Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yoga, Gym and the Chicken Run

It is the culmination of the typically busy Thursdays; yoga, and then gym in the afternoon. Then buying a hot cooked chicken on the way home, only a few minutes from my apartment, a Chicken Run. And like most Thursdays the perps were all over me with the gangstalking and stunts.

One stunt that attained new levels of blatant stalking was this dude in his running vehicle in a driveway sitting outside of the yoga classroom. Here he was blocking driveway egress, and not giving a shit, and also sitting over the sidewalk at the same time. I turned and walked down the sidewalk while he was broadside over it for some 90' to turn at an intersection, and the dude had backed out and tailed me alongside the parked vehicles.

There was a new woman in the yoga class, a dead ringer for a friend who inexplicably stopped phoning in 2004, if she was 25 years younger. Sometimes the perps like to put on gangstalkers who have a strong resemblance to those I know, or even to celebrities I admire. Not a big deal, but they couldn't of arranged a much better replicate as her manner of speech was almost the same. The inevitable (planted) question gets posed in these circumstances; is she an age regressed morphover of my friend, or is she who she seems? She made sure to mention the word "hospital" a number of times, so she seemed to be part of the show, but the reality is that I don't care, and if left to my own thoughts (rare now), I would not entertain the morphover possibilites as there is no way to know. As the perps govern all my self-talk now, I can never be sure as to why all the planted thoughts get "mind time", just like the gangstalkers and shills on namedropping duty consistent with the usual perp themes.

Then back to my place for lunch, and a short web surf, and then onto gym. It was plain to me that each time before I set off for each activity, that I had just finished up in sending the same person an email, and then shut down the PC to get ready to go. This is not the first time this has happened, but it was interesting that this person, a fellow TI, began communication yesterday after a hiatus for two months or more. There must be some residual energy associated with sending an email, and to a specific person even, that the perps are looking for, and the best way they can arrange it is to have me leave the apartment shortly afterwards. That is my take on it, as I am routinely noisestalked in my apartment at the moment of sending an email, and it really doesn't matter who. Even spam deletions get noisestalked.

I had the same dude hounding me at the gym again; "arriving" three times in succession after I moved to work on other equipment. He was in white last time, (two days ago), and was now wearing a forest green shirt today. After that, I went on the treadmills where they seemed to be ready for me, the yellow dressed rowing machine users and the Asian boy beside me, turning his treadmill on and off for some strange reason. The perps now let me walk and run for 11 minutes, a move up from 7 minutes last week. The treadmills face out the window, and there is plenty of arranged vehicular gangstalking, as well as a down ramp of an apartment complex opposite. And of course, there are plenty of vehicles using this down ramp to their parkade, and it provides all kinds of perp fun to have white and red lights beaming at me as the vehicles traverse the ramp. Both the gym renovation and the apartment complex opposite appear to have been specially built or refurbished to accomodate these harassment games. The projects were started in 2003 or early 2004, about the time the perps figured out that keeping me illegally in hospital for five months was amounting to nothing, even if all the supposed patients were fucking gangstalkers.

I had my usual freaks in my gym class today, and they decided to feature Mr. Ethnic Gut and Mr, New Bald in equal measure. Each of them is stepping up the fugly colors of their clothing, bright yellow and burgundy red respectively. These are the current two who "happen", about 80% of the time, to be in my line of sight when I look around. That being enabled by remote control of my attention faculites and orchestrated placement of these dudes, sometimes in mirrors.

Other gym freaks were two negro dudes, the first time there has been a same gender pair, but there might have been a reason for that. One had the vile dreadlocks hairdo, and the perps had me get a subsecond glimpse of it, and thereafter he was not placed in my line of sight. This is a common perp tactic of having me see subsecond exposures of the Unfavored, and slowly build me up from that. And it "so happened" that I met a negro I knew at the hospital when illegally incarcerated there for no clinical reason for five months. He was friendly as a patient/gangstalker, and he and I had a few discussions about life in general. And lo, having "forgot" all about him since, there he was, waiting at a bus stop while I was walking on my way to the gym. He introduced himself under the same name as he had then, offered his hand to shake, and I accepted it, we conversed for a minute or so, he cut me off, and we shook hands again and I was on my way. At no time was I allowed access to my recollections as to his gangstalking behaviors and impressions I gleaned when I knew him then. Nor did it seem like he aged 5 years since we last met. He had on a ridiculously arranged beret, the current vogue gangstalking hat of choice.

Other games today were the usual 500 to 1,000 color coordinated gangstalking vehicles coursing by while I walked back and forth to the gym, and three public works projects were also active. There was a paving job on the main thoroughfare I walk, more "electricians" buzzing about a near completed job of crosswalk and signage, and there was another digging on the nearby street, just next to one that had recent 6' x 8' x 2' concrete foundation for a pillar of some kind. In the first mentiond project, they also painted on the white and yellow street and lane lines, and the perps got no end of mileage out of that activity when I owned my vehicle. I am no expert on public works, but I have never seen so many street works projects that essentially shuffled the deck to no substantially different outcome. Some projects even seem deleterious; reducing lane width from two per direction to one per direction, all to put in a bicycle lane that isn't used any more than it was before. In fact, the perps still send their cyclists down the sidewalk for some on-concrete time for a better emulation of my intended path. There is no question the perps like me to see dug holes, asphalt and concrete paving and curing activity, and they had all of that on my outing to the gym today.

