Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Every 6 weeks or so I must make a trip downtown, all two blocks worth, to the bank and load up on rolls of quarters for the infernal laundry machines, as that is all they take, even if there has been $1 coins for the past 20 years. This of course, becomes a major gangstalking event, pimping all the latest color clothing combinations and permutations as well as the various demographic groups that the perps so fondly draw from.

The big clothing color was red, and that even extended to oversized plastic tablecloths, almost to the ground on sidewalk located tables. The perps even create red and draw my attention to it if there isn't sufficient operatives to game me with. In this case it was a woman vagrant act, sitting on the sidewalk, with brown hair. And lo, if the perps didn't add some red plasma on top of her head and make me look at for a subsecond long viewing. Then again, with no plasma games. This was from 40' away, and across the street where there were many intervening vehicles, predominantly on grey scale duty, from white through various greys, to black. At least 10 of them in formation as the first major cluster of vehicles to be seen.

Another well represented gangstalker demographic of the downtown sortie was the wheelchair crowd, which also includes walkers as far as I know. At least six were on show, and most of them sporting the now commonplace open mouth, a prerequisite for close-in gangstalkers. I am curious as to why they have tagged me to this particular crowd as part of the ongoing freakshow, but long past on-street wheelchair games fit the pattern. Decades ago, I could be sure of a few incidents a year where wheelchair parked on my heels, if not pushing into the back of my legs. I always wondered what caused this temporary public rudeness, and now I know; it was all part of the harassment show, covert style. Now the wheelchair acts are even staring at me for no reason whatsoever.

And it seems that the perps want to keep up the suspense for me finding an appointment book for 2008; getting a week at a glance and the page corner perforations with a coil binding is way too much to ask. As they know it will be an item for the whole of next year, they like to change up the nature of this item as past years have shown. It is all so tedious, to be jerked around over a daytimer, but in fact, it has been going on for decades. The assholes always made sure I got one late, into the next year, and had a format that wasn't to my liking. Funny how the Dayminder line has dropped out of circulation in this city, though perhaps the "message"/jerkaround is to purchase online, and re-visit the hassle of that company called OD that didn't deliver, but charged me anyhow two months later. This was documented last year in the blogs, and is all part of the gratuitous intrusion into every aspect of my existence.

And it has been an ongoing day so far for continuous heavy duty vehicle noise; all morning, and when outside, and now is continuing after lunch with some the faked neighbor water use noise being blended in. Having the air pressure release hissing of airbrakes, or the facsimilie thereof, has also been added to the noisescape mix. One of the favorite vehicle engines for making noise and vibration is diesel engines; there can also be a clatter noise to the mix, and I suspect that diesel engines create more metal stress on the engine block, and for the perps, that is a good thing I have come to learn. They also like to run bicycles down the sidewalks, also a source of metal stress, the tension on the spokes. Another metal stress they like to add is cable tensioning; there are some bridges that have internal cables that are tension to hold the structure up, and having me pass under or on these is another perp favored arrangement.

The perps are also up to distorting what I see, particularly text. They will change the layout to be "percieved", read, direct neural incursions, as a vortex, a ripple, off horizontal and some other pre-canned distortions they have readied for me. It is another never-before, and can only be explained by either by remotely applied visual cortex manipulations or else some clinical cause that the doctor is roundly uninterested in. Last week's appointment was a classic; at least six major phenomenon or conclusions of mine were mentioned, and he didn't ask about any one of them. I even mentioned "mind control" for the first time, and he didn't even flinch. This was the same doctor who "happened" to be at the LD store the day before the appointment when I was there, passing through the slalom of gangstalkers in all their demographic glory.

I got to sleep within a half hour last night, something of a Monday night record, but not without being treated to plenty of just-begun hollaring, conversation and the like, and in another language. At least two parties were in on the game, and it is become the standard "serenade" once I get into bed, no matter the day of the week or what cover story there might be associated with it. The Halloween woo-hoos in the hallway went until 0200h last week, and there was no evidence of any party the next morning. It is all part of the escalated noisescape of late.

