Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keeping Me Busy

This is a late start to the day's blogging and it will like result in less of the harassment details, which could be good or bad from the reading and documentation perspectives.

The perps gave me second low sleep night in succession; last night they had me either awake or on a light REM sleep only schedule. The overhead pounding and rumbling started up as soon as I got to bed at 2400h, and was kept going for over an hour, along with other noise.

I had my found-out-yesterday dental appointment this morning at 1000h, and that is a true "get close" session for the perps, having someone scraping my teeth for an hour. Then back on the bus to my apartment where the perps "threw" yet another false fire alarm, as in faux false alarm. That translates to mean a staged event to have the fire truck flash its red lights outside the building with at least five of my regular gangstalkers standing around together in the lobby feigning that the alarm went off, but the elevators were still locked down, and I could take the stairs. This is the third such event in three months. It took at least two iterations to understand that I could take the stairs which was another excuse for some waving and pointing by this regular dude who feigns to be part of the building management. And lo, if I didn't meet the regular helmet head granny gangstalker in the stairwell, she coming down in clattering heels, and me going up, with the noise of her heels reverberating to noise track me as I ascended. This would make at least the seventh time she has gangstalked me in or around the building, and it is most curious, as she has gangstalked me twice while standing and pacing around outside. Another time she walked past the building in some kind of fake-out move, as she was party to a three way choreographed corralling swarm around me.

Other members of the freakshow on the bus included an Asian woman in a ridiculous red ball cap with a 2' stick of 1" pine that she was packing by itself. And lo, if she didn't sit in front of me and remove and replace her red ball cap a number of times. The color red is a hot perp obsession, especially this week. And that my mouth was still likely radiant from the vile green mouthrinse I had to use at the dentist's was reason enough to put on the red and green colored gangstalking that revealed itself.

The perps had me covered when getting off the bus at each end; at least 10 were swarming, coming from nowhere it seemed, and one right on top of me at the exit when outbound. I had to do a little 60' per side U shape route to cross the busy road outside the dentist's office, and that was plenty of distance for the perps to place their gangstalkers around me. It takes only two minutes to cover that distance, so it gives one a good idea as to how intense it is for me. After the initial young woman gangstalker when I exited the bus, the males "surfaced"; back to the skinheads and the rest of the bullshit show of weekday working time males having so much time on their hands. But at least they faked some legitimacy by packing their black and grey briefcases instead of the usual dumbshit backpacks. Yet another male with briefcase was waiting for me at the bus stop when home bound; this one was bouncing a ball inside the shelter and at the same time presenting himself as someone who appeared to hold a regular job. Fucking bizarre.

I got to the dentist's office early, always a bad plan, but that is how the bus timetable worked out. That made it possible to have a couple three chairs along constantly natter, not a big deal, but also to cough, sneeze and hack in excessive frequency. The mightiest sneeze attack was exactly timed when I turned the page in McLean's magazine to reveal the interview related pictures of Jodie Foster. As usual, the timing was impeccable, and serves to underscore how absolutely fucking nuts the perps are in noisestalking my every move.

I was given a curved syringe by the dental assistant to aid in cleaning problem areas in my gums, and lo, if it wasn't missing when I got back to my place. Why do the perps arrange for me to have something if they steal it from me in short order? The perps also made sure the toothbrush I recieved went flying out of my pocket and onto the sidewalk, with the Asian man in a brown coat nearby, this happening when he was getting off the bus with me at the same stop. Then a brown dressed Caucasian dude resumed the lead-ahead gangstalking me for the three blocks back to my apartment; he couldn't stop playing with his back pockets, and somehow finangled a lit cigarette into his hands in the process.

Another gangstalker pose of late is males with an unbuttoned coat and thrusting their hands into their back pockets, pining the coat away from their front in some kind of bizarre walking contortion to expose their shirt. This, while it was cool out, and anyone normal would of had their coat buttoned or zipped up.

I went to a Sierra Club meeting a few blocks away this evening; it was a new members orientation night with a presentation and pizza. There were about 22 people there, and I could not believe the amount of faked coughing and throat clearing that was going on. It was nearly incessant and nearly always timed to some unbidden thoughts or else me shifting attention onto something else. This seems to be the last front the perps have not yet learned how to mind-fuck yet.

All the rest of the gangstalking props were in place; the brown colored beverages to drink, passing them around, the get up and get a new seat introductions (no name tags of course), people getting in my line of vision, crockery clanging, including someone flicking my dinner plate with the pizza box, moving around the water vessel on the table and other feints and dodges. I reckon it was also an opportunity for the perps to test my gluten reaction, as the pizza was surely not gluten free and I manage to avoid it most of the time. I had one slice of pizza, while others had plenty more. Not a big deal, and the plasma and masers on the side were a minor distraction. One speaker was at the table end location where I originally sat, and the coughing woman beside me, who was not coughing when she arrived before the seat exchange, had a number of questions to ask, seated at the opposite end. I found that symmetry odd, but I cannot offer any perp research perspective to what it was about, if at all.

A howling gale outside serves as the "reason" for this to cause a wailing sound as the air moves under the door. It is now blocked with drafting tape, another item in the perp stable that they are obsessed over. Ditto at the gym yesterday; two clumps of drafting tape "happened" to be on the pedal of the bicycle that I was using.

A zap with a simultaneous rumbling noise overhead; enough to piss me off to yell at the fuckers. The rumbling noise emulates that of a very loud sliding door, and yet no one in their right mind would be opening and closing their door constantly with the wind as it is.

Some final photos from the last batch, nothing too incriminating, just a conversational prop.

This is from my suite, and the tractor unit parked on the right takes up more than one parking stall, and is not ordinarily parked in metered stalls. But here it is, and it came back a week later for another all-day and overnight parking. I can only assume it was there to serve in the capacity of vehicle scale, a concept that the perps obsess over.

Nothing very odd about this picture in and of itself. But this dude in the clown outfit as I call these multicolored panelled jackets, was walking in the opposite direction only 20 minutes before hand, happening to show up just when I was turning an right angle corner, walking to the bus stop. I am at the bus stop, and then he "shows up" again, headed to the opposite direction, and for no seeming purpose, and not even feigning a cover story to visit the corner store on the left. Any regular reader will know that this kind of activity goes on nearly every day that I am out in public for any length of time (more than 20 minutes of walking or waiting).

And the above story reminded me of one of today's "just standing there" male sentries that was on duty when I passed by on the bus, though not photographed. It is strange enough when someone stands stock (or stalk more like) still on the street for no apparent purpose. But this particular individual was also one of yesterday's gangstalkers, walking toward me, and reprising today not far from where we passed each other. There are so many gangstalkers now repeating their act it is hard to keep track of and the perps are being more blatant about it.

Time to call this blog posting done, and hope that I am allowed a decent night's sleep, though I have my doubts. Overhead pounding and tapping has started up, and I have two planned events, yoga and then gym in the afternoon, and that is cause for the perps to go extra silly and on one occasion, assault me.

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