Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Laundry Delay Games

I am getting extra dinginess as I type this; and then the odd yellow plasma flash is arranged to arrive in front of me, between this display and myself.

One standby perp objective is laundry; today, my mother calls from a local store for me to meet her, but without any stated purpose. So, without "thinking" (read perp controlled), I go to see here there among the extra throngs of gangstalkers, some on "just stand there" duty. She phoned just before the laundry was finished its drying cycle, and "somehow", I wasn't allowed to retrieve it before I departed. The laundry stayed in the dryer until about 1330h, an extra two hours, and almost unbelievably, they didn't steal any of it, like the last time this "forget" stunt was pulled on this particular front.

As it "turned out", my mother had bought an electric razor for my father at the LD store, and wanted me to drive her into downtown to get the tea and check out some shoes. The LD store was swarming with the usual "males of no apparent job", all working age, but in this drugstore at 1130h on a weekday. As it "so happened", even more working age swarms of males were lining the streets as I drove her vehicle to the parkade, a well ordered ritual by now. It was the usual game of packing the parked vehicles in color coordinated groups, e.g. three red vehicles, five white vehicle in a cluster, two light browns, and so it went up to the fourth floor where the lead-ahead white pickup had "somehow" missed a spot, which I took. But as it so happened, the driver of that vehicle came by while my mother invoked a major putz attack to hang around the vehicle while the lead-ahead gangstalker, having been a driver, was now an ambulatory gangstalker.

We got at least two split couple gangstalkings before we left the parkade, and so the intensified ambulatory gangstalking began. There were so many dodges, feints and other fuckery that I could not keep track of. The color theme appeared to be yellow, as my mother had a yellow cloth bag in hand, then momentarily "forgot it", all to delay leaving the vehicle. We went to her usual tea store, an near institution in this city, called Murchies. There were the usual games of the perps planting various colored plastic bags around me, standing behind me in the new cover story, examining the plastic bag contents yet again, post purchase. There were at least three other white plastic shopping bags of various vintages on the counter under the guise of a phone-in order. And so after this [lastic bag stalking, we went off to look for shoes.

My mother had a vague notion as to where she needed to go, and as it turned out, she had an address that did not exist, and instead "elected" to go to a New Balance store to look at the shoes and runners. I took this to be joint visitation to a store selling runners, essentially replaying my visit of a week ago to purchase runners at a different store. And as it "so happened", the gangstalkers were in place, one with a dog sitting on the bench, and another in a graduated brown colored fleece jacket, something I had not seen before, and it must of been straight from perpland. This fleece jacket started as an off white at the shoulders and was progressively graduating into a deep brown at the waist band. This suggests more perp games over their brown color problem, vis a vis me, and whatever the assholes did to me to cause it to be associated with childhood trauma. This isn't the only color the perps are constantly planting on me, but is the one that seems to be at the top of their difficulty list..

I was finally allowed to recall that yesterday's blog did not get posted owing to Blogspot going down last night. When I posted it, there was a snap sound in my neck (not due to any motions), and a simultaneous squealing tire noise from outside. As I write this, I am getting a succession of planted noises, a noise flurry.

To reflect on my lunch with my mother; we had the identical mushroon soup to start (a mid-grey color), and she had a chicken burger and I had wild smoked salmon crepes with a light colored yellow sauce over them. There was a major concrete pouring job occuring across the street from the restaurant, lifting it up in a boom some 40' and then down again onto the site. Past blogs have mentioned the perp's obsession over concrete, in all its forms and ages, and that they routinely gangstalk me with a redi-mix truck if on one of my 30 minute walks to the gym. I also got an in-town redi-mix truck appearing to be on a vehicular gangstalking operation when downtown today, and the fire department also came out to troll their yellow ladder truck on a "cruise by" as it was not out for emergency reasons.

As mentioned above, there was a decided yellow color theme to the gangstalking, and it was no surprise that the lunch was the same color in part. There were at least two lead-ahead gangstalkers in the same colored jackets simultaneously walking ahead before we got to the restaurant, one 40' and the other 65' ahead. Plus a black and white backpack was being worn immediately in front of us. Then from nowhere, a brown dressed operative was on my ass as soon as I entered the restaurant.

There was a plethora of vagrants also on duty when we were downtown this morning; in my book these are operatives on sentry duty, or else to parade plastics around in ubiquitous shopping carts that they do not appear to get locally. Yesterday, they arranged for a combination bicycle-shopping cart to have "fallen" and spilled its grocery contents on the ashphalt road surface. As this occured in mid-block, and having encountered it in the spilled state, I did not hear it crash and fall over, or anyone's reaction to it, so I can only assume this had been set up for some time, hidden by a vehicle in front of it. It was peculiar to say the least.

There has also been at least two elevator events where a gangstalker is standing in the elevator while it sits on the main floor level with the doors closed It had not just arrived as the overhead light indicated that the elevator was at the main floor. The door opens and an Asian gangstalker was standing inside, and proceeds to then depart. The entire set up was that he had been in position for much longer, and the elevator was kept there for extended duration gangstalking purposes.

I also had a dapper dude in a suit, and packing a folded umbrella with a wood handle and a red coat walking toward me, and in his other hand he had a brown garbage bag. I could not believe it at first; as it is usually the vagrants and the casual dudes strangely packing black or green garbage bags, but here was this suit with a particular colored garbage bag I had never seen before or thought was availible.

And when downtown there was a surfeit of working age males loitering about, seeming lost as to what to do; groups of five or more would coalesce with another group of the same size, and then loiter together. Outside of conventions, and there was none in that neighborhood, I have never seen such strange associative public behavior. And the Cheers-ing, where they all (somehow) appear to know each other.

Adjacent to this parkade location, at a church on the corner, there are some gravestones for the past ministers, and lo, if there wasn't at least four males lined up and looking at them as I drove past. Yet again, I have never seen any interest by anyone in the 10 years I worked downtown in that site, and here were yet another gang of loitering males of no particular employment, save as harassment operatives IMHO.

I just don't get it; why the profusion of male gangstalkers at certain moments of the ongoing harassment hounding? (Another never-before event just transpired; being mind-fucked into starting a new sentence in the middle of an existing one). Another downtown male gave me a grimacing grin for a second in mid-street on the crosswalk, and it did appear to be familiar countenance of someone I know, though it was not the same individual unless morphed over.

And I have just discovered that the perps will add more apparent typos back into this file after I have corrected them. So much for being able to keep on top of this bullshit. I wonder what they have done to my posted files of long ago.

Screwed again; another forced "forget" about posting this last night. One would think that 16 months of daily blog postings would define a habit, but not when the sickos are on top of me disrupting anything I do, and especially habits, even those held for a lifetime.

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