Thursday, November 15, 2007

On With the Rain

This is Thursday, where a rigorous spine flexing yoga session is at 1130h, and a later gym class at 1430h, the latter requiring a 30 minute walk each way. Regular readers will recall that I claim the weather in this region is constantly arranged, aka "engineered" to happen in concert with the ongoing harassment games that consume this city. In the past, there was typically a gentle graduated onset of rain, typically timed to when I would venture outside, in a vehicle or on foot. Today, there was a different arrangement, if one buys into the premise, which is detailed in the Essential Postings to the right. After being tailed for three blocks by the same two individuals, one in a black, white and brown camoflage jacket, and the other in a motorized wheelchair, they each split off, and within the minute a sudden deluge began, and kept up for the remainder of the next five minutes of walking to the yoga class location.

It is unusual for the perps to dedicate two gangstalkers together on my tail, and then have them get ahead in a lead-ahead gangstalking situation, but it was plainly obvious. I am one of the faster walkers in this town, and anyone who can walk as fast as I can for that distance, and even jumping ahead on a red trafflic light, is decidedly a rare animal. There were more sentries on duty today as I went to yoga; two, a block apart, one under a deep red foliated tree on "stand there" duty" and another fucker at an intersection with the ubiquitous cup of coffee in his hand, the ever important brown color reference material. I looked at the second dude as he was facing me as I walked across the intersetion on the crosswalk with the traffic light, and he was already looking at me and smiling for whatever reason. My usual mental classification scheme is to assign these types to the nut farm, though his apparel was incongruent with the usual street dwelling male. But as there has been so many of these "tests" of late, more often with a more plausible getup, this might of been an intended anomaly. As usual, there is a surfeit of wandering males everywhere I go, the weekday and apparently workless demographic, and they come in all stripes, shapes, apparel, countenance, build and other factors of the demographic groups the perps have defined and draw from.

Yoga was a rigorous workout, so much so that the perps laid on the Pseudosweats, wetting my face and shirt, when I am one of the most in-shape participants after the instructor. She was in a olive green shirt with a bright read one underneath, the latter shirt visible at her cleavage line in a 2" scoop across her front. It would seem that the perps were putting something desireable (cleavage) next to a color (undesireable by my preferences) and attempting to leverage the energetics of the latter to the former. It is about the best that I can explain it, and the perps routinely place a favored subject, demographic member or color next to an unfavored one.

It was no surprise to see at least three red coated gangstalkers on the way back from yoga to this apartment, and it would seen the perps were attempting to leverage whatever color related gains that they determined in yoga to the shills and operatives in red clothing.

The post-yoga walk is usually planted with a few military dressed gangstalkers doing shopping, coffee packing, smoking or some bullshit event that is totally unrelated to what they would normally be doing at that time. That is, they should be on their base, miles away, and not gangstalking members of the public on a residential street at the same time and day of the week. But today, no military gangstalkers, but instead some lookalikes; these were gangstalkers in all black clothing, emulating the lastmost used military uniform of last week. I have no idea as to what this is about, but it is an anomaly the perps are maintaining or even inculcating me with.

I am back from gym class; it was a training day on the free weights, originally starting as a one-on-one with the instructor, but suddenly developed into a demo session, me doing the exercise with everyone around me. Talk about a perfect gangstalking event. Fortuneately that did not last and I became a viewer like the rest of the class.

The rain continued when walking 30 minutes to the gym, and about halfway back. I wore my Patagonia Goretex jacket with a mid dusty blue fleece pullover underneath it. The perps's favorite game with the Patagonia jacket is to saturate me on the inside, pretending the Goretex doesn't work, and past the perspiration moisture through the fabric but keeping me dry. A big joke that, and I have never known a Goretex jacket to work properly, likely because of outside interference.

The theory as to why the perps had me dressed in Goretex, a teflon membrane, is that it appears that one of my internal pollutants that gives the perps trouble is PFOA (and here) which even occurs in polar bears. Having the hood up was some kind of test to determine the interaction of the garment at my head and that inside me. And furthermore, the quantum effects of these pollutants is masking the energetics of the brain regions that they are still studying. That is all speculative of course, and was likely fed to me by the perps themselves, as I would not of figured that out myself. Again, it isn't my problem so why am I being harassed over it?

