Monday, February 11, 2008

No Particular Topic

I am back at my place after a First Feral Family gangstalk yesterday, and a stayover at my perp abetting parents last night. Dinner was at my in-town brother's place, and his sort-of native Indian girlfriend arrived after we did, silently arriving from the basement and onto the front door foyer directly behind me and through the wall. My brother "somehow" seemed to know that she was there, and requested that I helpo her put a windsheild wiper on her vehicle. He said this, and I didn't know she was there as she hadn't said anything. Which begs another question, how did he know what she wanted when she hadn't said anything? This mysterious game of fuckery was all about me referencing her when I did not know where she was. This seems to be important for the perps these days, disguising the topic of the conversation, or is some way seeding FUD as to just what is being talked about.

So here I was, outside in the dusk onset (prime perp harassment time), with her in a black puffy vest over a brown sweater (brown clothing on brown skin, a perp color obsession), replacing her windshield wiper with the one she supplied. It had to be the first mechanical repair I have done in over 6 years that did not magically "fuck up" due to perp covert object manipulations. I was too surprised to think that I was allowed to install something without it going wrong. Mind you, there was some design components of the new windsheild wiper that caused some confusion, and were extraneous to the wiper's installation. The perps have a fixation over rubber products, and that would include windsheild wipers, and explain why my parents never get theirs replaced, some 8 years old or more now, since the vehicle was purchased new. In other words, it was a total perp set up starting with the dubious request from someone who was able to communicate the "need" without saying anything, and invoking a number of perp centric fixations all at the same time. And I did notice she followed close behind me when I later left, in a repeat of the above favor exercise.

The mind control mantra is that "I" (in the collective sense of being controlled by another organized party), don't worry too much about these setups any more, as there is always alternate and continuing plans to accomplish the same thing.

Last night at my brother's there was a side show on his interest in a Stickly furniture item on Ebay; the item was closing in a half hour or so, and was already priced at his financial limit so he did not make a bid, and was only monitoring it. This became a full family event, save me; both my parents and he were in his PC room and monitoring the bids and refreshing the display every minute or so to keep up with the action. It tripled in price in the last few minutes, which is not surprising, and it was interesting that they all got in there together when my parents don't have much of a clue as to what Ebay is all about.

The above Ebay story is innocuous enough, but as the perps noisestalk my every move in relation to my finances from record keeping through to actual transactions and even gangstalking me when mailing the check, there had to be more about this that the perps were after. Anyhow, I have made many purchases on Ebay in the past, and have had some rather beligerent vendors to deal with, so I can assume that any financial transaction of any kind is of intense interest to the assholes.

Later, when back at my parent's place, the big event was a documentary on petroleum and its likelihood of running out with increased consumer demand in highly populated countries like India and China. The perps have a considerable interest in petroleum and all its products, and I reckon this was just another aspect of it, having a documentary for the three of us to see at the same time, replete with many CGI frames, fast cuts and flashes of various light colors, red being one they like me to see. As my father was a geologist, and puts on an Alzheimer's act, he got especially animated over this show, and even put on some inexplicable wandering around, even out of the room to shed further doubt on his cover story. anyhow, it is all part of the harassment show, but relatively benign as some stunts go.

The forehead pressure is mounting again, a frequent pre-mealtime event it seems. It is time to go on a morbid streak and ask about what is really going on with a number of mass murders of late, and one in this city. (In my parent's residential neighborhood, no less). In the latter case, there is not a blade of grass in this city that is not overseen by my mind-keepers who have all the municipalities in their pocket, largely by funding the public works projects that are important to them, especially those involving concrete and asphalt materials. Soo.. I am going out on a limb and saying this likely has their dark hand behind it. Another tip-off is that the perps like to analyze me with respect to any building's energetics, and having an empty house just suits them fine. (There are way too many first month school term massacres to be a random event IMHO). And given the number of times the perps like to create facial cuts from my pores, or re-wound healing scars from past cuts they created, it strikes me as highly plausible that this local murder was arranged by higher powers. Call me wacko on this one if you like for sounding off with such flimsy statements, but coming from the perpetually harassed world and seeing what the perps do, this could well be their handiwork.

And while continuing on this morbid streak, here is another tragedy at Louisiana Technical College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that references yet two more in the past week. And before that, there was the mall killings in Nebraska where five women were rounded up and killed. It is just plain nuts, and simply cannot be random IMHO. Anyhow, I could rant on about these, but I will refrain, and only mention that many other TI's have independently come to the same conclusion that I have about this spate of killings that are going on, often in public locations such as schools and colleges. It just doesn't make sense, and I see too many similarities with my own circumstances. There is also the shills in my life who also "talk it up", though that does not prove related causal, but it at least confirms the perps morbid streak and them wanting me to hear about this kind of news.

Onto the last journal entry; a YouTube night tonight; The Byrds have a rich catalog that I had long forgotten, and that greatest song of theirs, Mr. Tabourine Man. It has a captivating appeal for which there is no reason.

Time to blog off and call this day done, and ponder what has been scripted for me next. It is a gym visit day, and that comes with a host of considerations from the regular crowd.

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