Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Shut-in Saturday

This looks to be a shut-in day, but perhaps I will be let out to get a newspaper later. Currently, in this pre-mealtime high noisestalk time, the overhead pounding has started up. I got a totaly explosive noise pounding and in-apartment rattling noise when reading the word "Muslim" and with an associated derogatory article. There seems to be a certain amount of baiting of this topic of late, with the Archbishop of Canterbury getting in on the act to the point of casting aspersions to his mental faculties being fully present. He suggest introducing "sharia law", a return to the Middle Ages for the Muslims in Britain who emigrated to avoid it. Perhaps I am being too reactive on this one, but I think the Archbishop has lost it altogether, not that I follow any religious leaders or religion to any degree. Funny that the UK press hasn't lambasted him, given that they are usually more direct in characterizing the behaviors of public officials, but then again, there has been a surfeit of media docility over the past few years, and that might be due to other sources.

I still have the back pain as per the last two days, it comes on strong in the morning to hamper most everything, but if the perps really want to create situational pain owing to an uncontrolled thought I might have, they jab me in the back of the leg. Other augmentations to the back pain are to create a "pain wave" at a particular moment, usually simultaneous with other imposed phenomenon such as outside noise, masers and plasma beams, vision impairments and the like.

The outside vehicular traffic noise has been muted today, excepting before I got up, when there was freeway like highspeed traffic that makes no sense whatsoever, as there is a two lane road outside, an arterial road that is petering out, and becomes a secondary access in the next block south. It is the road one sees in my photos, the few that I take now. The entire harassment scene has moved to softer noises for the most part, and the vehicular gangstalking action being further away, save when I am walking along my regular beat outside to the gym and back. I get my usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles coursing around me, color coordinated and often size and design feature coordinated. In the latter case, the design differences are more subtle of late, reflecting more perp accomplishment in refining whatever it is that they are fucking my life over.

Another mealtime, and another rage-ified pitched battle with the perps over everything I did; crumb inundations, constant faked touches, three olive oil patches on the kitchen counter, olive oil flicking, missed grabs, extra noise of no ostensible cause as well as the noise augmentations over everything, and a few others, one being this infernal forehead pressure they like to apply at certain moments. Anytime I vocalize my complaints over the harassment, euphemistically speaking, my voice has been changed, also adding to the suspicion that the perps need different sounds for the same words they script for me. And if you want a sampler of what it is like, read this post from Breakfast at Tifany's, except it happens all the time, and is overt, and the perps want me to know it is and how much I am being abused. The perps have upped their beserk harassment games of late, and it is when I am involved in a activity like making and eating meals, doing the dishes and the morning routine of showering, shaving and dental hygeine. They will even add noises from nowhere to "enhance" their presence for whatever reasons they are harassing me for.

Here is the police state in the making; a "special arrangement" between the FBI and US businesses, one perk being that the FBI will supply advance warning to them. This is the privatization of national security. This represents such an egregious step in advancing a covert agenda to monopolize access to public officials, I cannot believe it is for real or that no one isn't raising a ruckus over it. Other TI's have recommended the abolishment of the FBI for their past criminal behavior, and this should be the nail in the coffin.

The post-mealtime clunking has started up, and I will stop blogging for now, and possibly attempt to go shopping among the throngs of gangstalkers. For my past two trips to OB Rec. Center for gym class, Tuesday and Thursday, the perps put on the identical dude gangstalking me in the elevator, and following me out the door, and taking the identical path in crossing the street jaywalking style, and running to get ahead of me to then pass through the intersection I was walking toward. In other words, we were in identical locations each of these two days when I was headed for the same event. He has a bald head under his ballcap, and it could be Mr. New Bald morphed over in facial appearance only, as he is the same size and build. Regular readers will knoa what this dude is one of my gangstalker fuglies (Unfavored) at the gym class, and frequently plants his bald head where I am looking or otherwise makes a point of me seeing him more than I would otherwise, i.e. not having my attention controlled. If I don't kike bald heads, why in the fuck does an organized entity keep planting them in front of me, live, online, in magazines and newspapers? This could be asked for all the Unfavoreds; the wheelchair acts, red heads etc.

The overhead pounding started up, getting through the earmuffs and came with a simultaneous zapping to get me enraged. I was reading war stories at the time, and that is of intense interest to the perps who likely set me up. That was the thrid round of wearing the earmuffs tonight as they kept up this whining water use noise, the putative "neighbors" where there are none. Meaning, that this apartment block appears to be empty of residents who actually live here, which is identical to the last apartment block, and was especially evident in the latter case when a 0400h fire alarm emptied the building, and there really wasn't many people out there.

I got a reply from the McGill University Hospital to my request for medical records in 1956 to 1957; there are none. Only a day after I sent this request in a bout of odd keeness did I "discover" that the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron ordered the destruction of the medical records. Which might be true, though getting definitive and accurate information is problematic in this total containment world. Possibly the stunt was all about getting paper from McGill, Montreal and comparing its energetic interaction with me. The perps are nearly always packing paper as a prop in their gangstalking, and this would be an extension to their games. I also noted that the last two weeks of helping out at the carpet auction they had a Quebecquois dude both weeks, the only other person who repeated. I have no idea why they like me to be around people of differing cultures and geographies, except to note that it is totally consistent with other perp activities of having my food and clothes come from specific locations. Other planted gangstalkers of recent months have been Germans, one person at the office I helped out at was on background duty with a heavy German accent and even lapsed into German for the 30 minutes he was on the phone. Then this stunt repeated with the same individual but in a lower voice about a week later.

If one takes the approach that nothing around me isn't managed to an extreme level and has ramifications as to past harassment and experimentation, even if not recalled, then these various nationalities have a very specific reason to be included, especially at such a duration, repeating twice in the case of the above mentioned German speaker.

I went outside the grocery store in mid afternoon and was duly gangstalked and had them reprising around me wherever I went in the store, no matter the erratic path I took. I even got an ugly yellow shirted dude "popping up" from behind a corner, and I found the person and the color to be totally repulsive, likely by a managed "reaction". Only with these dumbshit gambits and pranks can the perps get their fuckers in close enough to me, which says a lot about the continuance of this fuckery, as they will likely attempt like stunts later. I have no idea why I don't like yellow, but the perps want me to know all about it everytime I go out.

While out grocery shopping for the entire 10 minutes that it was, the perps put on the wheelchair act, this time toting a brown blanket, a similar prop that did not go unnoticed at yoga class two days ago. Naturally, the motorized wheelchair was planted at the store doorway for me to walk past through the constricted space, another stunt they frequently devolve to. I have even had the wheelchaired gangstalkers get in my way and then the fucker stares at me for some reason, when there was plenty of room on the sidewalk for the prick to go elsewhere. Not my problem, so why am I getting hounded all the time, even by this crowd?

Other Unfavored gangstalking detritus on the short shopping trip were skinheads (bald males), Asians, and old farts (males). There were at least two stocking carts out, one in the aisle I took to walk down, and past the contriction where the many brown cardboard boxes were stored. I never saw any stocking carts in the store aisles before overt harassment (BOH) began in 2002, and ever since then it is rare that there isn't at least one out, and often more.

Time to call this day done and blog off.

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