Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bread Stalking

This is the hour interval of Thursdays between yoga and gym, and there was plenty enough to write about the yoga goings on to fill a posting. And as I type this I am getting some kind of maser/laser pain subjected to my right foot and then then the leg.

At the end of the class a new woman in the class offered a package of bagels to the instructor who turned them down, and then offered them to anyone else to no avail. It was the time to wave around bread inside a plastic bag it seemed, perverse as it was. And lo, when returning from yoga with a classmate while walking past a bakery, there wasn't brown dressed gangstalker leaning against the bakery building with a long french loaf in a brown paper bag. This "breadstalking" has also incurred a new local bakery setting up some 8 months ago with all the "staff" in their whites doing an inaugural gangstalk stint outside their bakery. As the perps keep me on a gluten free bread, even if they create deliberate rips and holes in it, slice after slice, it would seem that they have a fixation over bread, its packaging, and whatever else that they are so cranked about. Anyhow, I thought the wacko "featuring" of the bagels after yoga was particularly bizarre, and one bizarre event usually feeds into a related stunt.

I also got a yellow eyed dude in long hair walking toward me in the ambulatory post-yoga gangstalking, now more concentrated with more stalking personnel as my walk duration has been halved with the new yoga venue. I don't think that I have seen this eye color on humans before, but as it "so happened", there was a close up picture of a wild tiger with normal yellow colored eyes in the BBC online news before I set off. Funny how all these seeming disparate events have precursor or following associations, sometimes over days, or even a week.

My East Indian sister-in-law was once configured to have yellow light coming from her eyes when I was talking to her some three years ago. This lasted a few minutes, and I assume it was planned and not a perp "mistake" as they don't appear to make many, save the early fuckups that created the adversity in remote energetics detection they experience due to ingested pollutants. All of these were under their control at the time, and they knew it was a problem as early as 1963 or so.

Other weirdness at yoga was the mat placement and associated moving around by one person using two mats, which then "caused" others to be shuffling their mats. It didn't make any sense, and was totally out of character for the woman tobe doing this. This woman, who has been featured often, and may well be a morphover of someone I know, dresses in clashing red and fuschia colors, and today, had two burgundy colored mats set up near where I placed my shoes, socks and coat. Then after this, she opened the back door and wandered outside, and then came in again to place these two mats in front of me, and beside the intructor. The instructor moved her hot pink mat to accomodate this new class configuration, but later changed her mind, and wanted the mats to face her in her original location. The instructor moved her mat back, and the woman with the two burgundy mats in a new configuration, end to end. The story about her having two mats was that she was placing out in advance for a "friend", who later came, but they didn't act like friends afterward. Basically, the entire mat arrangement activity over three locations with two burgundy mats was to have these nearby me when I arrived, again when I had situated my mat, and for the third time further away with an intervening male classmate, the one who I met on the street on my way there as it "so happened". Freaking bizarre to say the least.

When on the way to the gym class I noted that there was another concrete pour project, always a big deal for the perps to have me proximate. And for the fourth time, the negro "worker" showed up only for the pour, in a laboring capacity. I don't understand what the perp's brown color problem is with respect to concrete, but somehow, all these colors and all their interests are connected at an energetic level.

He was the first of four negros put on gangstalking duty today, the negro skinhead of two days ago was also put on me to be "featured", the same dude as two days ago. At least four of the young dudes parading back and forth were on "green color" duty, exhibiting various shades of green among them, and individually as well. There was seven red vehicles parked outside, about a third of the total visible number, and lo, if the Oak Bay Fired Department didn't have a call out to the apartments opposite the gym as an excuse to plant two more deep red colored vehicles in view, one with the flashing red light. I think this is their 8th visitation while I am at the gym in some form. At least they looked busy today, not like some of their lollygagging drivebys.

The phone books are being delivered today and the sound of their slamming in the hallway has erupted, along with getting fainter as the delivery person recedes. This at dusk onset, the favorite perp witching hour, and sudden eruptions of overhead concrete floor pounding have also joined the fray.

I had another visit from the film maker who is interested in the Chelsea resident's stories; the discussion revolved around making my story digestible and not too way out. We shall see how this progresses, as this has more legs than I thought it would. That she wore a medium brown colored sweater with matching hair color and sat in my office chair, where I sit for most of any given day, also heightened the predictability of the harassment games, brown colors being of greater interest of late.

Time to call this day done and blog off. I had at least an hour's conversation with my brother on the phone, not related to the harassment games of course, but I did learn a thing or two about buying vehicles in the US, and that they are substantially cheaper with the Canadian dollar being at near par. The entire economics of paying substantially greater prices in Canada has been rewritten in the past year, and the suto industry on this side of the border has yet to catch up.

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