Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pounding Concrete

It is both siren time and overhead concrete floor/ceiling pounding time. A simultaneous high and low frequency noises and some vibration thrown into the mix. The perps have been busy on the latter; before allowing me to sleep they gave me a simultaneous zapping and overhead pounding, and then pounded some more after that, without the zapping. Then, about 0400h they woke me up to hear more overhead pounding. Just another night in orchestrated hell.

Once up, they then spoiled my cereals by curdling the milk, causing all of it to be thrown out with the packaging of other breakfast items that also "coincided" with the morning's events. If that wasn't enough, they made sure to keep me rage-ified with faked touches, stun-outs, going to the wrong location for everyday kitchen items, then inundated me with bread crumbs again, and adding more after I cleaned them up. As the coup de gras, they enraged me and at that moment directed my attention to look at some dumbshit face on the coffee packaging that "happened" to be facing me for the first time after the packaging was recently "upgraded". Obviously, looking at faces, humans and animals all day on the internet isn't good enough, so they changed up the coffee packaging and pulled this morning's stunt, no doubt the work of months of effort on their behalf. Time to buy a new line of coffee perhaps, though I will get to know if that is possible by the managed "forgets" that are so numerous of late.

Anothe event that likely had the perps excited yesterday, and likely for the next few days was that they set me up for a $50 bill, of red-orange color here, to be placed in my wallet. This was my mother's payment to me yesterday for undertaking the recent gardening and tree thinning. The color and quantity of paper money is very important to the perps, and I have countless wallet "disappearances" and stealings to confirm that. (The lastmost wallet theft was to steal both US and Canadian currency, and while working in Seattle for 3.5 years, I had both currencies in my wallet). This would the first $50 bill the perps have allowed me to carry in my wallet since 2003 when it was availible at the ATM's. Then, the ATM's switched to green $20's thereafter.

Another overhead pounding with a simulltaneous zapping, and me, as in mind-controlled me, yelling at the assholes. This was timed to the slow unfolding of the display of this web page. I am fucking pissed beyond all means of quantifying it as to getting zapped. I hate getting fucking zapped, is that clear enough, especially over the instrangient attitude over fucking up this nonconsensual human experimentation in my developmental years, the central reason I have been subjected to this fucking ongoing atrocity in the first place.

Cue forced yawning as I type the time. This is not unusual to have yawns forced on me at the transition of activities, in this case, from reading blogs to entering this drivel as I type.

My in-town brother was to come by and enlist me for more Windows lessons, but not even a phone call. This is not unusual, keeping me in place to delay me in retrieving my camera from the lost and found at the bus depot. My mother has a vaguely stated arrangement to meet tomorrow, again, these no-shows from her quarter are nothing new, and has the same effect of foiling other plans. I will be off the gym shortly, and then a haircut after that, which is a danger as the assholes have forced a "forget" in attending to one activity on the heels of another. Back to one event per outing, should I be allowed to recall that dictum next time, but I doubt it. There are too many managed "fuckups" these days, even if there is "improved" recall of late, usually inconsequential associations that get planted into mind.

The perps are still trying out red plasma flashes in my central vision; they still seem to be testing my aversion to this, and sometimes there isn't an aversion most oddly. For all the red flashes and stroboscoping, and my instant dislike, I cannot trust this reaction is my own as I have never had such an immediate loathing of red plasma flashes before. I have no idea as to what the assholes are doing, but if past patterns are a guide, they seem to be remediating me of having any adverse reactions to red plasma flashes. First of all, I didn't know I that I was adverse to pulsed red light until the harssment began, and as I mentioned, when my reactions are also managed, I still cannot be entirely sure. Only their 6 year long pursuit tells me that this might be an intrinsic reaction. I still don't get it; why am I being remediated for a condition, a rare one at that before the overt harassment began, that I didn't know I had? Then onto other colors next I assume; the brown plasma flashes and stunts have begun, and the loud obnoxious orange clothing on the ambulatory gangstalkers has also been noticed.

And more posting of the "just standing there" assholes of late; while at the grocery store yesterday, one white haired elderly fuck in black was 6' from the checkout, and had aligned himself with the checkout line, with two of his confreres in front of me, one taking a whole lot of time to depart. He was leaning against the stainless steel surface of the recycle bins, of no apparent purpose. This would be another example of the "no needed cover story" policy; a year ago, he would of pretended he was a waiting husband of one of his checkout line conferes, but no longer. Someone in the perp command decided that more shiftless sentries standing about is OK. Which always begs the question, who are they fooling?

This is the post-mealtime jerkaround, and I got shown a new combination phenomenon. A faked burp, whereby my stomach heaves up and down and pounding an roaring in my ears at the same time. And no actual burp. Call this new terror-tory from the perps, dishing out new bodily autonomic acts that are poor representations of the real thing, by design of course.

I did my gym class today, and then followed with a haircut. This was the excuse for the intense gangstalking at the gym it would seem; these same four assholes must of wandered past me, or positioned themselves doing nothing next to me, at least six times each. One with purple shoe laces no less, another in jeans fipping his water bottle around and not even exercising, and another in white, and constantly hanging around me, returning after I moved away. Fucking rude. Finally, I went on the treadmill 60' away, where there is no room for loiterers, and one of them paraded by me there too. I also got some freaks of the Unfavored; male ponytail and bob, red hair, the shiftless fucks hanging around and making sure I notice them, and my in-class regulars, Mr. Ethnic Gut and Mr. New Bald. The latter fucker was all over me and hanging in the proximity of the attractive female coach. Also, Mr. Alkie of the class, a two time gangstalker yesterday, was featuring himself to a lesser degree. That left only one other class member who wasn't freakish, but he has this spaced-out look all the time, and doesn't appear to go out of his way to get into my line of sight. That is probably why, only the Unfavored weirds get featured the most.

