Sunday, February 17, 2008

Linen and Strange Things

My mother wants me to drive her to Linen and Things later today, a store that was never on my radar until last year as I rarely purchase linens and bed things. But, as it so happened, my mother needed to drive me there in the summer last year, and lo, it was a full blown home goods store, like Home Outfitters but with more reasonable prices.

And after being at the downtown Bay department store two days ago and procuring a new flat sheet owing to the perp games with the 2' rip in it, and washing the new sheet today, my mother "needs" to go to Linen and Things in the suburbs. I had a notion of getting a whole new set of sheets when the sheet ripping began, but cheaped out to get a single flat sheet that was heavily discounted. Funny how these coincidences keep cycling, the sheet games are a constant perp obsession, and it supports the notion that they are hounding me over the color of my clothing, bedding and everything else that may be in my purview, including of course, the colors of gangstalkers and shills clothing and vehicles. So, as my pillows are dyed yellow by some strange force which cannot be laundered out (a picture in a past blog posting), And that the pillow cases have been rendered into an insipid blue color, made worse by the underlying pillow dye job, I just might split for new pillow cases at Linen and Things. Anyhow, the sheet games aren't over yet, and having me take my new bedding possessions directly to my parent's place for my Sunday overnight stay might be the real perp move; the study of the energetic geographic variance of bedding. Not that I asked to be in this experiment, but I always wondered why my college dorm mates never reminded me of the sheet exchange day at the time, and that I "missed" it somehow. That too makes sense in light of the current goings on. And in some residences in true bohemian style, I didn't wash my sheets for months. Now it is a biweekly event which is close to civilized. And there are many tales of the ex being a bigger slob than me about sheet changing, but I will leave it at that for now.

A stream of beeping vehicles is still continuing, now over 10 minutes worth, as if someone got married today, which is highly unlikely as this is a regular church day. This noise covered me after my minimal lunch of leftover tortillas straight from the fridge, and fits the timing of the usual post-meal digestion noisestalking. Anyhow, I suspect that the perps have not yet "mastered" the post meal digestion energetics, which would include the colors of the food, and have cranked up the noise to attempt to quantify the energetics of my high frequency noise hearing which can be leveraged for their covert neural monitoring and surveillance games. Just another noise event as far as I am concerned, and I always look for the coincident events as a tip off on what they are working on and how much harassment/research progress they are making.

More beeping vehicles, as if another wedding in progress, adding to the collective improbability of outside events, never minding the hallway hacking (same sound, "subject" never recuperates) with simultaneous jaw clicking of no ostensible cause.

Perhaps the sunny weather has brought on the silliness, though I am no expert as to what weather conveys what advantages to being remotely "brain tapped" (learned the word today), and surveilled. In 2004-5 winter the perps kept the rainfall and precipitation so low that the up-Island ski hill had no snow for the entire winter. This year, Mt Washington is having near record conditions of bountiful snow. Anyhow, most would think it too bizarre that weather conditions can be controlled, never mind being arranged for harassment augmentation of one victim, but there have been too many anomalies in my circumstances. When I mention them to my in-town weather-wise brother he gives me the grin, and doesn't bother to apologize and defend his paymaster's pranks. The perps tell me that I am to get plenty of suntanning in this summer after none since the 2003 summer. As always, it could be total bunkum, and I don't have a vehicle to drive anywhere remote and loathe the in-town beaches anyhow,- too rocky, water is cold.

It seems that 2003 was the year they tried everything, before the long grind began and still continuing. It was the year of the five month hospital stay with the gangstalking operatives, suntanning, swimming, hiking and more dietary freedom. Since then they began the rage-ification games, extra harassment over financial matters, reduced diet, reduced clothing choices (the brown and light blue clothing suddenly sprouted large holes in them), more laundry harassment, and the rest of the goings on that they might contrue as "normal" when my entire world changed. And the grind down is continuing, as they won't let me eat much fruit, constrain me on green vegetables and salads, and a host of other incursions, many of which I don't know of, or am not allowed to know. The volunteering has got reduced to nothing, and I know there is plenty of activity on that front, and so it goes. They appear to be building some of my once regular activities up, but only for a few days, and then months of curtailment. The functional deconstruction is still going on.

Another forced "forget", posting this blog entry. Here it is, unedited.

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