Sunday, February 24, 2008

Laundry Games

After 10 months of living at this apartment, I have encountered my first laundry obstruction. I had unfettered access to the washer and dryer, and at no time was anyone else's laundry obstructing my progress. Today, all that changed with "someone's" dryer load that has gone past the typical hour of a paid cycle, and is holding up my laundered clothing in the washing machine. Given that I spent some 15 months at another apartment block dealing with the perp's games in obstructing getting my laundry done, in an apartment where there appeared to be no other true residents, this seems to be the start of another long campaign of fuckery, all over laundry, begining with the perp's problems they have with it, whatever it is.

Each time I make a visit to the laundry room to see if the dryer is freed up, the perp add new debris to the hallway carpet; feathers, pens, gobs of lint/fiber, tin foil and so it goes, this 30' trip to the laundry room is getting more props each time, caused by obstructing the dryer, now having run 1.5 hours since I first began this harassed task. All to remind readers that my out-of-town brother bought two commercial laundries to aid the cause, and here are the assholes fucking me around over my laundry, now closing in on six years of this depravity, all because they lack the gumption to show their face. Not my problem, so why am I getting harassed over my laundry?

This morning at breakfast, it was the absurd crumb eruptions where the bread had three rounds of crumb "fall out" leaving the peanut butter and jam attached to a residual layer of crumbs only. Even that wasn't good enough, as the perps rammed my finger into the peanut butter and jam when I was attempting to pick it up. Given that I have had about 10 months of no crumb games with this same line of gluten free bread, and now two successive loaves with major harassment games, this also looks to be another ongoing front of dealing with the depravees and their dumbshit games.

The maser and plasma games are getting worse too; this LCD display is constantly banded with lines of yellow over the normal white background, and given the past yellow dye games on my bedding and shower curtain, (both unremovable), this too threatens to be a major source of fuckery.

Other recent games were planting dreams in the night where they had me chumming around with the President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy. I have never had dreams like this before, incorporating current political leaders, and until these assholes stop harassing me, I will assume it was more manipulation. And to add to this, I have no fascination of any political figures whatsoever, and I wasn't too surprised that he was in the news this morning, or at least my version of it.

On the noise front before I got up, the perps had me in a light sleep and then ran the offensive loud mufflered vehicles (aka "performance" muffler), and the instant at which I found it objectionable, clicking noises went off. From waht I can tell via the their testing, they are evaluating my visceral objections to noise volume, frequency and duration, and they seem to be testing these independently and jointly.

I was finally able to get my laundry in the dryer, and it should be ready about 20 minutes of my brother coming to make a long circuititous route to pick me up and then head off to one of his garage sales "commitments". That will be my beginning to go to my parents place for Sunday, my once per week red meat dish that they gangstalk me over, among other things.

Just to finish up on the laundry hassle; it will be completed after my lunch, and before my brother arrives as mentioned above, which is a wholesale change for the perps and their games as they have always had me finish laundry and then proceed to making lunch. Anyhow, it is all too trivial and stupid for further comment; these seeming minor changes of routine are the result of big plans, having "groomed" me for over 10 months for laundry completion before noon time. This is but one example of the utter bullshit that they find so fascinating.

And plenty of rage-ification games this morning; absurd levels of typo sabotage, faked touches, "dumbstruck" behaviors and the rest of it to keep me pissed off. It is no surprise that after yelling at them that street sourced whistles are timed exactly when my tirade ends. And too, the perps have taken to sucking more air out of my lungs to limit my voice volume. Getting fucked over in complaining about being fucked over; that is another example of this sick minded depravity into which I have been cast.

Anyhow, time to blog off, and limit the harassment over blogging this much.

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