Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Riled Up Day

I can only assume that the perps are constantly ragging me with stunts and controlling my reaction to be immediate annoyance, ususally vocalized, to capitalize on their shenanigans last night. A defacto continuation of the Monday state through to Tuesday it would seem. Keeping me pissed off is the perp's number one tactic to creating more possibilities for their remote energetics assay work they appear to be conducting. (There is a significantly greater aura around someone who is angry or stressed in any way).

That is, they kept me awake for most of last night, and only provided for a light sleep, something they once before on a Monday, about four weeks ago before I set off to my parent's place and start the digging up of the tree root in their backyard. It would seem that the perps lose some kind of registry or advantage that they have on Mondays, fresh from my parent's place after a Sunday night stayover. Their solution is to then keep me awake through the night so to continue with whatever advantages that is conferred or determined on Mondays. That is the best that I can explain it.

And I never am concerned about lost sleep, as there seems to be absolutely no penalty or tiredness because of the sleep deficit they created for me.

As this is Tuesday, it is a gym class day, and the weirdness of the other members has escalated, likely for me to notice. There were the usual 12 to 16 gangstalkers arrayed behind me, or around me, and the "usual" 80% on sit-there, or stand-there duty. Sometimes they will sit at the equipment doing absolutely nothing but staring into space for over five minutes, and then get up and do the same thing at another piece of equipment.

The "just stand-there" action got silly today at the gym, as they had one dude in two tone blue standing beside the weights rack doing utterly nothing, and then the oversized blonde woman from our class did the same thing, opposite of this dude. There they were, two people doing nothing but standing there, facing each other, four feet apart, and trying not to look at each other. This went on for over five minutes before the perps finally passed a red shirted gangstalker between them.

This same kind of malingering gangstalking is also showing up on the streets; a cyclist with his bicycle in the all-too-familiar broadside position was standing on the sidewalk beside his bicycle as if totally dumbstruck and didn't know what to do. I have been known to call this sentry duty, as it seems awfully important that sentry stay still while I pass in front of them to conduct some kind of distance dependent energetics assay activity.

This same game is also "happening" with vehicles; yesterday a white truck stopped in mid-street immediately following a left turn to conduct a conversation with a gangstalker/operative or whoever it was. Here was the vehicle holding up other left turning vehicles for at least 3 minutes while this "conversation" was held. Today, a mid-grey vehicle parked across the apartment driveway while the driver conducted an arm and hand waving conversation with a participating "passerby". This was planned while my camera battery was recharging after an inexplicable discharge from being fully charged minutes before that.

When walking to gym class, a similar event erupted; the all-too-familiar white trades van with the ladders on top "broke down" and had to be pushed through the intersection to make a left turn. Somehow, it was fixed and drove off. Stupider and stupider is the theme for this week, and that also means more blatant harassment games, including the one mentioned in yesterday's blog when the poured wine exploded out of the glass.

I am getting beeping or overheard rumbling everytime I make a move; putting the dinner plate down, clicking on a window, the first bite from my dinner, and now, a car alarm has gone off.

Before that, my second scripted crap of the week, and this time I did not get off like I have been; a distraction dealing with the perp's shit flicking, and lo, if the toilet didn't overflow and need plunging. Then after cleanup, another plunging to get the toiltet paper down, but no overflow this time. That should do me until Monday when it is scripted again.

I had the usual red color shirt gangstalking at the gym earlier today. At least half of the 15 weirds on blatant gangstalking duty were wearing some form of a red shirt or sweater. The perps also put on my least favorite granny to look at, and forced my attention her way at least a half dozen times, once when she was on parade duty. They had her in an all black outfit, and they also position her near the stairway entrance, hanging over me almost as I come up the stairs.

In our gym class, which convenes for the last half hour in a floor exercise room, two of the class members who had been working out on the exercise equipment "somehow" didn't participate, even if mandatory. Both are over weight, and blonde, one female, the other male. Then the rangy dude who wasn't there for the free format first half hour session comes swooping in from the change room to get immediately in front of me when proceeding into the floor exercise room. He then preceded to the change room where he "accidently" whacked me with his sweater while exuberantly putting it on, though he did have the "grace" to tell me he was sorry. Big fucking joke, as his sweater didn't contact me, and the whack I recieved was by way of the perp's energy games they have been intensely fucking me with all week.

