Friday, November 02, 2007

Accelerated Dimness

This is the time where there seems to be an accelerated diminishment of availible light, and happens within a minute or so. Very strange, and it usually prompts the event of getting up and turning two lights on, both flourescent fixtures.

For the first two hours of the day I was mind-fucked into thinking it was Saturday, when it isn't, but Friday. This is another example of "never before" thought patterns, as this never happened before the overt harassment began in 2002. And I can date the onset of this particular jerkaround, as it was early 2005 when they first tested this on me with the aid of my visiting in-town brother setting me up, and not saying anything when the weekday name I supplied to his question was totally incorrect.

It was an "event day", meaning that I am permitted/controlled to fulfil my appointments, one to the hair stylist and then onto the doctor, yet again, with a "student" in his office, har, har. He (the "student") did resemble the assailant of three weeks ago, at least his eyes did (morphover?). And funny how this notion "happened" during the doctor's visit, as I am quite sure it was planted. And for at least the sixth time, the doctor asked me how I spend my time, and I gave him the same answer as always. It seems that the entire objective of that question is for me to repeat the same words, not unlike my perp-abetting feral parents and their "what-what" (repeat the statement) games.

The doctor's incuriousness was also evident, as he didn't seem too ruffled or interested when I told him about the physical assault incident, which would of legitimized the persecution aspect of this to some extent. Nor did the doctor ask about "sidereal" time, a word that I introduced in explaining why I was gangstalked by an inordinant number of parties when hiking on a Winter Solstice weekend day that was the busiest shopping day of the year, the weekend before Christmas. There were a few more anomalous events in the recounting of that event, and the doctor was also incurious about that too, seeming to be playing along with the perps, and obviously so. Imagine, working with a clandestine harassment agency in abetting the harassment of a faked mental case, the victim, and then appearing to look professionally vacant, if not negligent. And he never ever makes any reference to the best standard of neural research investigation, the SPECT scan I had done in 2000, which determined Attention Deficit Disorder, Inattentive subtype. Afraid of damning evidence to the contrary it would seem, just the usual.

The haircut was scheduled ahead of the doctor visit, and both are in the same vicinity, a block apart, so I am sure there must of been some need for this, as I have been heavily gangstalked after my past haircuts should I enter a building, e.g., a store. And there was extra vehicular gangstalking today, probably 800 to 1,200 vehicles as an estimate, with at least the same again for parked vehicles. I also had double negro gangstalkers, one at each end of the outbound leg, a 30 minute walk. In both cases they were dressed up in bright colors, blue in the first instance, and red in the latter.

I got screwed out of "recalling" to go to yesterday's hair appointment which followed gym class. And as it "so happens", I was able to re-schedule this appointment, in the same area as the gym, so that it took place before doctor's appointment. This was a new stylist, as it "so happens" that the regular one was booked up for the next two weeks. So, with that, and some leading questions from him, I was again scripted to tell my TI story as to when it began, how I was first jerked around, and that I am not allowed to work and the rest of it. He did his best to sound sincere, but like the doctor, lacked a certain amount of genuine interest as to what should be a spellbinding story.

So it would seem that any new person that has any likelihood of sustained interaction with me gets the mandated incremental approach to being introduced. In the case of the above new hair stylist, it was the screwaround over going to yesterday's appointment, me phoning him to tell him that when I got back to my apartment and "realized" that I was fucked with, and when I got to the appointment early, the game continued. He happened to be on the telephone for over five minutes when I got to his shop, and I was obliged to hear him from 3' away while he went through this exercise. My first glance of him today was from the side, something the perps have been doing with nearly all the on-street gangstalkers, having them do their head spins so to be first seen in profile.

This mandated incremental introduction also applies to TI contacts as well; first email, maybe a phone call months later and then an "off" spell of no communication of some months, even 10 months in one case, and possible resumption of interaction. This has been consistent across the board in all practical terms, the highly regulated social interaction in small progressive increments with "time outs" for some parties.

I am getting more of the Left Hand drive pedestrians of late, aka ambulatory gangstalkers, coming straight at me and in my intended walking track, even on 12' wide sidewalks. They nearly always have a plastic bag in hand, and every one ensures they come as close as they dare for personal space intrusion. While on my 30 minute walks on Yates and Fort St. thoroughfares there is nearly always a vehicle turning ahead of me, or turning behind me, often within 3' of to/from sidestreets and driveways. And more vehicles are running red lights so to continue to shave down the in-intersection time that vehicles are passing through.

