Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Commence Overhead Tapping

I live in a concrete and steel building and I have to mention this if only to remind myself as there are so many noises overhead which suggest that it is a wood floor. Currently, spasmodic tapping of wood, as if a wood box with sound decay, or a facsimilie thereof, is going on, now becoming softer in volume. Last night, overhead pounding as if some leadfooted moron was pacing back and forth while I was in bed and kept awake for an hour. It was the inaugural sleep with the new pillows and pillowcases, and for the perps, that is a big deal. For me, it was the same old, same old. Did you know that polyester pillows constantly squeak and rustle when you lay your head on them? Mine do, both old ones and now the new ones that have much more resilience and puff up around my head more.

I see that the perps have a yellow something positioned in the courtyard of the opposite apartment tower, keeping up with their drive to inundate me with this color. Earlier, the perps pulled an inversion fog for when I exited the bathroom, and lo, if there wasn't two identical deep yellow colored Prius taxis making choreographed left hand turns on the same street, in formation, but 120' apart. Of course my perception of the yellow color differed between them, and that was what it was all about. There seems to be some distance dependent games going on with this color, and it also involves the material; e.g. plastic, steel, fiberglas, etc.

The perps got me up at an uncharacteristically early 0730h today, following planted dreams over losing a horse in some mock event. I don't have any interest in horses, never had them in my dreams before, and the perps planted this one all the way.

There is plenty of outside noise today, and I suppose it is a general aggregation of all the various sources in muted forms. I don't get the serial streams of loud mufflered vehicles like I used to, and the same for the heavy duty vehicles parading, noise-wise. Usually a few when I have just got up or else gone to bed, likely to aid the perps in their transition games over my repose.

More pictures inclusion below; my in-town brother "happened" to call when the blogspot window for linking opened, but before any photos had been selected. Meanwhile, the spasmodic overhead tapping continues, noisestalking, unabashed style. As mentioned, everything I do is of profound importance to the perps, largely based on the fact that most, if not all, is per mind controlled script

Mor pictures from behind the window to my balcony; the door is still taped shut from the cold wind and howl that "comes through", though it will be removed in the spring. This photo shows three same color red vehicles clustered together, and behind the trees, three silver grey vehicles with a black vehicle among them. More games for more idiots more often.

Here is another portion of the same photo, still zoomed in. Two disimilar brown vehicles are behind the parked red vehicles, one with a yellow dolly on the roof that matches the very bright yellow Ford Mustang in the picture. This same vehicle has circulated around me on my walking beat, sometimes twice over two hours.

And back to the proliferation of white colored vehicles again; a cluster of six of them with two red vehicles parked at either end of the right side parked white vehicles.

Only a few minutes later, the perps run a mid-grey vehicle down the white vehicle gauntlet, likely for my benefit in some kind of grey scale testing among all the parked vehicles.

A different day altogether, and an example of unabashed parking silliness. A commercial Pepsi vehicle parked the wrong direction on a blocked street outside a residential apartment building. Normally, the perps use the Coca Cola commercial trucks for gangstalking me, often as soon as I get out the apartment block, but here is some gratuitious contributions from the local Pepsi distributor. The perps might like the fact that these trucks are full of brown colored cola, and regular readers will know all about the perp's obsession over this color and their quest to selectively expose me; e.g the Coffee Corps, the coffee bearing ambulatory gangstalkers in substantial excess. It makes one ponder the genesis of these softdrinks and was there a color and energetic motivation in their "discovery"? More conspiratorial thoughts again.

More phone call games when I am unable to answer the phone, an 80% occurence rate on this alone. It was the apartment manager claiming he had not heard any resolution from the management firm as to the delayed subsidy payment shenanigans, which is difficult to believe. They would of instructed him to turf me at month's end had the rent subsidy portion not been paid. All to have me respond via phone while the PC was booting up I reckon. My one year term is coming up and I would not be surprised if they bounced me out of here and arranged a new place somewhere in the neighborhood.

And another TI , Mark Rich, who is getting the unemployed treatment along with finding that his entire circle of family and friends are shills. He also gets the designed coincidences and heavy exposure to the red color. There is no let up on this harassment, and more demonstration of LEO complicity, at the federal level. Every TI has a specific harassment regimen, and I have no idea how this is determined. Some are allowed to work, where others are prevented from employment and serve as full time subjects.

I have been getting the "neighbor" stereo noise since I got back from the gym at 1430. The onset coincided with chocolate consumption with my tea, and has continued since. They even cranked up the volume just now, possibly to continue the noisetracking of my digested brown food, always a consuming issue for the perps. Soon it will be dinner, and perhaps they will continue this all evening. I used to get these stereo blastings in 2003 and 2004, but not much until now. The regular readers will recall that I seriously doubt that there are any true apartment neighbors as the irradiation is so high, and the place is dead. And always a new dude exiting from the putative "neighbor" apartment.

The stereo has been turned off thankfully, and now the tapping has started up, this time from below it seems. In other words, the "person" below is tapping their ceiling to make the noise at my floor.

I did my walk to the gym, worked out, and walked back today, the typical Tuesday routine. I had extra gangstalkers on the 30 minute walk each way, and invariably there was a cluster of 5 to 10 within a 100' of me when at one time there was only a few at each end. I even had an arm flinging WIB, a Woman In Black parallel stalking me on the other side of the road for some 70% of my route, and who masterfully caught up to me at the traffic controlled intersections. More gangstalkers are tailing me for longer durations before I enter a building, usually for the prior 10 minutes now, and then "appear" in the same store, usually more than once, and often take a different route to get to the front door at the same time as I do when I left them far behind. There were a red shirted couple that tailed me for the last 5 minutes before getting to the gym, and then magically "happened" to want to lift weights right beside me. They hung out for the entire time I was there, even more surprising.