This being the post-dinner digestion period, it is the one for continous noise; tapping, clunking, clicking and clattering from above, the right hallway side, the N. apartment (seemingly) and assorted vehicle noise from outside. Even in-apartment clicking will sometimes start up and it has no ostensible cause; one introduced noise that needs no cover story for some reason.

Earlier, I went to the gym for the regular workout class; I had at least four freaks in the class, and at least that many parading about in front of me when working out on the exercise machines. The chinless blonde came back after a week's absence, this time with green dyed hair just to make herself even more fugly. The three blondes were all gone for some reason, and a new dude looks very much like a morph-over of Passport Tosser, a regular gangstalker of at least 12 reprises in the past 5 years in all manner of differing acts/cover story from suited exec to down and out vagrant, and last seen, something in between. The first time introduction of this character; is over a year old now but it is here where I first introduce this character.

In the gym I got the regular wizened geriatric gangstalker hangin over me at the stairs, before I got to the change room. She was in all black today, and was positioned to let me know that she was there first thing. I had a crowd of about eight to pass by at the entrance; the split crowd act, each feigning unawareness that they were contributing to constricting public egress. I got the skinhead on "do-squat" duty parked behind me while lifting free weights, and then when a pair of red shirted fucks lined up behind him, it was time to move elsewhere. That means the one exercise machine they want me to use, possibly because it sits at the corner of two walls, and I can see, and count, the clusters of red, white and silver grey vehicles. Though today, they put two metallic tan vehicles together. I also get forced to see the parade of ambulatory gangstalkers outside, another "feature" of that gym location.

I had my regular street clothing wearing exercise woman do her posing and preening for me to see; I have never seen anything like it in a gym, even with street shoes, and hefting a 5 lb. weight in one hand while walking around. Hilarious, if it wan't dedicated for me to see each week. There were the usual plethora of "do-squats" sitting around, then moving to another exercise machine to do the same thing.

Another feature of this gym is the amount of slamming weights and the floor that is "permitted". As these noises create air and floor vibrations I suppose the perp agenda is being served, and the staff allow this to continue. Fucking nuts, IMHO, though I would be interested to hear of other's expectations on this topic.

It is quite clear that the perps want me only on certain exercise equipment and not others; whenever I look for choices among the regular machines, someone is either on them, or it is out of service. The promised free weight special training session is postponed for another week, something the perps have long discouraged me from taking up, and there must be a reason for these latest delays and games.

With a 10% chance of precipitation today I did not expect the rain to come down. But sure enough, within three minutes of departing the gym, the first sprinklings started, and it kept progressing for the 30 minute walk back, with an mind-fuck caused extra long detour path owing to the road construction. For those new readers, I should explain that nearly everytime it begins to rain, it is when I am exiting a building and have a drive or walk ahead of me that keeps me "in play" for the gangstalking show that follows me everywhere. It was a surprise that rain came down, but the timing was not as it is so consistent over the past five years of being hounded.

The perps are not hammering in the gym floor exercise room with the de-energized temporal lobe "floaties" anymore; it is likely that they have a full series, covering the half hour of time I expend there. The assholes will pull this on me at my apartment sometimes, though of late they have backed off on this noxious fuckery.

While headed to the gym, and walking beside the junior high school, the perps put on a real gangstalk; at least three classes of students were lead outside of the school, onto the sidewalk where I passed them in the opposite direction, and back into the school's fields. This was likely arranged for gangstalking only, as none of the students, over 100, were dressed for gym, but were on their regular clothing. I don't think I have seen anything quite as blatant as this en masse, but is was clear that the quickest route for the students would of been through the school itself and out to the field. Fucking bizarre that the perps corralled all this to happen just for me; they are sicker than I took them for.

Screwed again; Blogspot was "unavailible" when I went to post this entry last night.

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