Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Full On Freak Show

I went to the bus depot to retrieve my "lost" camera, the one that mysteriously exited my pocket when on the bus two days ago. I took the bus there, and what a freak show it was, waiting at the bus stops and viewing the freaks, all combinations and permutations of the Unfavored. Not even a starter blonde gangstalker; the shiftless middle aged big gutted males in ketchup and mustard colors were on me in lead-ahead mode (30') while a further black leather jacketed male was about 80' ahead of them, and no intervening gangstalkers at first. With these progressive distance dependent arrangement of the gangstalkers, and then the vehicles, it is easy to see what colors/fabrics are giving the perps the most problems as these are closer, while the more understood ones (e.g. black leather) are further ahead in reference mode.

From the Unfavored I had them all; big hats, large gutted males, geriatrics, suits, pony tailed males, vagrants (in a cluster of five, all of them sporting the same mid blue backpacks and jackets), the shiftless, the negros, the Coffee Corps, the wheelchairs, and all mixed in with the usual bizarre color combinations; reds, pinks, greens, and yellows. And even the traffic was backed up downtown at 1030h, absurdly early, all to have me sitting on the bus for longer while the freakshow paraded outside. And they even put on the Brinks armoured truck to stop in midstreet, and have their blue dressed dudes cross the lane in front of the bus and the location at the curb where it ultimately pulled in to stop. And lo, if there wasn't another Brinks truck parked 100' away in a 90 degree offset position once I was walking back to my place. The perps like the light grey color it seems, and have now defined the new "practice" of midstreet stops, not even the curb lane.

I got three redi-mix truck stalkings on my outing; the local supplier in their usual blue and grey livery, then some odd ones, a white drum with a blue cab, and another that is not allowed to be recalled. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fixation over planting me around concrete of various vintages, similarly as the asphalt games of yesterday.

Prior to the above outing, the perps bled me with a faux shaving cut, and I could not staunch it with a steptic pencil even. I reckon this was a "starter" bleeding, designed to be useful for the outing, and for correlation of their red color games that were so obvious. Also see the street "brown games" below, as witnessed from the bus.

My SD card in my camera was intact after the "lost" episode, and here are a few pictures from the land of the weird.

This picture is of a pink colored building that somehow came out brown in the photo. No big deal. What is of interest to me is the bright point source of light from one of the windows, a "deemed" reflection off a window at dusk time. And would it not make sense for the reflection to be reddish in color too? Never mind the cover story, the perps wanted a white light, and guess where it "somehow" beams when like this? Right into my apartment of course, all to create new shadows and other light games they like to play at dusk time. I have seen the perps arrange a 5' diameter floodlight 20' from their object of interest (my old high school science class), so if the cover story doesn't matter, why are they pissing around with "reflection" games? Who knows.

This still isn't the correct colors, taken today; the closer building is an off-white, and the further buildings are pinker.

This is one of the all time blatant dumbfuck moves I have seen the perps put on. While I was walking toward this location, an operative crosses the street 200' ahead of me with a chainsaw in hand, and places it about 10' into this field in front of a churchyard, and then retraces his steps to "disappear" as it so happened when I got there. The chainsaw is of a yellow color, as is the school bus, but where in the fuck did they get this idea from? Why, I "happened" to be running a chainsaw the day before, though an orange and grey Stihl model of my brother's.

Here is a close up of the chainsaw; total observation time of this stunt was about 15 minutes, as I was walking toward the bus stop when it began, and this was viewable while waiting there until the bus came. And lo, if there wasn't a black colored chainsaw picture online that I "happened to see today.

My brother and a confrere doing a pit stop while I was in his van, on our way to our parent's place. This perp obsession with wood, and placing it around me extends to his furniture garage sale-ing, and reason to interupt a vehicle trip. I got two 8' stacks of wood palletes stacked at the entrance to the above mentioned lost and found visitation today, and I assume that was all part of the wood placement games that are near universal on my outings.

A picture of the perp clown show from the bus; the central player is moving brown colored furniture in the middle of the crosswalk, and the perps do like those banded reference colors of black and white. Another one appears to be on jaywalk duty, crossing the street at an oblique angle.

And lo, it isn't enough to have one brown prop in mid-street, so add another. This would be the operative packing the cardboard boxes on the left; given the sheer intensity of tailing me with cardboard boxes of late, as well as the house move I participated in, it would seem that there is a referencing of one common brown color to a proximate one that is less common, especially in mid-street and behind the safety glass of the bus window.

Even the blandest building have some strange and unusual "telecommunications" gear on top, and relatively new at that, as this was never there before.

A big parabolic dish with four vertical aerials along the edge of the building, a common configuration. Too bad the perps didn't put on an emanating beam, but no such luck.

Blogspot was taken down just when I wanted to read a long list of them; funny how that goes, all part of the dashed expectations games. Then, I had all kinds of material to add into the blog, and now it has all "vaporized", read, remotely applied recall deletion. There have been too many recall variances in the past year to be anything but outside imposition. I also "recall" all manner of strange associated thoughts that I didn't a year ago; not that the quality is any higher, just more (planted) thoughts that are not used in speech, and have become too prevalent for their minimal relevance.

The rain began at dusk, which was about the same time I logged off, and got up to make and eat dinner. And I still get the brown crumb inundation games, this time on the dishes as I am cleaning them with the brush. The perps had me jumping over all the noises they introduced, even if I should of long been habituated to them by now. Somehow, that doesn't happen any more; they keep me cranked all the time when normally a noise becomes like a background sound. The perps even kept up the brake squealing and motorcycle noises in the rain, both of which had tapered off in this scenario, approximating reality. Now, they seem not to need to fake it; any noise from any source at anytime it seems, though for the most part they don't. A curious tale, pretending to fool someone, and not me; it seems they want me to notice these ongoing incongruities of conventional physicality; noise with no action, mistimed touches etc.

I am getting the fruit fly "assaults" tonight; a fruit fly drifts in and out of view, always flying in front of my LCD screen, and as I attempt to capture it with my hand, it becomes a maser ball instead, dematerializing. As this is not the first time, it really more of a pain to have this fly "arrive" just as an unbidden thought occurs, read, unscripted.

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