Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get the Red Out

A call from my mother at 1000h began a about-town trip to take pictures, lunch out, across town to the ex's place for my mother to pick up suet, and then back into downtown where I live. A lot of circular routes all told, and to no surprise, some large heavy duty vehicles "coming round again" when far removed from the first sighting.

And there is a decided emphasis on the color red today, including the facial lesions that sprang "new leaks" and re-bled themselves and did not heal with scar tissue and thereby became a dark reddish color, if not a scab. In other words, the lesions were "refreshed" to have a bright red as well as a dark red, not unlike the parade of red color variants that gets placed around me everywhere I go. And I suspect that these red lesions, and very likely the ones that simultaneously erupted on my gums inside my mouth, serve as color references for the perps to then take some kind of color interaction/comparison to the plethora of vehicles and gangstalkers that were red colored or red dressed.

There were at least three blondes posted on the driving portions of my outing today. All blondes were in ambulatory situations, some 40' to 60' away, and lo, if one wasn't set up to be seen through the green tinted glass of an intervening vehicle. This represents an emulation of the green dyed hair blonde in my gym class, the chinless one, and who has been pulled for at least three consecutive sessions thankfully. My lastmost sighting of her was when the perps kept forcing my attention to look in her direction until I changed the orientation of my exercise mat so to not see her anymore. I suspect she will be brought back into the perp's demographic mix. I also was treated to another green hair job, a male who strutted about, retracing his steps at a busy intersection today. What this green hair fixation the perp's have is about I don't really know, though I don't care for non-natural hair colors.

There were many places of red vehicles in file, twos or threes, or packing an intersection with five or more, some being mobile, and making turns in front, or adjacent to me drivng my mother around. And also, there were plenty of red vehicles, one crimson red, and the one behind or ahead of it in file being a blood red, or a deep metallic red color. At the restaurant we stopped at, a new one to me, there were four red shirted or coated individuals on the left side, along the sunlit wall. I had a lasagne dish, and I am sure that helped the perps to have a close-in reference red color, along with the above mentioned red lesions that were re-reddened this morning. Then, the two seemingly independent parties all departed, save one member with a black jacket over his red shirt who came back some 10 minutes later to perform sentry duty it would seem . Then a resuming shift of red dressed operatives came and sat on the right side of my mother, further away and partially shaded, and with one blue dressed woman who aligned herself behind my mother's head. Then some 20 minutes later, the male "gut stalkers" arrived at a table in two shifts, 10 minutes apart, dressed in black mostly, but making sure I was witness to the display of excessive girth. In between, a wheelchair act arrived with some kind of palsy condition to cover for the quaking and shaking that was going on, largely out of my purview as to where I was seated. Someone knows more about me and my subconscious reactions to the color red, shiftless males, oversized guts (obesity), wheelchairs and other variants of the human condition as they like to continually replay them for my visual benefit, if not, subconscious reaction. Not my problem, so why has it being made into someone else's who has obstructed my ability to work and continually hounds me with these stunts everywhere in public? And even arranges vehicle colors outside my residence, now for over five years. (See past photos of this blog).

And there won't be any answer to that anytime soon as they have been keeping up this depraved fuckery on me for over five years. Though to be fair, it seems as if the perps have made some recent advances and are coming up with more complex color combinations; red in front of brown, light brown vehicles are now regularly in the vehicular gangstalk mix instead of being the last most color test, the reds are getting more numerous and red variant combinations are more evident, there are less substantive same color clusters of vehicles, or only when I set out, and are closer to random longer into a vehicle or walking trip, the grey colored vehicles are spanning more of the grey scale, and other more complex permutations. All because they lack the decency and fortitude to front for this continuing vicious application of nonconsensual human experimentation. There must be one huge incentive for them to do this, extending harassment to 5.5 years instead of resolving this by cooperation, something that would of taken weeks IMHO.

And wouldn't you know; I recieved a recent invitation to be on a documentary, so by the time they arrive, there won't be much to show them save the still shots I have been taking for the past year. Funny how that works out in the hands of one party, all of the time.