Never an answer to that question no matter how many times per day I say it, and it is a common theme in answering their gratuitous fuckover games that go on all day long. The keystroke sabotage is one of hundreds of jerkarounds in any given day.

I had my usual 600 to 1,000 gangstalking mobile vehicles arranged by color and type and at least that many parked in ordered files and side by side arrangements. In one location there were three identical model year boxy Chrysler minivans parked side by side; a white, a light metallic blue and a deep metallic blue. All were parked facing outwards, typically something that does not happen. Next door, another parked side by side configuration of a silver-grey, a mid-grey, a black, a mid metallic blue and a final silver grey vehicle. No camera today, it is a managed "forget" item now.

I am getting more gangstalkers parked on my ass of late and I am getting extremely pissed about this. Last night I had someone hovering over me after the meeting had broken up and access to my jacket was blocked every which way, and then again today, gym class member, the fat fucker of indeterminante ethnic origin (brownish greenish skin color) was right beside me while I was demonstrating the free weights. He too, seems to be another case of parking the unfavored demographic member in my proximity in some kind of forced auric melding, akin to the above mentioned games of putting the unfavored objects, subjects or colors next to something that is favored.

I was allowed to have a near normal sleep last night; only a few awakenings to hear a muffled conversation, something I rarely hear anytime when awake, never mind at 0200 to 0400h. This is the first normal sleep in three days, as the last two were either a light REM sleep state or else I was kept awake. As always, I suffer no detrimental effects and am never tired from these remotely invoked sleeptime incursions.

twinges and jabs in my right toe, the same one where the nail has a continous brown streak on its left edge. It is as if a laser is burning me with its pinpoint precision.

I was repairing and attending to better organizing my Bookmark directories, the substantial "database" that it has become with the Mozilla browser. It is the place where I store all my websites of interest, and I wouldn't doubt that it has 50,000 URL's, most being movies, music, and books that I would like to view, listen to or read should I ever get out of purgatory, the one foisted upon me, aka criminal harassment and nonconsensual experimentation. A particular Bookmark directory on conspiracies, assassinations and like current events such as the 9-11 oddities was being reorganized. And lo, if the overhead pounding and excessively loud vehicle muffler noises didn't start up at the same time. And even a forced pee that I did not need to take. All over the likely past trail of the perps if they are as deeply embedded and pervasive as I suspect they are. With mind-control capabilities that clearly go back to the 1930's, they could of arranged anything in recent history. And when one sees the train of luckless "circumstances" that led to WWI, having read a recent book about it, the perps dark hand could go back much further in history. I have ruminated on this particular topic before, and it bears repeating; re-analyze the events of history, the seeming circumstantial re-direction of world events, and see how events took the course they did. Another historical event was the Gary Powers U-2 spyplane incident in 1960, and how it derailed Eisenhower's plans for meaningful detente with the USSR, and the peace dividend he was proposing. The event was called off, and we went deeper in the Cold War into the 1960's through to the present in a reduced form. As far as I can tell, there is no technical reason for that aircraft to drop out of the sky, as it was above the USSR's antiaircraft capabilities at that time. It was not shot down. Anyhow, I find it interesting that my ongoing monitoring and surveillance party makes is abundantly clear that I find the conspiratorial realm of interest.

Another forced "forget" to post this last night, and it is "happening" more often, along with some other seemingly unrelated games. The increased agitation fuckover stunts have relaxed some, but the perps were still at it last night. They awoke me at about 0200 to 0500 to hear their overhead pounding and rumbling games with a simultaneous voice over that was lound enough to me outside my door or on my balcony. I am quite sure all the noises were generated from a remote location, as I am long familiar with projected sounds of no attributable cause being planted nearby. In fact, there is more of it of late; clickungs and poppings in my ears, increased "pillow noise", creaks from elsewhere in my apartment, as if from a wood framed building when this is a concrete and steel constructed building etc.

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