Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Eerie All Quiet

Another excessive sleep, "only" one hour extra this time. And all to have breakfast in the full strength sunlight beams and strange errant right angled "reflections" that currently fascinates the perp minds. Of late, and reiterated by setting the clocks back an hour, there is a sunbeam across the table at the location that I sit and eat breakfast. Today, the food was in the sunbeam, but my coffee mug wasn't, but did pass through it as I raised my mug to my lips. Other "errant" reflections putatively from the mug and my glasses, even with my back to the sun, also played across the wall in front of me as I moved, or the mug was moved. As in more plasma games, planted light to create more opportunity for remote assays of my bioenergetics, and more to the point, my neural energetic fields. This is typical of late when there is sunlight; excessive "reflections" off the walls, off my glasses, and anything else the perps can think of, even if vaguely associated with something. As the harassment games go, this is a trivial one, but it does demonstrate the intense level of physical governance they are applying to my existence.

The crumb games have also increased, as they now "arrive" from no apparent source, and after picking up one, another of the same color and kind will "arrive" to then create another iteration of the crumb interaction event. Or whatever it is that so consumes a billion dollar per year black operation's concerns over freaking planted crumbs. Absurd, but that is the daily reality, all day long. I even had a brown crumb from the tortillas "sitting" on my cheek for over two hours, defying gravity all the time, as it projected off my cheek, and wasn't plastered on as in the past.

Other noise games have continued this morning, and seem to have culminated in an all-quiet event currently, with the odd introduction of noise or vibration; the glass bottle bashing from the hallway continues to be a favorite one to add during these moments.

And more shaving cuts this morning, even with a new blade; these spontaneous bleeds are more frequent now, and also serve as a source for creating pain twinges well into the day, unlike anytime before. I mentioned the event of a spontaneous bleed from the top of my nose to the doctor last week, and he just sat there like he heard it before. If he did, it wasn't from me. This particular event happened before bedtime, and the red blood sat in my peripherial vision and I could not stem it with a steptic pencil. It took over 40 minutes to stop the blood flow, and it came from no discernable cause.

An overhead pounding erupted while I was eating my leftover tortillas, they being brown colored sprouted wheat, a twice daily staple. And the color brown being of intense interest to the perps, and it plays to their consuming interest in being able to remotely assay the color and bioenergetics interaction inside the human body, especially mine. This is deduced from the fact that the gangstalkers like to align themselves in a file whenever I am out in public, and will often selectively add or subtract gangstalkers from this configuration wearing specific colors, red, orange, yellow, avocado green and brown being the most common of late. These are all colors from inside the human body, and so it would appear that they wish to isolate the entire human body's color bioenergetics from that of the environment, the entire energetics of all mental processes, and finally deduce all the energetics interactions. So far, after over five and half years of being overtly harassed, they are probably within 3 months of attaining total mind control (energetics of all neural processes), and are still actively working on the human body energetics and that of the environment and all interactions. This, on top of covertly monitoring and managing my life for 47 years. The quote about the impossible taking a little more time would apply, and could well of been generated by these relentless, thankless and depraved assholes.

And there appear to be many other objectives as well, the above being a more technical perspective on what they are doing. All words, phrases, syllables, alphanumeric characters, depictions, concepts, recollections, knowledge, actions, objects, perceptions and whatever else are also constantly tested for through planned exposures and the results monitored. As well, the depiction of known celebrities and public personas are constantly noisestalked should I see, read or even mention their names. At the base of it, it seems that the perps want to capture all psi energies related to one's entire existence and experience, and those of anyone that interacts with me, or their plentiful cast of operatives that swarm around me in public. And one can be sure that this lucid, if it is that, take on what is all going on is presented here in accordance with the perp's mind control script that they have applied to me for every mortal second. It is worse than being under a microscope, as they make no bones about invading my thought and recall processes, and like me to be aware of it all the time.That the planted version, on what they are doing, though if anyone else has any ideas, send me a comment.

A siren cascade erupted as I finished reading the web page of the last listed on my bookmarks for computer news. These are the events that stir the perps of late; the more trivial, and seeming inconsequential task and activity shifting. And having me encased in masers of the filamentous kind, the drifting vertical blackish filaments that "appear" in my visual field, often in front of the object I had intended to see. The masers are especially numerous when shaving, and appear to emanate from my face, neck or anywhere the razor is about to be placed, or even having the razor pass through the maser as it is projecting from me.

And some overhead thumping erupted when I had the earmuffs on earlier, another fascination of the perps of late. It would seem that they wish to delve deeper when I have hearing protection worn, though it could be that they are looking for a plastic-body energetics interaction, (earmuffs are deep green plastic colored).

Tea and chocolate was had about the time the daylight dinginess came on; this seems to be managed, where the ambient light changes within a minute or so, and I really cannot explain it any better than that.

More overhead rumbling and clunking, this time with simultaneous faux brake squealing noise from outside. Never mind all the masers and plasma action in front of me, and often preventing reading and perturbing my gaze when reading specific words, the same ones that have been noisestalked in the past.

Earmuffs off and a siren cascade is in place for me to hear directly, along with a simultaneous bus noise. This is nearly always the pattern; removal of earmuffs begets immediate extra noise.

Another guitar stalking yesterday; an operative packing one on his back in a black case. I had never seen this style of guitar case/pack before, and in the last three years it appears to the (over) prominent means. I suspect because the instrument shape is evident from the backpack design. There is also one in the window of a used stereo store that I pass by to and from the gym. There was also a guitar used as a prop to advertise a used CD store on my same travels until Tuesday yoga ended in 09-2007. Again, I have no idea as to what the significance of portraying guitars is, and all I am reporting is that it is happening much more often than random coincidence.

Another recall jerkaround in intending to listen to the harassment victim's organized conference call tonight. This happens at least three times a week where the intent is, or is planted on me more like, to dial in and listen to members of my community also stiffed with this ongoing depravity. In fact, there is a conference call each night of the week that is organized, though some have an emphasis that is not particularly relevent or of interest to me. This appears to be another forced "forget" as it is happening all the time now, and that would also suit the perp's agenda for constraining my social interaction to the minimum possible.

Here is a short video on what it is like to be gangstalked. This conveys what they do, and how it is presented. As the narrator asks at the end; how did all those stalkers know to look in her direction while she was too far to see, but somehow, they all knew to keep looking in her direction.

My add-on commentary to the footage would be also to note the use of pets and children, both of whom express their psi energies more than adult humans do. Also note the heavy use of cyclists, my theory being that the tensioned (metal) spoked wheels have greater electromagnetic or energetic properties that will interfere with those of the victim, and their own stalkers. Also note the open mouth on the cyclist that rides toward the narrator in her vehicle, another tip off of an operative gangstalker, as they cannot yet estimate the energetic contents of my, or other victim's mouths, so the stalkers keep their mouths open, or else spit, move their tongue about, eat or otherwise expose their mouth contents. (The mouth's energetics have a huge bearing on the brain's energetic interactions at any given moment. And if one is being monitored in realtime, it makes all the difference to be able to remotely assay one's mouth energetics). Another gangstalking move is to partially obscure themselves by foliage, also done with vehicles.

That is enough for today; a total shut-in and who knows what that confers for the assholes. blogging off.

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