I got the usual freak show, if not in greater numbers, among the gym gangstalkers. Mr. Ethnic Gut was on constant posing duty, miraculously "happening" to be in my line of sight the rare times I would look up. Mr. New Bald returned with his disgusting smooth head again this week, giving me a reprieve last week for whatever reason. The usual plethora of gym members sitting around, and of them, about 50% were wearing a red shirt or pants. There was no way of getting away from this color today. The grotesque negro woman in a red shirt and brown dyed hair is still on regular freakshow duty, always "happening" to be in my gaze each time I arrive. Which tells me it is not my gaze so much as my attention directed gaze, courtesy of my mind-keepers. Other freaks from the Unfavored were the obese, the shiftless males, the just-sit-there-and-do-nothing males (almost the same thing as shiftless), skinheads other than Mr. New Bald, geriatrics in street clothes (red, no less), planting a Down's Syndrome case beside me on the treadmill who was constantly grunting, and a few others that might come to mind later, if permitted.

At least one member of the class, the same one who trails me for the first 10 minutes when walking back, is assigned to "ready herself" in the floor exercise room at least 10 minutes before anyone else enters. There she was on a floor mat, lying on the floor most oddly, and the first set of class exercises doesn't require a floor mat. So what she does is park it behind her while doing wall squats with the vinyl balls as some kind of dark reference color surface. Freaking bizarre, but she has been doing this for months, and this was the first time I got to see this pathetic act. Not even a cover story or anything, just a blatant lie on the floor stunt.

And big games going down on the road works when walking to and back to the gym. The perps had their recent ashphalt paving of only four weeks old ground up and then were repaving again in the same locations that they paved before. This was in four locations, with the job at varying stages; dug up, paving in progress, or driveable or walkable paving. needless to say, extra "staff" were in place, and they didn't make any bones about their role, with one sitting down on the (new) concrete sidewalk leaning against a steel lamp standard within 4' of the paving machine. Freaking bizarre.

And the perps also put on another paving job today, applying paving to Vancouver Street that has been dug up since 09-2007. I have yet to understand what the perp's obsession is over asphalt and petroleum products as well as concrete. After my brother was doing his time wasting spiel/feint on the recently poured concrete of his neighbor's front door stairway two days ago, it seems that the thickness of the concrete was being tested between him and I (on a lower step, and less thick concrete surface).

And the perps decided to fuck with me while doing exercises, pulling the vinyl ball from between my feet, wobbling me over when doing lunges, fucking me around royally when doing a new exercise (shifting my feet off the ball), having me "run out of breath" after seven minutes of running on the treadmill etc. All likely to make sure that I know I am being fucked with, and that if I think the same thoughts as I do here, why that is a good thing for them it would seem. And last, but not least, packing four bodies from the class around me in the change room, even if it is to put on my coat and get the fuck out of there.

The stereo noise started up again while typing the above; it was important for someone to be able to track my thoughts while it was being composed, or more likely, delivered per perps' script. Some kind of male wailing music for me to hear. There is a male/female component to the harassment fuckery, and they set me up today to think that a man was driving this Corvette, when in fact it was a woman who had deliberately turned her head away at first. That is an exciting moment for the perp, fucking with my cognition.

The post dinner overhead pounding (concrete and steel floors, note), "neighbor" water noise use (on/offs) and the clunking have all been arranged in a careful cacaphony, and are on the usual post-dinner noisestalking script. The stereo finally was off as of 20 minutes ago, but who knows, after grooming me for two and a half hours befroe dinner, they might try again. Obviously the perps don't want my music to be played. Enough typo sabotage for now.

I was intrigued in reading about best movies from 2007 among the film afficiados, Senses of Cinema. Only a couple of hours before, I "lacked the motivation" to tackle this large list, and it was no problem later. Motivation is highly controlled and manipulatible I have come to find, and my few motivational lapses of the past now make sense to me, I was being brain tapped (fucked with).

A round of hallway door slamming and the like transpired in sporadic form for the last hour, and then subsided with some more hallway talking, as if that was the "enforcement" to abate the noise. The same stunt "happened" earlier with the stereo, ending after the manager's voice was heard in the hallway. I reckon that the first mentioned case was timed exactly for me to be logging into Yahoo groups and reading the postings of my TI confreres. If we are all controlled as I suspect, then the perps might be looking for some kind of psi interaction by means of reading each other's postings and corresponding if it comes to that. And yes, I do get noisestalked opening up the group posted email, exactly at the mouse click. I also get the same noisestalking when viewing blogs from a number of regular bloggers, non-TI's (as far as I and they know), so it does make me wonder who isn't being surveilled and monitored in all of this. And too, it makes me wonder if some of the bloggers are who they seem, and might be someone I know in another guise. There has been some metallic-like maser shimmering coming off some of the words on this LCD display tonight, though I did not notice which words, or even it may have been a name. This harassment is at an interesting phase these days, perp expectation is at every turn, utterance, thought and action.

Time to blog off, another day done, and was reasonably occupied. Such is my existence. And on that note, the was a pounding noise from the hallway.

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