Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Extremely Abusive Morning

I was given a 11.5 hour sleep, getting up at 1000h, absurdly late, by three and a half hours. Then the back pain came on to cripple me making the bed (always a big noisestalking and perp interest event), and changing into clothes (same perp interest as preceding). They like to make the back pain worse in the morning, as they have done in the past, and by noon, with the exception of walking, it is largely relieved. Then the cycle repeats the next day, now some four days in succession.

The back pain compromised my morning routine and served as the "reason" that everything seemed do effortful, when in fact it is long established habitual routines. I eat the same things every morning, and have done so for decades, it is not my time of day to do anything creative. Then the harassment started in earnest when making breakfast, then onto eating it, doing the dishes and then the shower, shave and dental hygeine routine before I am ready to face the day. The perps worked me into total rage-ification for this entire taskload, and couldn't screw me enough. Briefly, the abusive fuckery that they had me enraged over was;
  • hundreds of faked touches, the sensation but without a source, usually on my bare arms,
  • flicking coffee grounds around on the stovetop or in the sink,
  • noise augmentation to everything I do
  • changing my voice each vocalization occurence (swearing and yelling in other words)
  • creating faked noises of shoulder movement clcking and popping, swallowing noises, jaw movement noises,
  • jabbing sensations in my ass and my left calf muscle
  • taking over fine motor control of my fingers, a huge pissoff
  • smudging peanut butter on the plate after it was put away
  • smudging my fingers with peanut butter
  • clanging the jam jar even if the jam extracting knife did not contact any of it
When these high intensity rage-ification events occur, it is the opportunity to see what else has changed, either in the present or upcoming. As the backpain considerations have laid me low, it appears that the perp's big excitement was over the fact that a new loaf of gluten free bread was to be used direct from the freezer as the assholes pulled a forced "forget" in stopping me from pulling a new loaf yesterday. So, the routine is that the end portion of the loaf needed to be grilled to thaw it out, and for this, it was placed in a glass dish under the broiler. This might not sound exciting to you or me, but the perps go beserk over this change in routine, and like to combine it with aggravating the living hell out of me. Regular readers will recall that the last loaf of bread was ripped longitudinally through every slice, and each slice had a differing style of rip, some with a cratered appearence, some with a straight line rip, per "normal".

And as it "so happened", the end slice of the bread had a portion that was almost lose and was extra toasted, and I was "obliged" (no choice) to tear it off and eat it to save having it be a continuing nuisance. And this too was of big excitement for the perps, eating a portion of the bread at least five minutes ahead of the rest of the slice. Not only was it given extra taste duration, but a host of farts erupted at the instant it was placed in my mouth. The aggravations weren't over yet, as the perps spread peanut butter on my fingers, on the plate when in front of me, and then again after I had returned it to the counter. They are fascinated by this substance, and make every application of it to my toast a huge harassment event, flicking it, dumping some on the plate while the rest goes to the toast, and endless spacetime permutations of dealing with one application of it. They have me sweep up the crumbs and "spillings" with my fingers as they keep experimenting as to why I don't like to have their mess in front of me. Not my problem, just leave me alone. Today, it wasn't enough to create the mess in front of me on the dinner plate, but to add some more after I had finished with it, and have me go through the same routine again. It is fucking tedious to say the least, and represent a mere fraction of the details of my life that they routinely fuck with.

This entire aggravation continued in the bathroom, and they even pulled a few razor "nicks", little spots of blood that emanates from pores, as there is no actual cut from the razor, which is too much of a complication for the assholes.

The big harassment moment of tea with chocolate is now over, and thankfully without the sustained fuckery of breakfast time, as per aforementioned description. The perps also mellowed some when making lunch, also a rare break from the sustained food preparation harassment events of the last few days.

Another "feature" from this morning was "fart stalking"; forced farts everytime I picked something up, put something down, opened the fridge, walked from kitchen (white linoleum flooring) to the table (grey carpeted flooring), as distance of a whole four feet, made the coffee (putting grounds in the pot, filling the pot, and pushing the press down, -all brown colored related activities), ate my cereal, and everything else that I do at the time. And for the record, I cannot understand why I would be farting so much, having only got up five minutes before, and a whole 17 hours since I last ate. Today, in combination with the other harassment, the stream of farts was horrendous. Funny how so many events intensified this morning, late as it was.

This will be a short post as I am being picked up at 1600h and going to dinner at my in-town brother's. No doubt the perps will slowly introduce his on-off (mostly off, except when I am there), native Indian girlfriend into the family gangstalk event. She even had her coat placed over mine last time, which suggests an progression in the perp's brown skin color games they indulge in. I am getting more Asian gangstalkers and suspect that some of them might be morphed version of Caucasians. I do not know if that makes a difference to the perps, only they would know.

I also notice with the rainy and cloudy weather of the past two weeks that more operatives and gangstalkers are wearing sunglasses to up the absurd factor a notch. From what I can tell, there is a significant amount of our energy emanates from our eyes, and this is a method to restrict its interaction in an attempt for the perps can sort more of the other interactions out, e.g. clothing and skin color, and whatever else they are assaying. And as I typed that, I got a popup window for absolutely for no apparent reason except to note that it occured when using a supplied keyword, assaying. Then they fucked me around attempting to type this, and then fucked me again when typing the word "attempting". So it would seem that a new phase of harassment is coming on called "popup box stalking", with the same amazing timing when an unbidden thought comes to mind or else when a supplied keyword is used, even if as scripted.

Time to call this day of abusive fuckery done, and blog off.

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