Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Anything Goes

A dumbshit title today, as I was totally blanked out as to what to call today's blog posting, as the perps haven't been so evident today, once I settled in at the PC. The noise run up before getting up was atrocious, and it was kept going when I got up and dressed (a prime noisestalking event), put the kettle on, made up my cereal and only ceased when I finished my crunchy breakfaset cereal.

There were the usual pranks and crumb games at breakfast, the bread attacks have been most virulent of late. They created a longitudinal "rip" through the loaf, so every slice comes with a 3" tear that is the putative cause for the myriad crumbs that "arrive" on my plate, even if the delivery physicality doesn't conform to conventional understanding. This daily torn bread then becomes a rationale for chunks of it to drop off, hang in a differnet plane, or otherwise be jerked with. The bread tear has also been used as the site of punching craters in the bread, a steep sided hole that likely has much more significance for the assholes who put it there than I can ascertain.

The perps pulled a stunt on me in the bathroom that was a first; one of their harassment fixations is the color of my prescribed medication, one white pill and four yellow and white capsules. The connection is that every Monday I "forget" to take my medication as I am at my parent's place and don't take it with me. Invariably, there is more gangstalking oriented around the color yellow. Today, the perps placed a black colored seed on my hand just after I put the medication in my mouth. As I kept trying to get rid of it down the drain, this seed kept coming back. This infernal juvenility was extended to the point that I got pissed off and yelled at the assholes. The black seed "disappeared", but while yelling at the perps, all five pills were stuck to the roof of my mouth, confirming that this is a key area for perp fuckery. Anyhow, it was all over before I was allowed to know what is going on, but it serves as an example of how highly controlled everything is.

I was allowed to get to sleep in about 30 minutes last night, a near record for a Monday. I had to listen to the overhead pounding of the concrete floor/ceiling, the noise of someone walking with very heavy feet as if it were a wood floor. Go figure, and the pounding noise comes without the vibrational quality it had before. There were no planted dream games that I can recall, and for the first time in at least six months, my sleep duration was less than 9 hours. Simply stunning, and getting back to the lifetime normal.

A retreat to past form was imposed for lunch; until I moved into this apartment the perps had me eat my leftover portion of tortillas direct from the fridge by having me put them on a new plate and take them directly to the table. No fuss, no muss. This was at variance with the past four years where I reheated them in the frypan. Today, I got mind-fucked into reheating them for the first time in this apartment, and yes, it was a full-on noisestalked event. Nothing exciting in this news, but I am sure it is a big deal for the small minds that control me like this.

I have returned from my gym class via the bus; the perps put on a driving storm for me to walk there, and then laid on extra rain for my return, so "I", in the collective mind controlled sense, took the bus back. Not that it was unplanned; my five gangstalkers arrived at the bus shelter in short order, one in ridiculous blue-purple sweater, not even a coat for the inclement weather conditions. There were at least three other gangstalkers in summer time dress while outside. I wore my blue fleece and an a Gortex shell over top. As I rarely wear this combination, the perps put on an extra special contingent of blue gangstalking vehicles and ambulatory operatives. The perps were also heavy on packing the males around me, at the gym, and at the LD store that for the first time, was only lightly gangstalked instead of the full-on swarms. The perps even put on an adult father and son gangstalking pair, both dressed in the same blue and black anorak. Fucking absurd; I hadn't seen this act before, but here is was. At the gym, at one point in my exercise, they put on 18 males hanging around me, to 25' away, with the usual 70% of them doing nothing at any given moment. I even had an unabashed 6'4" Asian dude loitering around me in a two tone blue outfit while working out, and continuing after I departed from that piece of equipment. Did he want to use it? -not a chance, he wanted to continue loitering which he did, this time with the underneath side of his tongue pressed against his open mouth. Fucking weird to say the least, but the most obvious admission about the perp's attempts to model the inside of my mouth yet.

With the surplus of dudes hanging around in the gym, the perps made sure to put me off my usual routine, keeping me off the free weights again, which they appear to want about every 6 weeks or so. And while doing one foot balancing in the floor exercises, the perps kept wabbling me back onto two feet, just as they do in yoga. The plank isometric exercise was also duly fucked with, as they would not let me stay on my feet and arms for anything more than 20 seconds. I have done a full minute before, and today, they governed down my ability to do this exercise. Fucking rude, and blatantly sick.

