of everyone not noticing.

Some video listening, catching up on a number of bookmarked videos and then they are listened to in one session. And I get the usual loud beeps inserted as I websurf somewhere else, and lo, a Windows box comes up with a beep, possibly to standardize a visual and audio portion along with me yelling at the assholes who pulled this off.

the street shouting has started up, so it is time to blog off and call this dull day done.

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