Friday, February 29, 2008

Copycats Over Door Locks

As I was unlocking the laundry room door with augmented noise from the perps, why, the same sound was heard elsewhere in the hallway at the same time. I have seen many copycatting actions on account of the perps' gangstalking, but until today, they haven't pulled on of the same noise that I was making. There is always a first time for the nonsense they continue with, all in lieu of them summoning the gumption to show up in person and tell my why I have been included in a human nonconsensual experimentation project without being asked.

A rage-ified morning, especially over attending the laundry, which preceded making lunch, always a heavy noisesatalk and harassment situation. Then followed a phone call from my brother wanting me to do some web enquiries while he was in transit on his garage sale beat. Bizarre, as first he wanted new listings, then only listings for tomorrow, and all the while feeding me details on how to look up on this site, name supplied backwards, and the categories to look under were totally different from what he said they would be. Just an all-round jerkaround to extract more on-phone time, a seeming advantage as the timing of phone calls is nearly flawless related to an inconvenience (can't pick it up because both hands are busy) or in the middle of an imposed rage-ification show.

Anyhow, there was outside noise all this morning while the laundry was on, and then when being rage-ified, the same noises came on louder, always timed for my vocalizations, which aren't really mine, as I find myself over reacting, a sure sign of being mind-controlled.

Regular readers will know that doing the laundry is one of the top five harassment events, and I have no idea why, except to say that it has been totally consistent ever since the harassment began in 2002. My laundry has been to laundromats, laundered on other apartment floors, held up by "others", stolen, worn by the thief in my presence (an East Indian no less; adding some brown color to it perhaps?), folded by the perps (the once-girlfriend purportedly, Ms. C of the story), had "insoluble" detergent, lint augmented and suffered a number of other stunts that don't come to mind.

And more invasive thought plantings, of late. These are often the totally wrong concept applied to a synonym or homonym. Call it perception fucking; creating the wrong notion owing to a context jerkaround. That is, the context is dynamically changed, sending me down the wrong thought trail, and then more thoughts are added to this. A pedantic example is the Vim I used for cleaning the bathtub this morning; the perps planted the notion that it was a tall yellow container with a srew cap, and stopped me from invalidating this notion at each time it "came" to mind (read planted thoughts and dithered error trapping). Then when I finally retrieved the Vim cleaner, lo, if it wasn't the same white colored spray bottle I have used for the past two months. What was the point of that juvenile fuckery all over my Vim bottle? Fucking bizarre as well as sick. And I should note, I have never, ever made these kinds of perceptual errors in my life before, so that would suggest it was of foreign origin.

A bum and suits run earlier; a downtown walk of three blocks to pick something up; there was no end of shiftless males, some in the vagrant category, and a few suits with briefcases on gangstalking duty too. It just doesn't add up, all these types wandering around, most with obviously nothing to do. And there aren't many business buildings on that route, and yet the suits were out for some strange reason. Other freak show events were fugly dreadlock hairdos, the shopping basket act with plastic bags, the walk straight-at-me stunt to force a dance as to which way the fucker is going to change direction, and a full-on vehicular traffic gangstalking. The usual white, silver-grey and black colored vehicles with a few mid-grey vehicles, then the deliberate insertion of red colored vehicles, and later with some light metallic brown colored vehicles. Plus, I get my dudes outside my apartment loitering when exiting, and then tailing me inside as if a tenant. Other freaks were at least two motorized wheelchair cases, one toting his two tone blue jacket on the back of his seat while a light rain was coming on, and he had a jacket on already, one unnatural red dyed hair job, the plastic bag men and a few others of the gangstalk freakshow.

The perps even put on an Audi TT sports car for me, one of my favorite ones to look at, and lo, if it wasn't in an ugly battleship grey. I have seen this one before over the harassment years, but how it ended up this fugly color I have no idea. I cannot imagine any one making, let alone buying this color of a vehicle. This vehicle color is so rare, that the only time I see it is on federal government vehicles, for usually civilian support. This would have to be a custom job for the perps, fouling an vehicle I find interesting with such a paint job.

My outing involves instructions on getting the bus to a distant location, and lo, if the map of the bus route wasn't minus a few major street names to orient myself. And that I had two maps up. the Google Street map and the bus route map, and attempt to navigate between them. And it "so happens" that the bus map only lists the start location of the bus, with no downtown stops which is difficult to believe. This will force a longer walk to the bus.

One has to wonder what the perps are on about; a news piece was about the number of prisons and prisoners in the US, and lo, if the noisestalking and overhead pounding didn't start up when I was reading this article. What is it about prison that the perps find so interesting that they are using me to detect something that can only be determined by making noise?

I did my monthly financial update to the noisestalking from outside; even copy and paste actions get the noise treatment, sounding exactly at the mouseclick. And there were plenty of non-standard Quicken features as well as memorized transactions sabotage, changing them on me. I have yet to know what the perps find so exciting about this activity, but they clearly are consistent. And I am supposed to be thankful they didn't rage-ify me while I did this, something that was very common at one time. And more typo sabotage, time to end this entry.

This is the vaunted noisestalk time of post dinner; when the food digests, the perp obsession from the outset when overt harassment began in 2002. For at least a year, they hounded me over this and I could not figure out what was so important about my food; its color, nature and the rest. They pulled no end of stunts in stores, having the gangstalkers posted in advance, at all the store locations I needed to go. Eventually they let me in on the fact it was mind control research. Nice of them, the sickos.

Another petty stunt was fucking the date on my watch, making it March 01, when it is Feb. 29. Four years ago the assholes left the same watch alone, but this time they "needed" to fuck it. Past efforts in watch adjustment is always suspect as they like to block it, and force me to go to the jeweller instead. All to get some face time across the street from my former work site. Bizarre, and juvenile to say the least.

The boredom is getting to me; this is a state the perps actively manage for as far as I can tell. There have been some employer arranged like "lulls" in past decades, but this is now at a 2 to 4 days per week goal that the perps have. I get some relief in two days, as there is another carpet auction to help out at. No major relief for tomorrow either. And based on today's noise levels, being constant and louder, it would seem that this is what I was kept in for. There have been plenty of faked touchings on my feet and arms for the past few hours, and they often coincide with the noise events.

More YouTubing with highly variable video, no doubt customized for me. Time to call this one done for the day, and ponder the script for tomorrow....

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