An 9 hour sleep last night, with one awakening to hear the traffic noise, and then sleep again, and then the backup beeper noise that tracked me when prone in bed, when changing into clothes (always a big noisestalk and harassment moment), making and then eating breakfast. Quite the string of backing up if one to were assume that was the true cause, though there were no vehicles to be seen that were possibly causative.

And the usual getting into the vehicle delays again, from my mother after finishing up at the restaurant, and played in front of light brown vehicle that just pulled in beside her with the occupants, both dressed in green, though disimilar, sitting in the vehicle while this stunt played itself out, this time looking for the cell phone that somehow went "missing". Good for a five minute extension of getting into a vehicle; been there, done that, it should be over by now. Three red vehicles were packed close around us, and there were the additional five from the photo below in and adjacent wire fence compound.

The pre-dinner time noise silliness with other phenomenon events has begun its usuall predictable course. Overhead frantic rumbling noise with something mysteriously vibrating in my apartment at the same time. A vehicle horn beeping contest has also sprung up, all while reading the various stories on Ratical. The topics of nuclear waste and related games in that endeavor seem to be the most beepable events, with JFK asssassination stories coming in second. There is a huge array of these noisestalkable events, with the most prevalent theme being state sponsored subterfuge. No small wonder, as the same assholes who may have had a hand in those events want to know more about how I know and store this information. Scary; we will see history rewritten, and no one will be the wiser if the perp's objectives are as grim as I think they are.

A fraught dinner was scripted; endless touches from no adjacent objects, as there was plenty of space to clear them while making and eating dinner and doing the dishes. The perps either plant the notion directly in mind or else tag me with some kind of energy field. It just doesn't add up that I could blunder so many times in a short duration of 10 minutes or so. Then the perps unloaded a mess of dirt clods on the kitchen floor, ostensibly coming from my runners which I had on all day. Funny how no soil clods came off while at the desk for the past three hours, and only "fell off" when I went to the kitchen to aid in riling me up and commenting on the mess the assholes planted. As I was on a grass patch for 5 minutes at about noontime today, that is the putative cause in the perps depraved mind. Never mind I was on pavement or in this building since then, and none came off my shoes in the bathroom earlier when my pee was timed immediately following reading about today's oversized insect fossils online. Fucking absurd, to deal with this constant barrage of venal juvenility and being jerked around to be so intemperate about it. As regular readers will know; cranking me up, aka rage-ifying me, is their number one play while in my apartment. Thankfully, not so in public, save the odd assailant and other sidewalk hogging nutters under the spell of a directed left-hand drive notion.

Here is a news piece dealing with the legal ramifications of sending an innocent citizen to Syria for torture. He is a Canadian citizen and was stopped over on a flight in New York. Bad place to stop, especially if of mid-eastern descent, and also too, if the Canadian Mounties feed incorrect information to the US authorities. He recieved over $11 million in compensation for his "rendition", but still wants to clear his name such that he feels free to travel without incident. Did the perps have a hand in this one? I cannot say for sure, but I have experienced many unjust acusations that were without substance in the past, and it seems the perps do like to engage in this kind of event. And, having seen 60 Minutes last week, and the potential number of jailed individuals who have been "found guilty" on bogus ballistics science, it would seem at least that the perps like me to be esposed to more unjust accusations. Just another case of perps gone beserk possibly, having the wrong person tortured or jailed. It fits the pattern. What they get from this I don't know, not even enough to speculate.

Here is some relief from the text descriptions in the form of pictures from the last few weeks.

And for those of you that use liquid detergent, or are forced to in my case as the granular powder began caking on my clothes, another never-before event, this is what can happen to your detergent container. The spout was turned 90 degrees, causing me to now pour it from the side and not from the front of the bottle holding it by the handle. As the perps devote no end of effort in simulating the cardinality of objects around me, and that they are fixated over the nature of plastics, those proximal and those inside me from pollutants, this little juvenile stunt could only be the work of that same party. Fucking absurd, but true.

Taken 11-12-2007. Back to the red vehicles in file show; three red ones, two differing reds, a more common theme of late, as noted above. Having one placed behind a tree is also a big deal for the perps. Go figure.

Taken 11-18-2007 Another shot of the same area, now with white and silver-grey vehicles on the N. side of the street to join the three red vehicles in file on the S.side.

