Friday, February 15, 2008

Airhorns for Chocolate Crumbs

I had an minor incident which underscores how fanatic the perps are over me and all things brown. In the usual perp managed breakfast menu I had a 100g chocolate bar, and had unwrapped and broken it into regular sized pieces. And as I was about to begin eating it, a chocolate crumb "somehow" arrived on the table between me and the chocolate bar and so I used my right index finger to pick it up first instead. The instant I touched it a outside airhorn, as if from a tractor unit, sounded off. Not a coincidence, but part of the noisestalking scene. Then, with my coffee cup now in my right hand, another chocolate crumb "arrived" in the same place, and I used my left index finger to pick it up. Again, an airhorn went off the moment I touched it. Two noisestalkings. Finally, I picked up the first piece to eat, and as it touched my tongue, the airhorn sounded yet again. It is utterly bizarre than anyone would track someone touching and eating chocolate three times in succession, but this is only one example of the moment by trivial moment study in which someone enrolled me into, with no choice in the matter. Call it the functional decomposition of all things brown, undertaken remotely, but with full access to everything I do, think, see or intend.

I had another strange and planted dream last night, it was all about crossing borders, a common theme for the perps, though not really part of my life currently. At one point I found my arm had been placed into the 2' slit in my top sheet, and it was directly under the blanket. How long this went on for I have no idea, but as long as the perps needed. Which tells me that if this is what they are fucking with, and the level they are at, they will need another year at least of parsing all that I do into the color energetic moments that seem to fascinate them so much. Having my arm in the perp's tear in my sheet was no fluke; when they rountinely jerk me around over placing an invoice and a check in an envelope by causing the paper edges to constantly "hang up" or "snag", the placement of anything is highly managed.

And so it was time to get a new sheet, and head out to the department store downtown and get one. I had my usual freakshow with me, first begun by a gangstalker wearing a brown coat entering the building as I was about to exit, and then the trail of gangstalkers on the sidewalk, 40', 80', 100' ahead of me along with the color ordered vehicles, silver grey, white and a very light brown Jaguar among them. There had been a 20 minute rainfall before I set off, something that I equate to the street sweeping that often precedes my street visits.

And continuing yesterday's "breadstalking", the perps had left a double plastic wrapped loaf of bread exactly at the corner of the building across from the crosswalk. Then when waiting at the traffic controlled intersection downtown, (two blocks away), the perps had arranged the vehicular traffic to back up into the intersection and obstruct the sidewalk. This forced me and my gangstalking retinue to walk further into the intersection, wholly off the crosswalk, to get around the planted obstruction. The next block had my lead-ahead gangstalkers, and they made sure that they made the same turn was going to make and had another two gangstalking parties join me at the corner.

Finally, when in the department store in the section for bed coverings, why, there were another six gangstalkers already there, troving through the clearance sale sheets, and they came by just when I was picking up a packaged sheet to look at. Impeccable timing as always. The perps let me "discover" a discounted sheet of appropriates size and color inside of five minutes, and did not swarm me at the checkout for the first time at the Bay department store.

Other gangstalkers were already in place to lead-ahead of me when headed for the elevator, and the middle-aged semi-vagrant made sure to parade around me, and even made sure to "feature" himself once I was in the elevator, before the doors closed. Then onto the return trip, and my posse of poseurs was in place where some idiot doing the tourist-like gander at the shipping bay of the mall was dressed like he was employed locally. Then at the controlled intersection that was obstructed by aforementioned vehicles, the perps managed to cover the parallel crosswalk with obstructing vehicles, and when the walk signal indicated to walk, an black SUV from the right attempted to drive into the crosswalk, and then aborted its progress after covering some 3' of it. I have never seen someone deliberately drive their vehicle toward a cluster of pedestrians before, but here it was. Talk about a total bozo; even shilling for that stunt was depraved. This was the second event in two days where the perps drove, or attempted to, a vehicle over a crosswalk with pedestrains on it, me being one. This city-wide beligerence erupted when the harassment began in 2002, and has only got worse.