My regular two freaks of the afternnon gym class were again featuring themselves, planted in view, and even giving me a side and a back profile. Then with one ahead of me, walking toward the floor exercise room, the other swoops in ahead of me coming from the opposite direction. As the coordinator had not gone to the opposite end to inform the class members, how did Mr. New Bald know when to arrive and insert himself between Mr Ethnic Gut and myself? It is never a mystery to me, they are coordinated by in-eye, or on-retina, instruction. Occasionally one of them will give it away by looking up before they replied, or at least until the perps got near 100% mind control.

The post-meal digestion period is now bringing on the noisestalking; the "neighbor" water usage and the loud mufflered vehicles from outside. The perps kept me rage-ified through dinner and making the dishes, obstructing my finger control, crumb planting, cheese grating "arriving" after the fact, breaking up the block of cheese, and a few more annoyances that they keep me cranked up about. And while ranting about the sick and gutless asshole trashing my life, the noisestalking starts up simultaneously, adding to the notion of being picked upon. Nothing new there, it is just coming back, making sure that I am the outsider guinea pig, all for their diabolical and timorous juvenility.

I came across an interesting web site about the 9/11 tragedy, a site called Missilegate that has fuzzy footage of something very sinister about the first hit on the World Trade tower; it shows a much smaller winged aircraft, possibly a Cruise missile, coming down at a steep angle and hitting the tower. I don't normally delve into this topic, but what I found interesting was that there was this envelope of a field around the tower, much like what I see all the time in this harassment world. It is very possibly a densified magnetic field in which objects and personnel can be controlled from a distance, what I deal with. Which suggests that the World Trade towers were targeted with extra-conventional technologies that exert action at a distance physical forces, possibly the real method that was used to take them down, e.g by being dustified in the billowing clouds of concrete and steel dust. There are reports that other steel objects, many blocks away, such as vehicles, were "melted" in a fashion, the steel was weakened and the entire vehicle sagged to the ground. I have suspected this for a long time, but I was intrigued with seeing these blackish fields around the tower, which might look like an aberation of the poorly focussed camera until one has seen this very phenomenon in similar circumstances. I will even go so far as to say that the out of focus camera lens was even arranged remotely too, for whatever reason the perps wanted. Perhaps out of focus cameras can pick up this densified electromagnetic fields better than a focussed camera. Who knows, this is all speculation, and somehow feeds the beast. I also got considerable interesting reading about the WWII Nazi advanced technology research from the associated web page of above, the Reich of the Black Sun. I hope you find it as interesting as I did, and it certainly paints quite a different picture of the conflict than I had before, which makes me wonder how it all ended as it did. Why didn't the Nazis make use of these phenomenonal advances, even the Messerschmitt Me-262, a twin-jet fighter, developed in 1943 but was not put into production. It seems that much of it was all too new and needed more development time, even the jet aircraft, a more prosaic explanation. Still, the concept of an unseen hand in control of testing, development, and production of amanents on each side of the conflict comes to my suspicious mind.

Tonight is a music listening night on YouTube; I am allowed this every three to five days, usually begining with seeing the artist in oblique or darkenend form, and slowly working up to seeing both the video and audio in sync, then the perps desync them, making it an audio experience only. This pattern usually repeats for every artist over a few videos before being alllowed full video. Similarly, I am allowed to see television documentaries with commercial interuptions, an hour in total if Sunday night (two days ago) is an example. The documentary about Enron, "The Smartest Guys in the Room" was on CBC, and lo, if my mother didn't want to see the maudlin Doc Martin on another channel. I suspect the attractive black haired actress, Caroline Catz, in the show is part of the harassment bait. (Regular readers will recall that one of the many sights that the perps feature is raven black silken hair on women, usually attractive ones, which in the long past has been augmented in real life by having black haired Newfoundland dogs, three in total. I never could figure out why my ex always left the dog combing task to me, I was usually pissed that it had been left so long and that she never took this task on. What their fixation about long black hair in its many forms is all about is not known to me.)

The overhead pounding was heard through the headphones, so that was the end of music sampling. Perhaps they are cutting down on my music sessions, and not letting me do the full evening of samples and videos.

Like so often, I am not allowed to read a web page for more than 10 minutes; all that factual information is too much for the perps who fuck me out of it by planting a fuzzy maser ball in my central vision. End of that activity, especially if engrossing.

And the perps have reminded me that they deleted all recall of reading the above mentioned Riech of the Black Sun, so in order to retain anything (hopefully) I will need to read it again. That is the downside of information rich content; the perps simply purge it from my recall. They did this with the movies I have bookmarked, and then supplanted my recall by inserting their own permissible version.

Enough ranting, and time to blog off for the day, and ponder what they will think of next.

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