Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Helicopter Moment

A high harassment morning so far, beginning with a 10.5 hour sleep, back to that bullshit again it seems. The latest game is to thwack me in the ears, creating noise at my ears, sometimes both at once, and then having me become enraged over that. As always, the very favorite moments for fucking me around are the application and eating of peanut butter and jam on toast, and then in the shower to crank me up before shaving. Same old tiresome fuckery for the want of a cooperative subject, my "reward" for being one for 47 years, a lifetime, before the overt harassment started up in 2002. Thankless fucking assholes, everyone, and every shill.

I am back from an elaborately organized event in conjunction with my parents' and doing some pruning and thinning on their backyard, as directed. And while loping and cutting branches the overhead helicopter, a large Sikorsky-like chopper was doing its holding pattern. I had the same helicopter "loitering" over me when walking to the gym yesterday. There was plenty of other aircraft noise, "neighbor" noise and the ubiquitous road traffic noise, even down to the absurd buzzy Vespa noise that I constantly get at my apartment. That such a vehicle was coursing by their residential property was ridiculous. And true to form, at the moment of cutting the brance or stump an extra noise sounded off, just to make sure I knew I was being monitored. This is obviously a big perp event, attending to plant maintenance, and I should be clear that this activity is not new for me.

The perps had me owning a hobby farm from 1998 to 2000, and there was an acre of kiwi fruit on it. I got professional help in pruning the kiwi plants, and undertook this each year in January. Needless to say, there was a large volume of cut branches to pick up, and as my then wife was demonstrating her inability to maintain the property, the work fell to me. Anyhow, there wasn't any coordinated noise going off then, nor was there helicopters buzzing overhead. But now, it is overt harassment, and for some reason, the perps find the act of pruning tree branches to be big fun.

The arrangement was that my mother had a do downtown, so she drove down and I took the vehicle back to her place and began the garden work. Later, my father arrived back from his adult daycare, and I drove down with him and picked up my mother, drove to my place and swapped out again, she taking the vehicle back to her place. No bus, no fuss. And of course it was a massive vehicular and ambulatory gangstalk the entire length of my driving there and back.

I had at least one instance of alternating red vehicles in file; red, silver grey, red, white, red, dark green, then a black colored vehicle. In other locations I had five deep blue vehicles around me in slightly varying hues, and then some blue-green vehicles after that. My mother was on about not driving too fast as the "police" were out on traffic duty. Not quite; they put on at least three separate siren shows with flashing blue and red lights, often seen through multiple vehicle windshields, all before I got halfway back. A total bullshit show all to have coordinated lights and noise for me to hear. There was the usual lane closures when driving, this is normal now. Other spectacular silliness was having jaywalkers, often elderly ones, crossing six lane wide thoroughfares within a 100' of the traffic controlled intersection. One of these fuckers "happened" to walk in front of me while stopped at the light, carrying his perp standard issue white piece of paper with him as color and material reference dressed in his avocado green colored jacket. This entire jaywalking bullshit is getting worse, and blatantly needless, save more malevolent objectives, per perp games.

Anyhow, I reckon the vehicular gangstalking count was at least 1,200 and much more if the parked vehicles, even in parking lots, was as ordered as I think it was. Even the residential areas, largely built up and of static population were overloaded with large flushes of color coordinated vehicles, with the now usual fuckery of having them running red lights.

And lo, if there wasn't a fire alarm "test" scheduled today, from 0900h to 1600h, and the notice posted only today. And that the alarm testing took place in the last half hour when I got back. First they had the alarms sound before I entered the building, having been in my parent's vehicle at the curb explaining my gardening accomplishments, then a black leather coated blonde woman gangstalking in the lobby, and then the alarms went off again when I was in the elevator, upbound. The alarm "testing" went on innumerable times for the next half hour, and finally petered out just ahead of having tea and chocolate. I have never seen/heard fire alarm testing go on for so long, and can only assume it is only a more blatant extension of what the perps have organized in all my past apartments, the diligent assholes that they are.

That I get scripted to look at conspiracy news is not new, but the perps are putting on a blatant noisestalking while reading about the cover-up associated with Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida in 1992. It was a precedent for the games that went on with Hurricane Katrina, except that it was covert. I suspect that the Hurrican Katrina event was made to look incompetent as an example of future disasters to come; much of the perp stuff comes with evident manipulations designed for public discussion. The 9/11 tragedies is the same; the government appeared to be at least complicit in allowing it to happen, and makes no bones about it. It has the mark of significant and covert planning about it, and some 6 years later there still isn't any definitive answers from investigators. Anyhow, this game of being set-up to read about possible perp deeds of the past in the guise of natural disasters while they hammer the ceiling overhead, put on "neighbor" water use in on/off forms, add noise of loud mufflered vehicles and other noises is nothing new. I have to wonder why it is that they like me to read about their past deeds. And if I don't believe them, and think that it was a natural event, they will bring on a series of web pieces that are reasonably cogent and that paint a darker picture that I didn't want to believe. The same for the 9/11 events; with all this harassment, I did not want to entertain yet more conspiratorial stories. So, week by week, "I" (read, mind controlled me) "found" innumerable stories about how there were so many anomalies about how things were reported. Anyhow, this "disaster conpiracy" is a big part of the perp games.

A comment on Comments; I am getting more of these of late, and that is good, knowing that I am being read by someone. BUT the way Blogspot is set up, and after accepting the comments, I cannot find the attached blog posting to reply to the comments. In other words, I cannot reply to a comment until it is published, but when that happens, I cannot find it. Or at least that is what "happens" to me. So, for all those who make comments, I will publish them if they are relevant and coherent, and I will reply if one is needed nearly in all cases, IF I CAN FIND THE PUBLISHED COMMENT. In other words, do not feel slighted that I did not reply as my version of Blogspot has been sabotaged in some way to make this highly problematic for me.

I have been delving into the chamber of psychiatrist horrors; Goytlieb, Gittinger, Orme, Greene Wilson, Ewen Cameron to varying degrees of noise stalking as I encountered these or other names. I wonder what my connection is to these assholes, if any. It is truly criminal what they did to unsuspecting individuals, the Glickman case being the most egregious.

I have had about ten "on demand" (not mine, someone else's) fruit flies suddently erupt in front of me tonight and pass in front of my LCD display, all on very consistent trajectories as well. Time to blog off and call this day done.

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