Friday, February 01, 2008

No Chicken on the Chicken Run

A dashed expectations jerkaround earlier, my big outing of the day, the 10 minute trip to the local supermarket and back. And I got there an hour after the latest they normally put out the cooked chicken, and lo, there was none there. They get three kinds; free run, regular and another, and there zip, not even a notice to explain this one. Onto other shopping; the usual cheddar cheese -gangstalker hanging over it at great length, tapenade -two kinds, none there. I was allowed to buy tea after two earlier forced "forgets" this week, and continue on with the kiwi fruit, possibly from the same location I once owned, a farm with an acre of kiwi fruit.

I had two gangstalkers with me in the elevator heading out; the heavy breathing withered woman act with the leather biker vest also "joined me" on my return, exiting a nearby store and slithering in behind me as I entered the apartment building and the same elevator back up. I haven't had this "fellow traveller" gangstalking in a building before, only on the buses, a new escalation of the obvious. The other outbound only elevator gangstalker was an Asian woman who preceded me out the front door to join her Asian male friends, each holding up a mattress to her, one of which she touched and grabbed, all to impair my egress and force an "excuse me" request/vocalization. The degree of planned inadvertent sidewalk and egress blocking is getting silly of late, the gangstalker and obstructor pretending that there is no one near them, even if I drag my foot to deliberately create noise for them to know I am close by.

A second pate lunch, and likely the last of it for dinner tonight, for a three meals of pate and crackers over two days, "forced" by the aforementioned chicken shortage. I was fully gangstalked while at the supermarket earlier, and a new style has emerged; the dithering dipshit doing back and forth walks in close proximity. I had two of these, and am getting fucking fed up with this continued gangstalking coverage.

Black leather clothing seemed to be predominating among the gangstalkers, likely for reasons that leather contains metal salts, though I have been planted with the notion that it also relates to the long-ago of past traumatizations. Yesterday's biker-like dude in the leather vest who made such a point about loitering in my peripherial vision seened to be an affirmation of the biker traumatization angle. But as I have no recollection of anything to do with bikers and motorcycles in my developmental years, I have no idea if this occured, as the perps like to feed me more disingenuous information than verifiable fact.

While at the checkout from today's shopping I notice two staff members chatting for the duration of my checkout time, one was a staff member at the location I once shopped when I had my vehicle. She is at least the third staff member from that mile and a half away grocery store to "end up" at this local supermarket. She was a cute and friendly blonde then, and is still cute now, but was mostly black haired today with a pale blonde, almost grey 4" wide streak on one side of her hair. I assume her nattering was part of the gangstalking scene, as the perps know that I know her voice, and there is some advantage they appear to utilize by shifting me from attentive voices, those that I have interacted with, to background voices without listening to any details.

I am reading from the Reich of the Black Sun (book) and finding plenty of extra-conventional physics that were of interest to Nazi Germany. And conventional physics as well; the Nazis are reported to have detonated a nuclear device in 1943, and had researched nuclear physics to a significant degree. The end of war capture of Nazi enriched uranium is thought to have been utlized by the US Manhattan project. It is all too fascinating, and my harassment pals have been putting on the noise throughout, though only to barely noticeable levels.

And more games are going on with changing the font and lineweight of text that I am reading; I follow a link, and lo, if the text didn't get bigger when I find my way back. Then games with planted mispellings, many of them. The perps have been on this for weeks, but decided to unload a barrage this time, and duly noisestalk me when I find them.

Time to call this day done and ponder tomorrow's excitement about being let out for another Chicken Run attempt.

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