Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Constant Noise Volume; with and without hearing protection

A faint knocking sound has been switched on for me to eventually notice, and when it is at the annoyance level (likely governed by mind-control games), I put on the hearing protection so I won't hear the annoying sounds. Not allowed say the sickos; the faint noise now somehow persists with 25dB noise reduction hearing protection. This isn't the first instance of this fuckery, but has to be the most invasive, and is likely a future model of what will become a more used stunt.

And a new never-before mind-fuck; the perps can now have me "mis-read" (meaning mind-controlled dithering) a single letter of a word, which in some cases changes the entire meaning altogether if it still remains a word in my vocabulary. They also noisestalk the moment I detect the reading and meaning error, suggesting that the perps are still working on controlling my logical abilities, one of the last respites of my neural activities that they cannot yet totally fuck with.

Last night, for the Monday sleeplessness session (only 1 hour) the perps played red splatter imagery into my visual field even with my eyes closed; the same carmine blood red as the in-apartment block 3x granny gangstalker's anorak she likes to feature each time she "shows up" in the elevator (twice) or the lobby (once), when the faked fire alarm and flashing red light show of the fire truck was in place outside the apartment for my arrival from last week's dental appointment for teeth cleaning.

I am getting a severe case of paranoia over a possible traumatic event that has been planted in mind; some kind of hospitalization and injurious event, playing to my worst fear it would seem. I am due to go out to my gym class later, a 30 minute walk each direction along a major thoroughfare street, so I wonder if some kind of motor vehicle accident event is planned for me. As part of this, the perps are making me sweaty and nervous and I haven't had such a sensation since 2002 when they pulled some hyper paranoia and fed it with some ominous imagery and added potentially causal props into the mix. So, if this blog goes suddenly dead, you can be sure that something higlhy unusual happened.

Normally, I am the last to know that a big takedown is coming, and I have been through a number of these faked ominous portents in the past to no big deal; it was all about planting and heightening feelings of a life-altering event outside of my control. And I know the perps could have me walk into a busy traffic lane if they wanted, as they have almost done more than once. They are also capable of subverting one's own safety precautions developed over a lifetime, any or all of them. Hopefully this is all one big "spin event", a planted paranoiac jerkaround.

A big scare it was too, and just that. Even when walking on the sidewalk the perps had me anxious and jumpy. Then it ended; no more ominous events and the accompanying planted fear.

I did my Tuesday gym, even with an extra 10 males on swarm duty, most of whom were sitting around, doing nothing. The color theme of the event was red; at least a third of the swarm were in this color, and the red vehicles parked outside were used to perturb my color perceptions. I also got some plasma flashings and a reddish orange lighting upon the bicycle that I was using. I also had more of the weirds in the class parking up my asshole, and even in the locker room the same strange tubby ethnic dude did an head dip up and down my locker door which "happened" to be under his. And it also "happened" to be the first time I got screwed into a lower level locker at that gym. More of the shiftless males in the class again, and the three female blondes from big to biggest were not there today, plus the green-haired chinless one was absent, thankfully from the aestheic perspective Just the basic same rotation of odd characters in and out of the class; some are OK, but most are fugly, selected from the perp's demographic groups they have in mind to sample me with.

When walking to the gym and back the "usual", 500 to 1,000 vehicles in a constant color coordinated flux; the emphasis was on red vehicles at the end of my 30 minute walk one way. And after the hour long workout with the many red-shirted gangstalkers, they kept up the red show, mostly in the form of mobile or parked vehicles. I had a five strong granny sweep ahead of me, forcing me off the sidewalk while they pulled a group dither at a constriction from a telephone pole. They too were color coordinated, keeping the red-coated (or hatted?) one in the center of the pack. Fucking tiresome, and many hundreds of color combinations to go yet.

My lead ahead gangstalker from the class was on duty again, somehow getting 150' ahead of me when I make a speedy exit myself. This was the same woman beside me in class who had two feigned "collapses" from doing wall sits in the floor exercise room. All part of creating more energy interaction it would seem, which is my model to fit the perp behavior of head dips, bending down and getting up, ascending or descending proximate stairs, or in some way varying their gangstalkers' vertical displacement with respect to me. That has been a constant from the getgo of overt harassment in 2002.

And a furious wall of plasma games while in the floor exercise room; I was prevented from seeing myself in the mirror for a good 30 seconds. This is part of the general drift that the perps create; attempting to slow down my visual intake of a person, scene or object, especially for the first time, or at the outset of a session when I will be involved in frequent interaction with the same.

I am getting reading impairments being applied to me while reading online; and this might be the same issue; prevention of me reading more than a few paragraphs from an interesting online article, all to have me bookmark it (ususally a noisestalked event too), and then start again another day so I can be allowed to get further in the article. This enforced graduated reading regimen, for lack of a better term.

Another new stunt; excerpting my printouts from email. I should be getting three pages but all the print window says two, and I get a truncated printout. Fucking outrageous.

Another forced "forget" to post this last night; amazing how often this is "happening" even if it was in mind a few minutes before I logged off.

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