Saturday, February 16, 2008

Matress Stalking

I did my Chicken Run this morning, the acquisition of another cooked chicken, and lo, if the choices were reduced from three sources to two, and only whole chickens were availible, no partials. I had my green coated gangstalker on sentry duty, standing around while I selected one, and then my split green jacketed pair of blondes who parted to let me through between them at the next aisle. I had a gangstalker walk through exactly where I had been standing at the checkout when loading the groceries onto the checkout belt, and other loitering human detritus.

The passage of gangstalking operatives exactly where I have been standing isn't new, and has happened before. In this case it was a black dressed woman striding right behind me and seemingly headed for the exit without having any purchases in hand. They usually walk at a fast clip in these situations, and this was no different. Funny how there is such consistency among the members of the public who make the same move.

Other freakshow members of the Unfavored when I was out was the wheelchair act, the gangstalker's trademarked dithering 180 degree turn ahead of me in the entranceway when I arrived, the stocking carts and the white dressed staff members and many others that were even close to normal in a rare event. Normally I get a relentless parade of Unfavored freaks.

On the way back to the apartment, I had two dudes in the same color blue jackets some 12" apart and leaving me no sensible alternative but to walk between them. One was crouched down at the ground, making out that the contents of his backpack were too compelling to stand up. The delay of the elevator door opening then gave the two dudes outside with a brown colored futon mattress on a navy blue passenger vehicle roof time to load it into the elevator after me in a faux move-in skit, and they put on the patter until they got out one floor ahead of me. The patter got into varying coded words, making a joke about "top secret", and like topics related to covert operations, all jovial and trite.

The Chicken Run is my only "big outing" so far, all 10 minutes of it, as the grocery store is some 300' away. After that, I had my lunch off the chicken carcass after removing the fat. This seems to be a needed activity for the perps, eating my food without dinner plates, as I have done this everytime for some six years. I was allowed to buy a small pot of peanut butter to take to my parent's place and leave in their fridge for Monday breakfast stayover days after a delay of some 3 months, . They have never eaten nut butters, as having come from the UK, these products were never availible in the large quantities that we see in North American stores. It is interesting that Thomas Townsend Brown, a leading physicist who studied gravitics for covert agencies was a peanut butter aficianado, one of many minor commonalities of his habits consistent with my mind keeper's scripting.

The perps are back to letting me read the Saturday Globe and Mail newspaper, and they appear to gain some benefit from this, more than pissing me off with pages that droop down by themselves, the arranged high shadow area of the fold which cuts across the article that I am invariably reading. Alll the while they keep up the loud noises from outside that have a long trail off time (sound decay), the seeming loud mufflered vehicles that pass by, though never seen when I have looked. Almost any news item is a noisestalkable event it seems, and even reading an unfamiliar name for the first time is noisestalked.

This blog posting from Hobostripper reminded me of one US border crossing I made, a big song and dance to give me a piece of paper that I could of had for the asking. And who knows, maybe it is to remind me of the high stunt harassment days before they settled down to the relentless grind it is now. In my case, the INS would not let me enter the US to clean out my apartment, something that they normally would of been glad to have a visa holder perform. One wonders how much is arranged by the perps on unwitting victims. I am not claiming this was arranged in any conspiratorial way, the story is like my own in the same circumstances.

A busy and unexpected turn of events in the afternoon; I was disrupted in my post tea and chocolate break by my brother who "happened" by. He phoned through on the intercom and I felt obliged to pick up the phone as it has no messaging unlike a regular phone call. He first phoned when I was eating my chocolate, and phoned afterward per agreement as he "needed" to shop at the same grocery store as I do. Big joke that, as he has vehicular access to shop and I don't, and he really doesn't like to come downtown where I am as it is too congested. Two calls later, a during and after chocolate timing, I accede to his request to help him out with his computer.

And elevator jerkaround was also scripted, it taking me two floors down to take the stairs the rest of the way. Yesterday I took the stairs and someone had spilled (brown) coffee for at least two flights of stairs, all part of the "brownstalking" as I see it. No fluke that for all the brown color games that go on. And lo, if there wasn't a big apartment move in progress in the lobby, and one item being the perennial guitar case, just another "guitarstalking", this perp fixation on planting guitars or their cases anywhere I go.

