Sunday, November 04, 2007

Errant House Flies and Other Vibrations

Back to PST from daylight time, and I was allowed to reset my own watch, unlike past time changes when I "decided" it was too complicated, or else it was sabotaged, and took it to the store where I purchased it some four years ago and had the sales assistant change it for me. Wonders never cease, though that can be re-arranged anytime the sickos choose.

In the past 10 minutes I have had two incidents of a house fly divebombing me, and then it de-materializes into a filamentous maser wave. Nothing new there, but each divebombing was accompanied by an overhead clunking. More brazen phenomenon "coincidences" seems to be the perp's harassment trait of late, and this is just another one.

And the church bells are sounding, though Sunday, but there has never been a consistent time that they ring, and for some Sundays there has been no church bell ringing at all. My last residence location was also accompanied by local church bells on Sundays, and it was never consistent week to week. Another case of localized vibrations, this one some 500 yards away, instead of the house fly in my face. The church bells were ringing when the house fly attacks were happening, another noncoincidence from my perspective.

The battle over making and eating lunch is over; at least 8 throbby motorcycles, or the noise thereof, were put on just for the occasion when I had both hands busy and could not plug my ears of that intensified infernal racket the perps so dearly like. They must know that I hate that noise the most of all their vehicle muffler noises they routinely expose me to all day long.

And more insects "erupted", this one on me. A moth, or something like it was suddenly in my face and then on my right sleeve, and I dispatched it, and lo, it just disappeared afterward. What the perps get from that exercise I don't know, but it is common enough that they apply this at least once per month. All my windows are closed these days, and being six stories up also doesn't help the threadbare cover story of being a natural event. There is nothing natural about my existence I have come to know, not when plasma beams and masers are flitting in front of me all day long, and occasionally getting too thick to observe through.

More light flashes are hitting the walls near me as I type; the cover story is that these are reflections off vehicles outside, though this again is suspect for the reasons noted above. And their timing is also acutely synchronous to other games like typo sabotage, unbidden thoughts not yet controlled and fucked with and the rest of the phenomenon that "happens" all the time.

A tsunami of thundering noise overhead and of loud motorcycles has been continuous since the last posted journalling, above. This is the post-mealtime digestion period, but the thundering noises also appear to be timed to my thoughts, especially when rejecting preposterous notions that are likely planted.

I often got the idiot act, that is, the suggestion of blatantly stupid ideas, from those around me in the past, and I see this line is continuing as it seems to represent the last of the mental functions the perps do not yet control.

More beepings and stroboscopic light flashes while reading stories on the bad guys, the CIA. It is usually when reading text that I get the successive loud mufflered vehicle noise, and also the light flashes as some kind of augmentive support. The look and text size of what I read is most important to the perps, and that has increased of late.

This will be another short blog; I am due to go to the perp-abetting parents and get my once per week red meat fix, as well as family gangstalking. There is always something afoot. Tommorow my mother "needs" to drop off black plastic bags full of brown leaves to the municipal yard for composting, so no doubt this serves the perp's brown color and plastics agenda and all the games that it engenders.

Time to blog off and call this one done.

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