Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poetry Fixation

I don't know what the reason is, but there is a concerted effort for the perps to plant poetry in front of me, or references to it. I never read poetry for the record, which could be a perp managed behavior, and it appears to have more than just the font and paragraph appearance games that go on with the presentation of of all my web pages. This is where the perps stagger paragraphs, even where it is plainly obvious that they are all to be aligned, and often shift them from the right side as well. This text appearance game has been happening for years, but has increased of late. There have been many references to the word, or root word of "poem", and as harassment stunts go, this is fairly benign.

I am doing a rare afternoon laundry session owing to other factors this morning, and I see the perps have extended their 6" rip in my top sheet to 18" since the sheets were last laundered. One blog posting provided pictures of the "break out" of rips and tears in the sheet, and I suppose I will need to split for a new one, or even a whole new set as their bedsheet and pillow staining games are getting to look disgusting. These yellowish stains that cannot be laundered out, and get increasingly worse, have no smell and come from no apparent source, and are centered around where I place my head when sleeping. I don't need the expense either, but when did I ever have a choice in that?

And now, a hallway conversation has "erupted" outside my door, all to add to the noisescape which has been increased of late; the backup beeper noise now features for at least 25% of my day, often in increasing faintness. Other games today have been stacking brown cardboard boxes in the courtyard of the opposite residential tower, and plainly intending to reach my peripherial vision, which it does, likely with some extra vision fucking games where my selective attention is directly fucked with. All of a sudden, something "bothers me" in my visual field, and how could that happen if I am not looking at it directly? Why, it is easy to do when the assholes learned how to attach an emotional valence and feeling to everything in my sight, even if peripherial vision. This selective piece of fuckery has been going on for over six months now, and they really like to use it to get me to react and turn my head at the same time.

The crumb inundation games have been also playing big in the annoyance games; they keep "arriving" even as I am looking, and the perps have now added extra harassment in dealing with this problem by making them slip out of my fingers as I try to pick them up. The crumb games seem to be testing at what point and configuration that it becomes a percieved "mess" and needs to be dealt with. I had no idea that I did not like messes as much as I do until the assholes began this particular category of games.

Other fuckery to keep me rage-ified is to keep hammering me with faked touches; I get the sensation but nothing was close enough to "cause" it, and so the assholes use this to crank me up all the more. Totally gratuitous fuckery, their stock in trade. And while yelling at them, they now create simultaneous noises in my mouth or ears, just the latest in harassment of the victim complaining about harassment. And just to piss me off some more, they applied randomized Windows selection games with my mouse; time to call this journalling done for now.

I am having a sudden sleepy spell while reading about dinosaurs, and some added noise has erupted while I spell that word. I wonder what it is all about, knowing that a sleepy worthy topic is of prime perp interest.

Earlier, I had tea and chocolate, and that turned out to be a rage-ified event. As always, when a new stunt or an intensified regular stunt happens, it is a cue to look for a new event the perps want to remotely assay for bioenergetics. As it "so happened", I was begining a new line of chocolate, having had the Lindt crap for the last two weeks. What this tells me is that the perps are looking for some kind of correlation between the two varieties, likely to do with the brown color problem they have inflicted upon me. This unaffordable food item they make me purchase is all about testing the color while in my mouth and next to my brain, less than an inch away. As always, their problems are made to be mine by way of involuntary inclusion, and something they could of figured out years ago if they had chosen the cooperative model of investigation.

And so, I am dealing with the assholes who created the original problem, somehow making me loathe this color, and then attempting to neurologically quantify this in energetic terms. Not my problem, so why am I getting screwed around over it?

Anyhow, there won't be an answer to that anytime soon, and whatever the final outcome is, it depends on harassing and controlling individuals who they have crapped on all their lives, only with the ante upped in the past 6 years by jerking them out of work and making them full time subjects. Some thanks that.

And I am having a blank out as to what to write, one of those manufactured moments that is created for me.

The dusk onset lighting games have started up; I have the apartment lights on, the tower across the street has put their outside lights on for no discernable reason as it is well lit outside on this sunny day, and a "reflection" of the setting sun is "happening" to come off another tower much futher away and "somehow" beaming directly at me, like the imposed normal from last year. I am sure this is an exciting perp moment, having all these light sources on me, as light seems to enhance their opportunities from what they have taught me.

Another fraught mealtime, abusive even; with a full mouth, the assholes zapped me good and had me yell at them, and with the clunk sound they also put on. They are seriously nuts, hounding me for close to six years and not the gumption to show up. It is fucking hell this existence, and they created the entire set of adversity in this purgatory, all because they created traumatizations they could not unravel in deep neural regions. And the reason for that is because the idiots allowed me to ingest plastics that create electromagnetic inconsistencies they cannot understand. Not my problem, so why am I being abused like this?

The coughstalking continues; after some two hours of bookmarking interesting CD's, the instant I clink on a outside link, the hallway coughing starts up. Then someone chirping from the same direction when I began typing just now. Just one more example of how scrutinized I am.

My reading of a five page review of a Bob Dylan Vol. 1 to 3 Bootleg three CD set got my the overhead pounding again, and even a mild zap. Someone must know how much I hate getting zapped, and the assholes still keep it up. That, and a whole lot of transitory vision impariments often coordinated with scrolling down or a web page change. Also, plasma emanations off the LCD display also erupted at the same time as the faux vision impariments, another piece of impeccable timing.

Anyhow, enough to call today as done time and blog off.

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