When I stopped in at the grocery store on my way back, I got the heavy duty props while at the chocolate section; they had arranged a fanned stack of 10" 3/16 plexiglas sheets, about 18"x 30" panels as part of a display "changeover" that they have been working on for a few weeks. It would seem that the perps are still hounding me for a plastic (plexiglas type) to brown chocolate interaction, and it must help that both the plexiglas and the chocolate wrapping are the same mid blue color. Meanwhile, only 3' away, the operative was on his hands and knees "working" on the project. Regular readers and TI's will know the perps like to have ambulatory gangstalkers bending or crouching over or horizontal and close to the floor. I had my obstructing gangstalkers while shopping, but they let me out fast enough, as I had a checkout all to myself. Funny how the checkout games go; sometimes plugged up with a line of gangstalkers in various colored clothing putting on their games to vary my color exposure, and even having a baseline sentry dude standing there doing nothing, and other times, I get express-like service.

I was given the enragement games in dealing with the hot cooked chicken when I got it back from the grocery store. The perps arranged for it to "break up" when attempting to lift it out of the packaging, and as a consequence I had to pull the pieces out with my hands, making a mess of it. If there is an elegant solution the perps won't stand for it, and in their own depraved way need to fuck it up and spread it on all possible surfaces. Then the perps continued to foil me in removing the chicken skin, a task I do for them as I have come to know, as I never did this before overt harassment began. They worked me into a total rage show over this task in 2004-2005, and stopped for the most part since 08-2006. Today's fuckery amount to a return to form; intrusionistic and malevolent application of gravitic forces to piss me off in doing the same task I undertake every three weeks approximately.

More pictures from yesterday's camera retrieval outing. I was waiting at the Douglas St. bus stop when all these shills were waiting on the other side, an inordinant number for a non-downtown bus stop. The weird-to-me gangstalkers were the two dudes at some distance from the bus stop, on the right side. The white baggy pants act may be emulating some deep traumatizations related to medical personnel wearing these same colored clothing then. Anyhow, I have never seen such a dispersed crowd at a bus stop before, and almost unvbeliveably, there were twice as many gangstalkers there as shown in the photo when I finally got on my bus less than five minutes later. As a side note, my bus was to arrive on Douglas street via Hwy 17 from the ferry terminal, but most unusually it turned a corner some 150' away to make it to Douglas St. from a non-bus route street.

This is taken from the same location as the above photo, facing S. There is nothing too unusual save the dude in the brown leather jacket lounging on the olive green building. I have never seen this kind of public behavior before the harassment began, but it is increasingly common. Also of note are the two mid-grey vehicles parked in file, which may not be too odd, its just that I see so much of this.

From the bus, a "blondes in brown" arrangement it seems. Two walking about 40' apart in the same direction and wearing the same color of brown, the lead one in a skirt, the follower in pants. The storage of bicycles on the public streets has also become the rage in town, and I suspect that the tensioned wheel spokes confer some remote energetics assay benefits. This fits the pattern of having stressed metals around me; e.g. braking vehicles, tensioned cables (gym) etc.

The bus missed at least two cycles in attempting to cross the intersection, as the vehicular traffic was especially heavy to keep the bus slowed down, but after it did, some 5 minutes later, why one of the two blondes was walking in the opposite direction one block away. And of minor note, two white vehicles flank this picture, also surely arranged.

More of the arranged traffic; the two same deep metallic red colored vehicles side by side, and a navy blue ladder truck beside them. Ladder bearing pickup trucks are a near universal gangstalking accompaniment, as there seems to be some energetic benefits to hauling around ordered tubes, the ladder rungs. See this link that uses tubes for weather engineering. I suppose the differing yellows of the ladder stringers and the parked yellow pickup have also been arranged for yellow variety. The two same color dressed dudes doesn't look too odd, though it is interesting that they have the same comportment with their hands in their pockets.

Too much blue? There was something intriguing about this, but then the blue vehicle moved to block it off, and this hurried picture just barely caught the blue shopping art act with the blue plastic bags. Regular readers will know that I routinely get the plastic-bag-in-shopping-cart vagrant act just about every time I go out. I sometimes get aggregations of three shopping cart vagrant acts, where there seems to be some benefit to massing the act.

I am listening to Sandy Denny on Youtube, another female vocalist who died far too young, aged 32, and I won't get into my conspiracy perspectives on this one. As I listen to an interview of her, the perps are hammering me in the nuts. I have no idea as to what this means.

Here is a link that was on my daily web news troll; I take it to be from the perps as to where they are currently focussing their efforts in neural research (my neural state). That being my brainstem region, and the number of maser pulses they fire through my neck above my Adam's apple seems to back this up. That the perps are often playing fuckery games with my dopamine supply, as in blocking it with the wrong medications, after reducing the supply from their lifelong irradiations, also supports this research. And I have a notion that the long past traumatizations the perps are attempting to remediate without my permission are localized in this brain region. After fucking up and creating the problem, they turn around and trash my life over it. Fucking depraved.

Time to call this done for the day, and ponder the next round of fuckery; getting to bed and sleep.

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