A relatively new event of late is for the gangstalkers to dress in their pajamas in public. There was one occurence before Halloween, so I gave it a bye in terms of plausibility. But today, at about 1430h in the afternoon, two women together dressed in pajamas with an overcoat, one in yellow and the other in blue, couldn't be bothered to walk 100' to the crosswalk, and were set to jaywalk across a busy four lane thoroughfare, which they succeeded owing to the vehicle traffic management. This is proximate to the area where the perps put on a full dressed hockey player with iceskates on, walking on the sidewalk having come from a bar.

Other escalated harassment games include ambulatory gangstalkers stepping in front of me, or angling toward me, all of whom "appear" not to notice me, when in fact they are planted there to get in close, and often in the "lead ahead" gangstalking habit. One dipshit woman with a child did exactly that, and as I wa ready to pass her on the left, she kept moving in that direction. And then she slowed up, which was a piss off, but here I was only 2' behind her, and she was pretending I wasn't there, having been coralled into getting much closer to her than I ordinarily would. (Part of the plan no dobt). I would think any woman on the street would be aware of someone who was following inordinantly close, but not her, she was posted to the stupid camp. Fucking bizarre. Just like the white vehicles that stop on the crosswalk at a traffic light.

And as I repair the above typos and re-arrange the syntax of the above, I am getting the overhead rumbling noise timed for the precide moment of the keystroked correction, especially while yelling at the assholes over more typo sabotage as I type this.

And as I type the above I am getting the overhead rumbling noise, the putative sliding glass door noise that tracks me overhead, moving from 6' away where it is, and even tracks me in the bathroom, some 12' away.

I should add this link before it gets any more dated, this news item refers to an private aircraft crash and recounts a rash (three) of other air crashes in this region. Two other recent air crashes are not mentioned, that being a Washington State incident that killed nine skydivers plus a pilot, and a pilot at Vancouver International flying his private aircraft into a residence high rise. From this, one can discern the perps are still busy at directing aircraft into buildings, not having accomplished what they wanted in past events of like kind, the 9/11 tragedies being the most egregious example. The macabre circumstances of this latest event, the child surviving while the adults did not, has its own interpretation from my cynical perspective which I will refrain from divulging for now. Past blogs have indicated how I have become a skeptic as to all disasters, as it so often fits the perp's harassment games and objectives that they are unloading on me and many hundreds of other TI's who suffer from overt harassment. And I suspect there are many thousands who are covertly followed, and ponder their "bad luck" and the rest of that story I was put through.

As my high school physics teacher said, "whoever controls gravity controls the world". My take on this was that he was likely set up to say this, as he was surely in the loop as to the perp's objectives and them following and controlling me at the time. In fact, he was likely one of the very few adults of that period who was capable of understanding their technologies, more than my parents even. Now that I get exposed to minor gravity defying events on any given day, I truly do appreciate the teacher's statement. For the record, many of the gravity defying activities are based on manipulating the action of water; the perps like to flick it around, and invariably splash it so it all doesn't go down the drain at once.

An interesting new, to me at least, magnetic and optical phenomenon has been revealed with an application that will likely be widely exploited in the future, and is likely perp exploited at the present. This is the interaction of light, pulsed infrared laser, with the spin of gaseous rubidinium electrons such that the consequent electron spin and light properties change in response to the local magnetic field.
As the laser beam passes through the atomic vapor, scientists measure the transmitted optical power while varying the strength of a magnetic field applied perpendicular to the beam. The amount of laser light absorbed by the atoms varies predictably with the magnetic field, providing a reference scale for measuring the field. The stronger the magnetic field, the more light is absorbed.
For the first time, this explains the perp's relentless preoccupation with flashing me with light, often arranged around an object, person or color that they know I don't particularly care for, the unfavored demographics in part.

And for the first time, a train whistle has sounded outside on the street, when the nearest station is not only shut down, with only one departure and arrival per day, but is a mile from here. I learned from my mother that when we lived in Montreal for some 10 months, when I was 2 years old, that the train whistles were a frequent occurence our residence location. Interesting as to how the perps planted these environmental noises in my early years, seagulls and crows being another putative source.

Time to call this day done, and blog off on another day at the hands of the mind-keepers.

2310h postscript
Two more train whistle noises outside of my apartment, as if a train engine were less than 100' away. This could be a continuing trend, given that this noise has a long term history as noted above.

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