Taken 11-19-2007. Back to this familiar location (above), only moved closer in. This picture was taken to show the wild and bizarre parking that can happen where there is coordinated effort in placing them all. An SUV on the tail of a minivan was there for over an hour, ostensibly blocking the vehicle from getting out when there was plenty of other stalls to park in. A silver-grey vehicle and an navy blue one join the SUV in this parked cluster. Though in fact, this is an example where the perps like to arrange items and objects on the bias, and add more granularity to their orthogonal only games. True to form, at the top of the picture is one red vehicle and two silver-grey vehicles in file behind.

Taken 11-17-2007. The above was Fort St, and this is View St from my apartment. Nothing too random about this vehicle string of red, red and white two tone, white and silver-grey vehicles, nor the repeat visit of the navy blue tractor unit, parked over two stalls for over a day, illegal on two accounts. And the string of parked passenger vehicles is parked where the meter heads have been removed, for months now. No wonder they can park "legally" there all day when the maximum is two hours. The two figures on jaywalk duty are fulfilling the usual event of me seeing someone doing this every time I look out the window, even for a second or less.

Taken 11-18-2007. Back at for another day, four vehicles in file, this time adding one that is reversed parked, probably illegally, though don't quote me on that, but I had never seen this before. This fits the perp's habits of having left-hand drive Japanese vehicles pass by me, though admittedly, it isn't quite the same.

Taken 11-16-2007. This is the plastic sheet that is "parked" for me to see, now over a week on this balcony, and is still there, 11-21-2007. Even more curious is that this tumbled down from three balconies above where it had resided for a week before the picture was taken. Imagine, two sets of tenants, stacked over three stories above the other, who each "don't mind" large orange plastic sheets befouling their respective balcony for weeks on end. And this apartment block was made out to be full when I applied there in 04-2007. Big joke that, and it even is on my suspected-to-be-empty list, though I cannot be sure.

Blue and navy blue colors are becoming more featured, very possibly because I have a navy blue matress that was removed from my use from 08-2007 to 05-2007. Now that I am back using it again, the perps seem to be making progress, however that is defined, with this color. There are the above pictures with the navy blue tractor unit in the street parking stalls, and this little three-way set up for me to catch while making a rare visit to my balcony. Two same colored blue vehicles are parked in file, one behind a tree, and a third lighter color blueo, mobile, passing by.

Taken 11-21-2007, today. I have no idea why these vehicles are penned, or who they belong to. So many vehicle lots have sprung up without any apparent ownership in this city in the past few years. This lot is nowhere near a car lot, or a shipping delivery site, even if near the harbor. There is a third same deep metallic red vehicle behind the second pickup truck which can be seen on zoom-in. Though in fact, there were at least three more clustered around the second truck, as the conditions for this shot were constrained; inside my parent's vehicle and over top of my mother's head. Surely an ideal shot through her chakras if one believes in alternate energies, and it may also be the reason for the "head dipping" and bend-over games the operatives and shills play in my proximity.

This tree services truck came to pass by where we were parked at Beacon Hill Park, and then proceeded out the Clover Point traffic loop. Now where were those trees again? Tree chipping is a common event in my proximity, as the perps seem to like that constant machine whine and the large spinning mass of the induction rollers. Boom trucks are a commonn gangstalking vehicle too, having all that steel mass overhead is what it seems to be about. Sometimes I get clusters of three boomtrucks, a new event for me, and rarely only one at a location anymore.

Some more YouTube until the vision impairment fuckery got so bad that I couldn't stand it, this while viewing Linda Ronstadt's older videos. She being the perfect doe eyed raven haired girl that I developed a celebrity crush on going back to the 1970's. The perps know full well that I like her look and that it serves as a template to add elements into the gangstalker demographically selected gangstalker mix from time to time. The doe-eyed (attractive, or favored) girl emerging from a belated elevator with the corded (fugly) hair of two days ago comes to mind. The same theme repeats; fugly with pretty or attractive, either in the same person or in two people, very often side by side who then separate by distance. Fucking tiresome being subjected to a freakshow all day long, all to rekindle the seeming traumatizations the assholes inflicted upon me over 50 years ago.

That is enough to call this one done for the day, a rest my eyes from the plasma jumping off the LCD panel tonight.

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