The usual formations of color organized vehicles were around his vehicle when he drove to his place, and when we got there he invoked a dodge (IMHO) to talk about his neighbor's mega renovation, and that included standing on their newly poured concrete steps, at the top of the stairway with me a few steps down. Regular readers will know of the perp's obsession over me and concrete, and this newly poured stairway was just another case, albeit an in-family test. After leaving the bag of groceries on his concrete garage floor at his doorway while he was blowing hot air over his obsession with the neigbors to be (the renovation), he finally went inside and I followed him. This is at least the third time where he has taken me on a "garden tour" or like when he has arrived but before entering his house.

And somehow, in all his fastidious luddite nature bought a digital camera and first needed to take some pictures of his furniture to send via email to a furniture collecting colleague. And lo, if the camera didn't act up and lapse into some inconsistent behaviors, working for him but not for me when applying identical methods to get a picture. Somehow, turning off the camera and turning it on was the "magic" that restored its functionality. I have seen too many of these to be convinced that it was otherwise; a malevolent party likes to fuck me around when undertaking anything new, and so it goes.

Then onto loading his pictures into his PC, something that was given to him. That proved to be relatively easy, but then came the hard part to send some of them in email. His email software, MS Outlook, was called by the picture software and appeared easy to do, or at least until it came to send the email. There was no Send button! Even more hilarious was that the Outlook Help had identified this "problem" in advance and provided detailed instructions on what to do if there was no send button. The problem being was that there was no such option as described in his version of Outlook. That precipitated yet more looking for a solution, and after some time it was clear that this was a managed, read imposed, impasse. Then onto re-creating the email in Outlook by directly calling it up, but the created email "failed" to show up in the Draft section or anywhere else. And lo, if this version of Outlook didn't have a new way to handle attachments and create yet more confusion. And still we could not send the email, now retyped and recreated with the same attachments. And late in the game my brother "confesses" that he has never seen Outlook before, and then shows me how he uses email. Why, there is a new MS light email software called "Windows Mail" that he had been using. This was news to me, and it brought up the first email we had composed. But still we could not send the email. Got all that?

Two email programs from the same supplier, and the linkages to other software was also ungovernable. Some three hours later, it was time to call a truce and have the offered dinner. Anyhow, it never got resolved while I was there and I told him to get rid of one of the two email programs and stick with only one, and let his on/off girlfriend who supposedly gave him the computer to let him know which. All this fuelled my Microsoft loathing, something that I am able to mostly steer clear of in my own PC's configuration. (I use a internet email, Yahoo, and not a client based software package). The perps would use Linux as a cover for total mayhem on my PC, though they have promoted it at times, and then fucked me around in attempting to use it. It is not worth the hassle, and even if Suse Linux can encrypt all the file names I am sure they could subvert this in short order.

So, I took up his offer of dinner, rustic though it was, and also had some red wine to go with it, all to give me a levitational buzz for his next "interest", looking up gold and precious metals on the internet and discussing it at length. It is true that I bough some bullion a long time ago, and sold it some years later, but I haven't really followed up since, it being economically infeasible for me to even consider it. Other precious metals talk continued, with hime also unloading the perps' favorite one, "copper" gratuitously. The relevance of my brother's interest in precious metals was that he deals with them in his garage sale hobby quests. And it so happened that there has been some recent news about catalytic converter thefts for the platinum content in the newspapers as part of the topical "featuring" that goes on. He drove me back after an offer of chocolate, one of the bars he got from the supermarket local to me. And lo, if he didn't drop me off between two identical deep metallic red vehicles, one of which was doing a mid-street 180 degree turn to drop off the olive drab coated stalker who then followed me into the elevator, getting off one floor ahead of me, his second recent appearance. My brother did the vehicular backup while I was behind his vehicle, putting his red brake lights and white back up lights, at least the millionth time this has "happened" by various sources since the harassment began in 2002.

Anyhow, the silence has come over in the neighborhood as I composed this, and it is getting almost eerie, meaning time to call this posting done and blog off to stop any more selective overhead pounding.

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