Saturday, February 02, 2008

No Free Range Chicken Permitted

I finally got to purchase hot cooked chicken today, having being skunked yesterday with an orchestrated "shutdown" at the supermarket. I got three gangstalkers buzzing around me for the "select the chicken" moment that seems all important to the assholes running my life for me, and against my will.

And lo, if the tapenade that was missing yesterday wasn't fully stocked, but the regular cheddar cheese I purchase has gone missing, and they nearly always have it. The perps like me to eat the Cadbury's Chocolate Creme Eggs, and so three of them were put in my shopping basket. Apart from the hot chicken counter, the perps backed off on the gangstalker count, and kept only a few on me, one reprising at the checkout, just like yesterday, and with a week's facial growth in the same grey tones, but not the same looking person. And a dumshit stunt to hold me up at the exit, the shopping baskets and two black dressed gangstalkers were ditzing in my path, "deciding" on how many shopping baskets they needed, and in the process, "featuring" the basket in that both perpetrators extended their arms in the process to pass a basket from one to the other. I got the blonde in a white coat doing her sweep past the shopping baskets before I picked mine up, and she turned the corner in front of the stack as the perps often do.

The perps put on their strange ambient light games again, keeping it a yellow cast unlike a "normal" near rain shower situation. There must be a reaction that I don't notice and they do.

The cooked chicken selection was limited to whole birds, no half ones this time, and no free range birds either. Back to the tasteless ones again, and this will last me three weeks. The big excitement for the perps is having me eat the first meal from the chicken right off the bird standing up, no dinner plate needed. This follows removing the skin and fat, something they have always had me do. This exercise of de-fatting the chicken is also fraught with perp games in changing the entire physicality of all that I do, buyt not to the level they once did. No sustained vocalizations about them flicking the juice, meat or fat about this time.

From there, more dull time websurfing and then later, reading the newspaper I got with my groceries. As usual, the perps played plasma games with the light on the newspaper, and ensured there were larger than normal shadows cast on the page, and noisestalked me as I read through the shadow area. This too, is exciting for them, having me read text across variable page lighting.

I got up early enough to do my laundry before I set off for the above 10 minute return shopping trip. And as this immediately preceded going shopping, I am sure this was also of significant interest, as it always has been. The perps even dyed one of the dryer's drum vanes a navy blue color to keep up with their progress in studying my laundry activities. No sand or leftover laundry from another party this time. In brief, a dull day, and no prospect of any reprieve. Even my email has been sucked down, no spammers even.

I made my tortillas with artichoke pesto for the first time and the perps went beserk in harassing me with stunts like deliberately taking over my fingers and not allowing me to do what I intended. Then they flicked olive oil around, and on me, and kept up the "neighbor" water use noise, louder than my own, tracking me cutting up the chicken meat. I got the siren noise then too, and am getting it now as I compose this,- very interesting.

I am now getting the "magic hair line" arranged in my vision; it is like a horizontal hair, white colored, and wiggles about 2" off my nose in my lower vision while reading. It seems that I cannot ve fucked with enough when reading; and they have only had my lifetime of being an avid reader to study me, and that isn't good enough; they need to screw me over some more.

A noise flurry is on; "neighbor" fan noise, louder than my own, transiting vehicle noise as if I lived next door to a freeway, the "background hum has increased, the ear ringing noise has increased, over protracted vehicle brake squealings, and my PC noise has increased. I had a forced "reading break" from the aforementioned annoyance of the horizontal hair like phenonmenon that moved around in my LCD display reading that disappeared when I red a book. The whole idea was to have me read from paper it seemed. They also played games with lighting the page; first the left side page had a yellow cast and the right side was white. Minutes later, they switched the page color lighting games around. It never ends, just more fucking tedium.

Some more audio equipment bookmarking, "building" the dream system in 10**6 variants, budget unlimited. That is the dream part of it. Presently, the perps have taken out my two CD players leaving the PC drive, they keep me in these crap headphones they remotely fuck with to have them creak on cue at my ears, (two other headphone pairs have been sabotaged), and won't let me listen to a CD, but keep me on YouTube. So much for high fidelity aspirations.

I am getting plenty of typo sabotage as I write this, so it is time to call this imposed dull day done. Another carpet sale help out tomorrow with a reputed asshole; I wonder what the perps have lined up for me on this one.

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