Friday, November 23, 2007

No Whine Before Its Time

This is the post-mealtime digestion period, and one of intense fascination for the mysterious party that continues to harass every move that I make as it is now devolving to. The whine in question is likely what one would hear from a wood chipper, typically used by tree services companies to reduce trees down to chips, hopefully for composting. I have never seen so many of these machines and the the large towing support trucks before, and they are now a daily constant when I am out for any duration over 20 minutes. If they are not "passing by" they are on a job with the chipper running, even if not being used very much. The actual use will slow down the induction rollers, engage the chipper, and that noise is detectable from a distance, just as the constant whine is now, as I type this.

The whine noise was in place before I got up, accompanied me for all of my morning routine of breakfast, dishes, shaving, showering and dental hygeine, and then into the first 40 minutes of PC and web surfing. And now it starts up after lunch. Invariably there is a real noise source for this, and it is not faked or projected like so many other noises, as there is something about the large spinning mass of the induction rollers that the perps like in addition to the noise. This same noise "followed" me on my hikes, once a regular destination when I had my vehicle, and in that case there was no discernable source as it was a large backwoods park. It would be another case of what I call probable neural tracking noises; ones that are used over many locations, situations and have some ostensible rationale to be heard over long distances and through concrete walls. And the chipped remains may also serve as a source for the purposes of having foliage or its remnants in my proximity. Hardly a day goes by when gardening services, haulage outfits, and other foliage packing vehicles don't pass me by, or even past my apartment. My first hosptial shanghai experience of 05-2002 was to be vehicularly gangstalked with tree services vehicles in the adjacent parking lot overnight. Often, passing pickups with extended boxes are stuffed full of foliage and garden clippings for some kind of potential perp benefit that is mysterious to me. I have done enough hiking, gardening, foliage hauling, lawn reseeding rehabilitation, all the way up to having a small acreage, and it is high time the perps gave this a rest, along with all their other mendacious games and jerkarounds. Been there, done that.

That won't be anytime soon, as there is way too much invested in screwing me over, with some minimum of 1,000 mobile vehicles ordered and arranged by color and type whenever I go out walking for 30 minutes. And too, they shipped me out of town for 2.5 years to Seattle before jerking me back here with their remotely invoked head pains of debilitating levels. With that amount of planning, and this city being subjected to some kind of constant energy beams and waves that are plainly visible at the skyline, the "blackish flashes", this is a full out assault of high tech means, with this city managed to unbelievable levels for the perp's optimum harassment experience of me, and who knows, perhaps some others in town that I am kept unaware of. I once asked my in-town brother, blatant perp abettor, if I was the only one who was being harassed, and he said he "didn't know". A mighty strange reply from one who claims to be uninvolved. And furthermore, I wasn't allowed to analyse that answer in realtime, only hours later was I permitted to ponder over his curious reply. Funny how that keeps happening, always being depleted of the needed analytical chops at the moment they could be applied for substantial benefit.

More thundering clunking overhead; once with the earmuffs on, and at the same volume level, with the hearing protection off. Amazing timing that, within 3 minutes of each other. And all the more amazing that someone above, har, har, can re-create these same sounds through at least 6" of concrete and steel, my ceiling, their floor. And that this noise, or facsimilies thereof, can follow me over five residence locations in two cities. Explain that, all you clinical types who hide behind that story.

Maser emanations in the form of filamentous wispy vertical oriented black trails came off my LCD display to thwart reading about audio equipment at that moment, specifically when the words Ipod, Apple, MP3 were being attempted to be read. One has to wonder about the mentality of a uniformly depraved organization to hound someone for over five years on topics such as these. It is time the assholes needed to check into hospital, this time without buying the doctors in advance.

And the trip to the store, all ten minutes of it, was another big event as it turned out, having waited for me until the afternoon. I had my three silver grey vehicles parked in file outside the building, then I got the second stare from a passing vagrant in nearly the same location as yesterday, I had the plastic bag packing vagrant with shopping basket act, and for the new and bizarre, I had someone parallelling me with a dolly of six stacked Corona boxes, brown cardboard with yellow, navy blue and white print on them, for the 80' of distance to the street corner where the traffic control was. This weird with the loaded dolly was walking on the street surface making a diagonal to cross it over about the same distance, 80', that I walked on the sidewalk. It fits the pattern of the perps having a fixation over concrete and asphalt interactions, as I was on the former and he on the latter. All that was about me heading out of my apartment building, and set the tone for the visit to the grocery store.

When inside I got a flurry of gangstalkers where I was to go, having three items to pick up, and at least two of them made multiple passes so I would encounter them again. There were at least 20 white plastic bags with some kind of pastry content arranged near the brown sprouted wheat tortillas, an always-stalked location/item. And this time, the tortilas were frozen for whatever reason, save perp games.

All was nearing an end at the checkout until I picked up my groceries and headed out; then the woman behind me, whose groceries had yet to be rung up, proceeded to walk on my heels right behind me, out the door, and into the parking lot, a distance of some 25', and the faster I walked, the faster she did. She made a point of looking at the ground and not putting herself in a position of why she was chasing me, and the perps cranked up my angst level more than would be the case, all to put me in the parking lot where the corded hair woman, formerly stalking me in the store, also "happened" to be. She looked very much like the one who exited the apartment elevator between me and my orange box packing gangstalker earlier this week. Today's on-my-heels-blatantly-following-me-out-the-door stalking had to be the most obvious gangstalking stunt of recent memory.

When coming back to my apartment building, I got the split-pair gangstalking duo, two Asian males, one on stand-there duty and the other walking about on his cell phone and ensuring I had to pass between them. Once I got inside, an unassociated Asian male was there to accompany me in the elevator, and not before a negro male exited the elevator and passed between us. Talk about brown color stalking; in this case it was an intensified brown skin color gangstalking, both outside my building and immediately following inside it. It would seem that the perps are still working on brown skin bioenergetic interaction between me and their shills in varied locations. Which explains why they set up an Asian couple to walk into my apartment this week, testing them out for brown skin interaction in my lair without a formal invite. Just more of the fucking games that are going on in lieu of the assholes coming out of the closet and declaring why I am being constantly harassed for over five years. Any organization that expends energy on how and what color of crumbs fall onto my plate every breakfast is seriously nuts.

The strangest of cacaphonies has erupted; a combination of distorted sirens from more than one source, beeping vehicle horns, and a klaxon like sound, all over in ten seconds. And all arranged for the moment when I took the earmuffs off. Shortly before that, some overhead pounding that was heard through my earmuffs.

The post-mealtime pounding has begun, much like before dinner; overhead pounding with the earmuffs on, then some more with the earmuffs off, within five seconds of each other. Now the glass bottle bashing noise, something that has been infrequent of late, but never far from the action as the noise will happen anytime I pass the recycle business a block away that started up when at my last residence in this location.

More follow-on noise; a two siren event with overhead clunking to fill it out, and now some in-hallway sourced glass bottle bashing. Just like the noise profile of my last residence location.

I take the earmuffs off for an upcoming forced sneeze, and true to form, it comes on. Then a follow-on forced yawn after the sneeze. I never had yawns following sneezes at all, never mind regularly, until the last year.

More YouTube, this time going back to the 1960's for the Rolling Stones. More outside noise with the headphones on, an occupational hazard with magnets at my ears, with the odd added zap too.

Time to call this done, and blog off.

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