The perps are putting on at least 10 ambulatory gangstalkers per intersection now, even the high school "kids" are on the job, three girls all holding hands as they walked along in front of me with three male kids behind me in some kind of defacto gangstalking posse. Fucking bizarre to say the least. And I notice that the perps are putting on a brown colored bus to deliver a team a minute ahead of my arrival. Until today, it was a yellow school bus that dropped them off, and after a few weeks it stayed for the hour duration of my workout, there when I arrived and left as well as being visible through the glass panels of the gym. It seems that the perps have moved up the color difficulty chain, and have used a light tan brown metallic finish charter bus as of today, and having it sit there for all of the workout.

And having a haircut is always a big gangstalking event; all those samples from my hair, and having this dude close in for 20 minutes. And for the perps, I am sure the red colored chair was another bonus, for whatever that means to them. The stylist was sitting in the chair when I arrived 20 minutes early, and I suppose that was part of the gangstalking arrangement. The perps like to have specific individuals sit in the chair before I use it, or afterward.

I had my constant stream of color coordinated gangstalking vehicles; some 500 to 1,000 mobile vehicles, and at least half that number parked. There wasn't any spectacular driving stunts of note today, though the perps are getting brave with putting on light metallic tan brown colored vehicles, now moving up to having clusters of three at a time, in file or over two lanes, usually with a consort of white, black and silver grey colored vehicles as a color reference set.

And I am sure the big event of the day for the perps is that I paid cash for the first time in two months; a green $20 to the stylist and two blue $5 for the groceries I needed to get, one item being goat's milk as a consequence of curdling it this morning. And lo, if they didn't change up the packaging; now in a carton and half the size, the fuckers are taking me off the plastic containers for milk, something they already did once. Fucking bizarre.

I don't know what the Dutchboy hats are all about, but I hand another gangstalker on me with a fugly orange backpack paralleling me, then tailing behind for some 15 minutes of walking. The weird had a Dutchboy hat, as did the bus transit "supervisor" riding the bus yesterday in his ridiculous dayglo vest and his Dutchboy hat with brown noteboard in hand with white paper clipped to it. I couldn't imagine what in the fuck he was really doing, pretending to log something about the passengers when they came on. I also had my weekly guitar stalking today as well; one ambulatory gangstalker was packing by holding it at the neck in it black soft fabric case, about the most inconvenient way to carry it any distance.

The construction projects on my walking route are starting to wind down; the crosswalk and lane closure job still has the MIO (Men in Orange overalls) "electricians" still putzing with wires and kneeling down on the 2 week old concrete, not unlike last week's "flag girl" who was sitting down on the concrete at the very same location in the middle of the active paving job all around her. It looks like some paving was done yesterday at this location, making it the third time they have paved parts of the same intersection. They grind out some asphalt out and replace it, not seeming to be of any purpose but to create more vintages of ashphalt, usually about two weeks apart, at the same location, and at street width length, 3' wide, two strips offset by 90 degrees. Yesterday's paving was in place for me to walk on when I went to see the doctor. I have yet to understand the perps' fixation over these two common construction materials, but it is likely key to being able to remotely harass and mind control someone while they are driving.

On another long public works project the perps dumped a small load of ashphalt onto the street while I was outbound, having me walk around the truck as it was in the middle of the crosswalk, and lo, when I got back, the pile of ashphalt was still there, some 1.5 hours later. Freaking bizarre from what I know about the street works. The perps have extended this five month street project I noticed, and are digging up another thoroughfare, something they have done at the same location about three months ago. Anyhow, it looks to be that these street works projects are being extended and enhanced for reasons that don't make a whole lot of sense.

More games in messing with my email; the counter of how many items in my Inbox has been incremented by one, to seven, even though I cannot find these unread messages. This is third time my counter has been incremented and no email has been recieved. This would happen sometimes in my working days, I never could figure out how the email counters on mainframe email got out of kilter. Now I know; I have an organization on me all the time, specializing in such dumbfuck pranks. Fucking bizarre, and highly annoying, as I will now be offsetting this from the number of real messages I get, oddly infrequent these days.

Anothe zapping with a coincident overhead pounding. How many times do I have to tell the assholes, I hate getting zapped; get your gutless faces in here and tell me why I am being fucked with all the time.

Before above mentioned outrage, there was a series of three sirens over five minutes, one being varied in many unfamiliar ways, slowed down, stopped, restarted and other bullshit juvenile games. Now a fourth siren.

Here is a piece about new methods to evaluate human hair and its geographic origins based on oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of the water that a person has drunk in recent times. I suppose the perp lead-in is that I got my haircut today, but this might also explain why the perps have a fixation on what water I drink and how much. They nearly always demineralize and blandify my purchased water, it only tastes any good within the first few hours of purchase. And it might explain why the perps are putting on tours of the Victoria watershed, and that one of their hiking trails was over top of the city's water supply pipeline. They also limit my water intake as well; I was a six glass per day water drinker, and now it is barely one. I am hoping that the assholes are keeping me properly hydrated, as I have only rare instances of being thirsty, also a manipulatable condition I have come to know. I have a suspicion the perps can inject or extract bodily liquids and even water directly into their victims, and I would not be too surprised that I am getting supplied directly by means of remote control of materialization.

Time to blog off, having cleared up a number of bookmarked videos that were hanging around.

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