One of my stalkers was an older woman in a black coat with brown trim who stuck on my tail for a full city block, and she "happened" to be packing a same yellow colored bag as I was. I am one of the faster walkers in this city, and have been slowed down some by recent imposed back pains, but this was totally blatant. There were other gangstalkers enroute to my apartment, the last one being on a cell phone in a teal coat, following me partially to the door, and then stopping and turning her back to me. Her coat was the identical teal color of the elevator doors and jambs on the main floor. Simply amazing, the perps are still fucking around with colors by planting beings or objects that replicate the colors that are to unfold on my route.

Given the amount of time one spends sleeping, I would imagine that the perps put a large emphasis on the exact colors of my bedding. I can only assume that this sheet was the one they wanted me to purchase as it was such a good deal, being successively marked down as it was a remaining top sheet to a sheet set. I imagine the other sheet in the package is somewhere else and that one of my gangstalker pals will be sleeping on it tonight, wherever they may be. And it "so happens" that the sheet has an alternating combed striation pattern, which suits the perps for all that I seen this pattern being used for gangstalker clothing and other close-in applications.

Other excitement today has been relatively slim; the perps put on a huge siren cascade when I looked at Jann Arden's blog, something that I hadn't done, as the perps arranged for me to be annoyed with the small font size in the past, but today for some reason, that did not matter. Not that I follow her much, but I enjoy the few records of hers that I have. Not a big deal for me, but the perps have huge expectations over such seeming innocuous events.

Another school massacre today, this one in Illinois; I cannot believe these are random, and there has been a huge spate of these over North America. Knowing how the perps like to take blood samples from me, and how they are obsessed with determining geographic energetics, I sense the two are connected, and the perpetrators were controlled to enact this senseless violence. I haven't found a link that has added these up over 2008 so far; there is a pattern to these IMHO. Here is a link that has tracked school shootings only, and does not include the recent similar department store shooting.

While perusing mu block ads list, and recalling something about a particular line item, the overhead slamming came on with a simultaneous zapping to make sure I was pissed off. After I yelled at the assholes, the bus noise starts up, my vocalization being the cue in all likelihood. The assholes did the same thing to me last night, zapping and slamming before I was allowed to sleep.

I was subjected to another two "misperceptions" while making dinner tonight. One was as if there was a blob of red plasma sitting over the frypan when there clearly wasn't, and I took a second look to be sure of this imposed aberration, and no red plasma field. The second "misperception" is one that I couldn't figure out exactly, and still cannot; the spatula was applied to the frypan to lift the tortilla, and somehow there was this disbelieving sensation that what I was seeing wasn't there or true. Anyhow, I never had any such "misperceptions" and have never, ever read anywhere that they exist, so it must be the assholes playing action-at-a-distance games again, parsing out my cognitive capabilities at any given moment and removing some from my mind to create this sensation of cognitive dissonance at a fundamental level.

For the first time in a week the perps backed off a little in the faked touches harassment games; getting back to "normal" harassment instead of escalated harassment. Such a treat.

The back pain games are still going on, mostly in the morning. They like me to be crippled like this, and it serves as a cover story for launching pelvic pain in the evening, such as I am currently experiencing in another designed coincidence.

I am getting a rash of knee torquing torture while cutting and pasting URL's of stereo music sites. Then forced scratches of the itches that come from nowhere to resided behind my glasses, and so it goes. An irritibility fuckover game tonight.

More knee torquing torture and and the perps moving my toes, often simultaneously with transient noises they create. One noise being overhead pounding, sometimes with a zap in it just to enrage me all the more.

Some music browsing, and lo, if the entire browser wasn't crashed, something that occurs often, and then they add popups that beep in my ears to piss me off all the more. Listening to music on the PC is getting to be a fucking abuse experience dealing with browser fuckery.

More screaming rage infuriation games; I tried to listen to music online and got hammered with popups and their noise, browser crashes, and Window overwrites where one window gets displayed in a neww session and not the one it was in. Just more fucking around to crank up the rage-ification. The popups are being used as surrogates for noisestalking; if an unbidden thought comes to mind, I get a popup and the beeping from the anti-virus software and I cannot get rid of this.

And what is going on with my email as I am not even getting my regular spammers coming through?

Time to call this day done, having ended worse than it started, but it seems that music listening wasn't allowed tonight, and is a once per three days mandated activity.

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