Friday, February 22, 2008

New Pain for the Brain

AS I begin this I got a reflux burp whose contents were duly tasted in my mouth, amazing timing, given that starting and ending anything is a big event for the perps to noisestalk or otherwise deploy additional resources; masers, vision impairments, and pain, aka "phenomenon stalking".

I have a trio of ongoing pain games today; the back pain of two weeks ago "somehow" won't go away, and is always in place for getting up or going to bed, also a high noisestalk time. The baseless burn like pain on my right thigh continues off and on, and was joined by knee pain this morning, right through the right knee, and anytime I noted the pain returning through managed (read, externally controlled) shifting of my weight, why, more noisestalking erupted. The sickos seem to be attempting to determine my boundaries of noticing, hence this slow onset pain imposition. They do the same for annoying noises; they sustain the noise, and then noisestalk me at the moment I deem the noise to be annoying and worth plugging my ears for. All very consistent these days, this particular neurological function that they cannot yet fuck with. And as I type this, the mechanically sourced street whistles are going off in rapid succession; as they finished paving on the nearby street rip-up, one would think the noise would of abated, but no, it has increased.

The perps have taken to flashing me with more red plasma; even a subsecond exposure in my central vision is enough to piss me off, and they like to vary the size to see how sensitive I am to this color and all its possible physical parameters. Another game that is of increasing importance for the perps is crumb inundation; my gluten free bread is erupting in crumbs that "arrive" from nowhere, right before my very eyes. And this involves varying crumb colors; black, white, brown and even a near orange color. And if the dispersal pattern, crumb size and color wasn't enough of a game for these assholes, they added a 4" sunlight beam to cast over the plate as I was eating the toast with peanut butter and jam on it. This was another excuse to create grey (shadow) variations over the crumb field, adding yet more variability of physical properties into the analytical mix. Then, someone decided that wasn't enough fuckery, so they added a 4" black hair in my peanut butter to be extracted from the center of its mass, not appearing on the surface at all. I don't have black colored hair, and I have no idea where this would of come from, never minding that it "arrived" in the center of spread peanut butter, and somehow escaped scrutiny when in the jar and being spread. Most likely it arrived after the fact. The incongrous arrival of all hair, most often on just cleaned surfaces, including me, is assigned to the category of "dog hairs", an ironic name as there is no way all these hairs could come from me, though most are colored in the tones of my natural head hair.

My printer is under assault again, after working fine only a few days ago. It was a map that I wanted from Google, and lo, if it didn't "turn out" sketchy and barely readable. The perps have an ongoing fixation in "dimming down" the representation of things; pictures of known persons, now maps, and all the backlit lighting with intense sunlight being another variant of this fuckery. Obviously, seeing things normally is too much data at once for the assholes; in other words, the normal representation of things "needs" to be fucked with as they cannot handle it. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked with on account of a covert agency's problems, many of which they created in the early going of my developmental years?

The only answer to that is to have an over-revving engine sound off at the time of composing that rhetorical question, as if there is a drag strip around here and there isn't. The city blocks are short and all intersections within two blocks are controlled by traffic lights. Now it is time for the tree chippers to make noise, the steady hum of this morning that is repeating after lunch. Another "response" I got was two flashes of light across my wall and this LCD display, a virtual impossibility being six stories up if one suggests that it was "extraneous" reflections from passing vehicles.

Anyhow, I am off to help out a move; a whole bunch of brown colored boxes to lug and hug, and I know how the perps like to move me around, and this is one of their favorite pastimes; playing with brown objects for them to measure me with. Another example of their "problems", is that they cannot get enough of this color around me, having holed all my brown colored garments.

Start the noise, I just started to blog again; that is how it goes these days; boundless fascination with everything I do, think or say. Even those terms are absent of meaning, as I suspect nearly all of it is planted per script. They always have gangstalkers in place for every "impetuous" or evasive move I take, though it is easier to monitor me without a vehicle. Such is my lot; a playground for organized psychopaths to play with me, down to whacking me in the dick while shaving this morning. The perps have a inordinant fixation on me shaving, and this task seems to give them trouble in monitoring me as much as they would like. Ergo, enrage the victim again, and all the better when it is done in the mirror, something that is predictable as gangstalking in public, or pounding the ceiling, now in all of the past 8 locations where I have lived with overhead "neighbors". Anyhow, I am off to help out with a move, and this will likely bring more stories to brighten up my existence.

