Wednesday, February 06, 2008

An Unexpected Outing

There wasn't any specific plan today other than lounge in front of my PC and websurf for hours on end, because the perps have spent the last two months confining me to such a schedule. The boredom blitz, or something like that.

I was instead, "needed" to retrieve my mother's PC from the repair shop while she stayed at her place while a inline hotwater heater was installed, and the hotwater tank removed. After taking the bus there, with the freakshow around me continuing as it always does on the bus, I encountered the "running postal delivery woman", running down this lane I take to cut between the houses to my parent's place. I have never seen any postal worker running before, and here she was, with delivery flyers and such in hand. Freaking bizarre to say the least.

So, when at my parents I had to "hear the story" from the repairman as to why they brought in a different inline hotwater heater than they promised. Apparently, the wrong one was sent and they opted for a better heater they had in stock. I was the appointed "geek" to understand what the repairman had to say; more heat and more throughput. No big deal, but is was all about gangstalking together with the hotwater tank pulled apart. The perps gave me some kind of pointless "impression" that I did not like the guy the instant I saw him which wasn't true. I had no reason to dislike him at all, and he was informative and friendly. That he had a huge digusting gut was beside the point for me, but the perps wanted to jerk me around and plant their version of how I should react, which wasn't even close.

Then as part of the idiot show, my parents never get new wipers for their Ford Escape, and this serves as the "rationale" for the perps to play all kinds of games with keeping spots on the windshield, adding streaks and misses, the entire panalopy of keeping a mess in front of my face while having me look further ahead down the road. (A version of them putting crap on my mirror exactly at eye level while shaving). They just love to screw me in this scenario, something they could not do when I owned my own vehicle as I got new wipers every year. That wasn't suited to the perps after a while, so they created extra streaks from new wipers, another never-before experience, having Bosch wipers "fail" out of the box. The perps have a total fixation over rubber and like products, and causing the rain today was one means to have the rubber of the wipers travel back and forth 2' from my head. Past jerkarounds over rubber have been sabotaging two pairs of front tires while the same set rear original ones were fine, and having sidewalk cyclists pull wheelies in my face.

And to alleviate this insane sabotaged fuckery over seeing through the windsheild, I cleaned and Rain-X-ed it before departing, so the rain would bead up and run off. That solved the problem, though the normal properties of the Rain-X were changed, and I still needed the wipers. (Normally, one can go without wipers after an initial application with Rain-X as the water beads off cleanly). Then onto the vehicular gangstalking where they decided to put the dithering dipshits in front of me to serve as a foil to piss me off and vocalize. As part of my posse that travels with me, I got a range of white colored vehicles travelling in file, from largest to smallest. They began with a large delivery truck with a huge steel boom over the flatdeck, and then progressed to a smaller version, then a trades van, SUV, sedan, and a sports car. They planted a navy blue vehicle in front of me so I could not pass this train, and kept me there for some five minutes of road travel. There were the usual color coordinated clusters of oncoming vehicles, and it was truly a huge event for the elaborate arrangements of both mobile and parked vehicles enroute to the PC repair shop.

There, I got my lead-ahead white colored gangstalking vehicle at the parking lot, just like yesterday, except this dude runs out of his vehicle leaving the engine running with his red coated friend sitting in the driver's seat. He was off at a semi-trot, so I thought it was a brief stop by. But no, when in the store, he aimlessly browsed at various products, just passing the time! I got reasonably attentive service, even with the total of three dudes coursing around me, and when I got back outside, the white vehicle's engine was still running. Totally bizarre.

Then with the reverse trip gangstalked like the outbound trip, I got back to my parent's place, and lo, if the second repairman didn't block the driveway, after me asking him earlier to clear his vehicle as I needed to head out. (All he did was backup and pitlamp me as I exited my parent's driveway). This was a navy blue pickup, and there has been a surfeit of this color, and a slightly lighter toned dark electric blue in the vehicular gangstalking games of late. When I got inside the house I got the usual too-close parental gangstalking from my mother, as the just-out-of-the-vehicle moment is a big deal for the perps. She then went into babble mode about phoning up Shaw (the ISP) to get their anti-virus software protection, when the entire point of getting the PC fixed was so that we wouldn't have to phone them, as that is where we got stymied two days ago in a "rare" lapse of their normally efficient tech support. As I see it, it was more background babble, something the perps like me to hear, and then occasionally paying attention to parry the inanity.

As it "so happened" my mother couldn't drop me off downtown, though the white wet flakes that were coming down by then helped to substantiate her perspective. I was driven to the bus stop, and in short order I got two fugly fuckers gangstalking me, the Asian dude was licking his tongue and making all manner of horrendous mouth noise. The perps arranged the bus to be 12 minutes late, and it never is at that stop, all to have yet more bizarre streams of gangstalking vehicles to pass by, in color coordinated fashion, with these two freaks parked around me. And of course, the alternate option wasn't allowed, taking the counter circulating bus, only "seeing it" (read, controlled attention) too late to cross the road, and just when I "happened" to be talking about that very option to one of the fuglies.

And more weird things are going on with the bus drivers' behavior of late; stopping at a bus stop that was not requested, when there is no one there, and is not a timing stop. Another weird one today was stopping past the stop by 30' to let someone off who gave adequate notice, and another was driving past a bus stop with waiting passengers who were clearly positioned to expect the bus, standing at the curb, and weren't animated as to missing it. The perps want me to see all these "service variants", though as one could expect with a lifetime of being surveilled and monitored, I have had quite a few bus "events" arranged for me.

I got some music listening in tonight, but clearly Myspace is a site where the search capabilities are impaired, as I can never find the musicians I am looking for. One has to be supplied the URL to get any mileage out of it. The overhead pounding started up again while listening and enjoying (not usually allowed) Hannah Fury on YouTube, so that means the perps are getting ancy about something. And that it is time to blog off and call it a day before any more typo sabotage comes on.

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