Monday, February 25, 2008

Lost Camera

I had my digital camera lifted from my pocket while on the bus, and no one was beside me. Another of those "mystery" disappearances again. I had used it only a minute before getting off, and within a minute later, I checked for my camera and it was gone. All to be accompanied by this woman in this atrociously loud yellow coat before the loss was discovered. The camera had been pulled out of my pack to take a picture of a chainsaw placed in a quarter acre unfenced lot that belongs to the local church. The perps even had the operative cross the street about 200' ahead of me with the saw in hand, place it on this lawn, and then recross the street and disappear. This was way too stupid to pass up, so I took a few pictures of it. When at the bus stop the saw was still in view for the next 5 minutes of waiting for the bus. At no time was it near any wood or conceivable immediate use. A way-out bizarrism, from the Fellini Files perhaps.

The perps have a "need" to have me use certain devices they can then co-opt, and then these same devices must be dispensed with in their technocentric perspective. I went through this with a cell phone at my last residence; I had it as my only phone, but eventually they decided that they wanted rid of it, and lo, if the service didn't degrade and the network got busy on Saturdays for chrissakes. Same deal here possibly, especially being baited by the above mentioned bizarre stunt of chainsaws planted as a prop.

And it was most curious that I had been using my brother's chainsaw yesterday in thinning out my parent's riot of bushes they wanted thinned. After some five years of not asking me to attend to their landscaping, and having boundless free time to do so, they now asked me to thin out the bushes. And so, in using the chainsaw on and off yesterday, my brother and mother were working close at hand, as well as bailing me out on the "intractable problem" of the fucking thing only starting for him, and not for me. All for him to stand over the earmuffs I had been using and go through the designed annoyance of starting it. This after me telling him that it needed to be fixed, and he did squat. Anyhow, it was all very gangstalker-like, in the First Feral Family way.

The bus was the usual freakshow today; one of my strength training class members "happened" to be on the bus. There was a heavy Asian contingent, and even an East Indian in a bizarre olive green touque in the last few minutes of my travel. Perhaps he is the morphover of my new East Indian doctor I will be meeting in less than an hour. The last doctor, an Asian, was on at least four "happen bys" where I could recognize him, and it would not surprise me that he was more prevalent than that, disguised in morphed over appearances.

The new doctor will be upping the "brown time"; having a male brown skinned exposure for some 15 to 20 minutes, a step up from the Asian for the past 18 months, who was more like a wall to talk to. Not that I expect any different, but who knows, maybe a curve ball is coming, and it won't be the same absurdity of the past doctor visits. I am obliged to play this game, as this is the fount of my benefits. Which makes me wonder why the perps put me in this capacity, save to have me dependent on spending time with their selected specimens. And before long, there will be some "students" to sit in on the session, most of whom say absolutely nothing, and might only be there for extra gangstalking reference. I predict the next doctor will be a negro, to up the "brown content" one more time, likely over a year from now.

After a 15 minute wait at the doctor's office while my male goofs and gangstalkers arranged themselves around me, only to have a tall woman come in for the last five minutes and sit one chair away, I got to see my new doctor. He is East Indian, built like Ghandi, slim with glasses. And lo, if there wasn't the proverbial "medical student" in there too, and lo, if he wasn't dressed in the same colored clothing as the doctor. The medical student was a Caucasian male, in a mid blue shirt and black pants. The doctor was in a light blue turtle neck with black pants and some ridiculous large brown boots. Go figure, oversized brown boots with black pants. I did most of the talking, and he deferred from getting into a lengthy consult, intending to get the story out of me over many sessions. I see him in another seven weeks, so he is in no hurry to diagnose me (ahem) anytime soon. So much for this being an urgent condition, har, har.

And while waiting, my "pal" from Tues/Thurs strength training who "happened" to be on the bus this morning also "happened" to be at the waiting room too. What a coincidence that I get to look at this weird act three times in two days, and he is on the same bus route.

It is always interesting to see what state the perps put me into when new situations are arranged, i.e. the doctor visit today, especially interpersonal ones that will continue for some years as this is likely to be. They had me in a rattled and anxious state, stumbling over some of my words, and not the usual coherent delivery, and they fucked me out of plenty of my vocabulary. Anyhow, the new doctor didn't get into any incisive questioning beyond the "do you hear voices speaking to you?". The answer is always NO, (legitimately) otherwise they tag you with schizophrenia and that is one tough hole to dig one out of. As an example of how tightly scripted this harassment and mind control is, the perps put on ear ringing some two minutes in advance of the aforementioned doctor's question, and then changed the ringing frequency for me to notice it all the more. And it "so happened" that I mentioned the ear ringing in response to his question about hearing voices. It simply boggles my mind as to how much the perps are managing me, right down to how I enunciate my words.

On the walk to and backfrom the doctor's visit, I had my usual, if not heavy, consort of gangstalking vehicles, heavy with black colored ones today, as much as the usual reference colors of white and silver-grey. And plenty of blue colored vehicles too, sometimes four in file. (Note the "coincidence" with the blued dressed medical personnel above). The perps put on the backlit sun games again as I was walking back for 30 minutes, making everyone and everything look leached of color and a murky grey. It is fucking depraved that they won't let me see things in natural, unmanipulated color.

I had the usual proliferation of plastic bag bearing gangstalkers, and they even put on an ambulatory swarm around me at one location, five males "happened" to converge on the sidewalk as I was about to pass through. I also had a swarm of three motorized wheelchairs on me too, not far from my apartment, one on lead-ahead gangstalking duty. There were at least three more on my outing, and that makes six more than I would expect. It is simply amazing how many of these fucking things keep "arriving" in my proximity.

And today being Monday is heavy on the yellow colored gangstalking; this is the day I "forget" to take my yellow colored meds, and lo, if there wasn't the most disgusting yellow coat leading me off the bus and within 6' when I "discovered" my camera missing from my jacket. That is, the assholes who surrepticiously removed it without any sensation reminded me to look at the pocket where it had been. All withing 20 seconds of getting off the bus, and the perps wanted me to know the exact circumstances of its removal; there one minute, gone the next, no sound of it tumbling out or anything like that.

And when headed to the doctor's office, lo if the yellow city fire truck didn't erupt from its firehall bay with sirens and lights flashing and head down the street on a "call out". And just ahead of it, why a yellow jacketed cyclist with a red helmet. I saw at least 10 cyclists wearing yellow today, and I have remarked in past blogs how there "happens" to be so many on no-yellow-medication days.

The perps have me in a total frazzled state; cranked up at every provocation. Not only did the two start up applications clash, (read, intermingle their respective dialog boxes and windows), but at the instant it displayed, a firecracker noise went off. Talk about infantile nutters out of control; what is the cover story for that one?

Another forced "forget" to post this last night, though I did have a video session on the 9/11 anomalies and the commission's findings. There are so many oddities to this event that it defies probability that it was a so called "terrorist" event, and yet this insane invasion of Afganistan and Iraq is a seeming consequence.

Anyhow, I got a phone call later that my camera was found on the bus and can be picked up; the perps needed some "separation time" between the camera and its case. Fucking bizarre by conventional standards, but nothing I haven't seen before.

Time to post this, even if I am getting the faux neighbor noise of whining water running in the pipes.

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