I am back from my moving helping. The big deal is for the perps to get plenty of brown colored objects near my head, and they succeeded; boxes, particle board furniture and wood all served their purpose. Then some vehicular travel was needed to drop off the UHaul trailer and move more items into storage. I was a passenger in a bright red Honda, and that was plenty of reason to lay on the vehicular gangstalking in substantial numbers. The storage moving took no time, and I was dropped off at my door. There was a "need" for extra paper work, and lo, if hundreds of vehicles didn't pass my while we were waiting amazingly arranged to be driving in front of green and white PVC pipes arranged oppositely. That the pipes were 80' away, and that the perps needed a narrowed view of the loading bay for this vehicular gangstalking to unfold, tells me they have a long way to go. This was essentially emulating the neighborhood dig-ups where they laid green PVC pipe down, only in the horizontal. Essentially, the perps have no fucking idea as to how I energetically react to PVC pipe in all its various colors. And it was no surprise that piece of red plastic "arrived" while we were waiting for the employer to finish up at the storage business office. It was a diversion, and that was about the extent of it, save the helicopters.

While moving the belongings the perps put on a helicopter to loiter for some ten minutes overhead, a large Sikorsky type identical in sound and appearance to those of two days ago, and three days ago. Later, at the storage lockers, the perps put on a smaller black bubble cabin helicopter, perhaps as some relief from using the same one. Who knows, but whoever has arranged them also knows that I like them, which is unlikely to be the sole reason they were arranged. That helicopters play such a large role in other TI's and abductee's harassment, I sense there is more to to it. Perhaps they create a votex that is of interest for disturbing other etheric vortex energies to aid in remotely detecting the few mind control energies they have not yet mastered.

Other events in the moving helping that seemed curiously strange were: taking the trailer into the driveway and then reversing out again and backing it in so the rear door was facing the path into the house- surely to fuck this could of been figured out before they arrived, like every move I have participated in before. I also had a ride in a red vehicle, and when parked among the red-orange UHaul trucks and trailers I also seemed to be bait for some young women gangstalkers "hanging around" in the UHaul driveway, slowly trolling by with a red leather handbag. The driver of the red vehicle claimed not to know where the storage site was and had to pull over and spend some time on the cell phone. This led to the unusual event for me to be in a vehicle parked at the roadside while huge streams of gangstalking and color arranged traffic passed by, and was opposite of a concrete manufacturing operation. There was the other helper, in a red colored waffle shirt, seemed to be strangely familiar, not unlike the intersection assailant last year. Then, when waiting while all the vehicles passed by in front of the two colored PVC pipes, the jawing got onto the topic of rare metals and how even aluminum ladders were being stolen for scrap value. (Ladders are a very common vehicle adornment in this city for seeming harassment operations). Other metals that got a mention were one of the perps favorites, copper. And of course I had been fed recent news stories on automotive catalytic converter theft for their platinum value, surely a big gimme for the script, something that I was screwed out of knowing at the time. Normally the perps let me run my own thoughts as to "this is a setup", or "this was recently planted", and yet they fucked me out of knowing that I was a mind control fuckee when talking about these scripted news stories. Normally the perps let me run this "alernate channel", but fucked me out of if while helping out.

I have been reading from the Thomas Townsend Brown biography site, a work in progress. I have one blog posted that details a long list of similarities between his habits in the course of being a researcher/physist and that very little is known about him. Anyhow, the perps find much to noisestalk me while I am reading the story, and I have no idea why, as I often get noisestalked when I read a name, be it a celebrity, city or geographic name, or even if the person has deceased. So it would seem that troving through biographies is a big event for the perps, and it is mighty curious as to what is going on. The planted message is that they work for the "boy scouts", a metaphor for being honest and progressive, but that is about the last characterization I would assign to them. I have mentioned past news events, many of them of tragic proportions, where their dark hand maybe at work or is at least oddly coincidental to what they do to me. I don't want to get into all the "designed coincidences" that I suspect as it is too detailed for presentation here. Suffice to say, there is a significant amount of world events reported in the news that seem to me at least, to be managed or arranged for more perp research fitting with what they do to me, or allow me to know about.

It is knee torquing torture time; that part of the day when my lower leg gets twisted by unseen forces to then put pressure on my knee joint. I shift around and poof, it is over for a minute or less when they get right back at it.

I have been getting the forced foot twitches, usually simultaneously when a new web page displays, typically with a still photo of someone in the film business, that being the nature of the blogs I was reading at the time. As mentioned above, it isn't always important that I know who the person is, the perps find that just as fascinating.

Time to bail and call this bloggable.

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