Friday, November 30, 2007

Red at Nightfall

I did some more spreadsheet work until 1800h, finishing it, and was duly rewarded with a myriad of red dressed gangstalkers. I have never seen so many people out in this town at night, never mind the phalanxes of vehicles, many being red. And even red coats were placed on that all important interface for the perps, where the asphalt road surface meets the concrete curb. They even place gangstalkers there, but just a red coat this time. And they get more contrast from the tail lights of the passing vehicles, and perhaps that is what excites the perps so much. The perps go rabid at this near-dusk time, and they even put on an ersatz doorman, a red hoodied vacuum services dude, who just "happened" to be on the job at that hour. And, his vacuum cleaner was brown, some kind of plastic casing. A herd of five Asians had just preceded me, and that too could be construed as a brown (skin) color test. The perps are still nutzo at every entrance and exit to.from buildings. All those years of camping wasn't good enough it seems.

I saw the all-time boneheaded jaywalking stunt this morning, A brown hoodie dressed operative "decided" to cross the road only 10' from the crosswalk while the traffic was running in front of him (between us). He threaded his way between two silver-grey vehicles travelling at least 35 mph, and then proceeded to stare at me while I was looking at him to see how sane he was. Then the septic services truck, the shit tanker, rounded the corner in front of me, and then this strange dude started babbling to me while crossing the road in a 90 degree direction. The perps had me spaced out and totally emotionally removed while watching this operative engaging in death defying jaywalking, removing all emotional valence from me in viewing this spectacle. Neither of the vehicles made any attempt to slow down when they could have, and interesting aside, and the only reaction was a horn beeping, a sound that I have come to know that serves the gangstalkers, as I get it all day long, and even while I compose this.

This means that the best opportunity that the perps have in evaluating the energy of a road or walking surface is it to place a gangstalker or an operative on it, even in the middle of fast moving vehicular traffic. One more example of the escalation of perp beserkness of late, thankfully I was minimally involved.

And it is most interesting that when Brice Taylor, author Thanks For the Memories, of was mind-controlled by hypnosis and had many despicable things done to her, the one essential training lesson was that she must not react to any of the strange and awful things that they made her witness. If she did react in any emotional way, and sometimes it was not faked, e.g. seeing a man thrown into the shark tank to be consumed, she was beaten. I find this an astonishing parallel, and it would seem that the perps are undertaking these same kinds of methods, but using a different means to block emotional involvement. In my case, as it should be evident, they are using mind-control methods to make me emotionally unreactive, or vacant. If you want an astonishing read as to what the military does in support of the highest offices in the land, check out this book.

As part of the harassment the perps have bumped up the incorrect count of my Inbox email. They kept it at five emails that hadn't been opened, even if I cannot find them. As they also messed up the same item during my working life, so this doesn't surprise me. What does amaze me is that they have kept up the erroneous count for over six months, and have only altered it today. They do this with my landline phone as well, and made sure the manual was buried too deep to extract to solve this little game. And ditto for my parent's vehicle clock; it is always out, and the big deal is to have me think it is correct, even for an instant. Go figure; juvenility gone beserk IMHO.

The plasma projections off the LCD display are getting annoying. The perps aren't scripting them with yawnings (also forced) or blinkings anymore, but start up this flaring appearance, as if I was looking through glassed coated with vaseline; both translucent and distorting.

The perps have had me off books for over a year, and I can only assume this is because it doen't have the same degree of mutability that a computer screen has. And also, they seem to be able to direct energy off the LCD display to a greater extent than they can with a book. But even viewing this monitor is getting to be a hassle, and that will mean the end of blogging, and whatever (little) connectedness I get from being online.

This morning's short outing onto the street and to the offices of the spreadsheet owner was populated with a demographic variant I hadn't seen much before. It was skinheaded males with a beard, one being the above gangstalking operative that threaded his way through moving traffic. The first one was into a an embrace with his putative girlfriend, not the usual button-down sight at 0930h downtown. And a third came into the office, engaged me in some transparent bullshit banter about whose office he was about to sit in, and I said I didn't know, and he proceeded nonetheless to wait for the person in their presumed office, unbelievably. When the woman returned, he and she proceeded to talk for over an hour with the door open so I could overhear every word, and I suppose the 18' distance away, without direct line of sight, was enough to satisfy whatever the proximity game is all about. No blonde "warmup" gangstalker was introduced for whatever "auric goodness" gains there might of been. Not a big deal, but I do notice that the perps like to place their unfavored demographic specimens near me, as if there is something that can be measured between us, especially after taking a look, or else being forced to mostly. It is a game of bringing in these unfavored specimens gradually a little more each time if there is sustained proximity, and not a passing-by situation.

And the masers and plasma beams are zipping around me at this office, not quite as bad as my apartment, but unmistakeably. When I was speaking with the woman I am making up this spreadsheet for, a maser zinger was sent between us at a fairly slow rate, though she wasn't looking in the correct direction to see it. Funny how that happens. Ms. C of the story was egging me on once to show her the bright dots and flashes at that time, (in her house) and of course they were where she could not see from her perspective. Another generated" coincidence". These, and all other major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties.

The viasion assaults are getting bad tonight, and it is not the usual transitory instances, but a more sustained jerkaround, and only abates after I yell at the assholes. How is that for dynamic feedback?

More continuing games with lound mufflererd vehicles trailing off into the distance. One of my cohorts at the office got into an extended phone conversation with someone, and one of the tpics was her upstairs neighbor pounding on the floor overhead. It is most odd that the perps have the need to have relevant circumstnces in my life revisited in the form of others claiming the same problem. This is particular incident is true for at least two other TI's.

Some serious vision impairments along with continued stinging of my eyes to force blinking, which is used as the excuse to launch plasma projections off the display (more blurry vision).

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