These energy games, or faked touches and faked blundering "into" something adjacent, has been increased of late. I get the sensation of my hand contacting the kitchen counter when it is at least six inches away. The perps used to be more sporting, and had a certain tolerance whereby if my hand for example, was within two inches say, I would of got the fake touches. Now, the assholes have increased their tolerance to be within even 12" now. I am constantly assaulted by these faked touches and blundering whenever I am near something, and for whatever reason, this highly annoying stunt has increased of late. Wobbling me over to collide with something, or seemingly collide, has also increased of late. My entire physical worldview has been polluted and jerked with.

Picture time, these few from the last two weeks. The camera action seems to be mostly over; I rarely "recall", per mind-fuck script, to take my camera with me now, only for Sundays at the parent's place.

This is a zoomed in shot to a location that is mid-block and viewable from my apartment. The meter heads have been off for months now, and the parking rotation at this location, also pictured in past blogs, is with color coordinated vehicles. Though it looks in this case as if the two vehicles in the middle of this file are also matched for front-end appearance commonality.

This picture was taken from my bedroom at my parent's place on 10-29-2007, the two red vehicles aligned in file being the most oddest part of this shot, though in fairness it can happen once in a while, but not everyday and allday like it does for me. A parked white vehicle is also arranged to be partially obscured by foliage, a common setup.

This picture is taken from the same location, my bedroom at my parent's place, this time on 11-05-2007. The red vehicles are lined up exactly the same, with the telephone pole being the reference that I am using. It is doubtful in my estimation that any one, or even less likely, two parties, could line their vehicles up identically a week apart for on-street parking. This time an additional third red vehicle has been parked behind the white vehicle,also in the precise same location, behind the foliage. A white van has also been added in on the right side, in an orthogonal position, and also, a silver-grey vehicle has been added for reference purposes between further back, in the center of the photo.

This is a photo of only a few of the approximately 200 vehicles that pass by at the bus stop, this one in a residential area. The time was 1513h in the afternoon on a weekday, and it is utterly incomprehensible to me, as a longtime resident of this neighborhood (40 years), as to how so much vehicular traffic "happens" here, except in a gangstalking context.

Then my mysterious bus stop buddy arrives, and puts on the familiar back-to-me pose; the backpacks are ubiquitous nowadays, and appear to be used as a color reference adjunct.

Next, the cell phone comes out, and again, on the face of it there is nothing too suspicious. The vehicular gangstalk traffic has picked up as seen in the background. My "bus stop buddy" then took off after making his call, not taking the bus at all. Now that is suspicious to me.

The bus stop from the other direction looking S.; again, as a longtime resident of this neighborhood that has little but infill houses built for over the last 20 years, it remains imponderable as to why so many vehicles are arranged and passing by at 1515h on an afternoon weekday. There are three grey colored vehicles in the group of six; two silver-greys and one mid-grey, and the color of the last three in the oncoming file cannot be determined. The extra reflection off the latter three vehicles could be from the plasma and reflectance augmentation games that are constantly managed in my vicinity.

These are my runners of some six years; a never-before scalloped concave removal of the heel material. I have a habit of wearing the outer heel first, but in a scooped fashion has never happened before. And lo, if the perps didn't exploit that to create momentary suction on my heels when on smooth surfaces, sidewalks included.

A forced cough as soon as this page refreshed; I knew it was imminent from the planted tickle in my throat, but did not know just when it was scripted to erupt.

An interesting new phenomenon that I hadn't heard of before; human spontaneous involuntary invisibility. It is explained at this website. There are times when I get obstructed in public and when I ask the perpetrator to move, all I get is the pretense of not being heard. As far as I know, I have not been rendered invisible, just a simulation of it the odd time which has to be staged, like everything else. It does raise the question as to whether I have been gangstalked by invisible parties, and that is emminently possible. They could even be standing behind me now, emulating the goings on at the gym with the parade of aligned "do-squats" described above. Not an issue for me, though I could not imagine anything more disorienting than to be rendered invisible and unheard. My understanding is that UFO's are often picked up by a camera but not by the photogrpher and are only noticed when the film was developed and reviewed. And I should add, it did happen to me on my camera toting walks, that there was a odd object in the sky which I did not see at the time of taking the photograph.

A total jerkaround; the YouTube or my CD in my PC is not playing properly; the artist's voice isn't coming through even if the musical accompaniment is. Once, I had the opportunity to momentarily "forget" all this fuckery by listening to music, but now, that capability has been trashed. What is the matter with these depraved assholes today?

More pounding overhead while I recalled something I had read about five minutes ago. This seems to be the kind of recall ability the perps are targeting these days; very short term recall. They can now screw me out of "remembering" where to put something back, with the additional diversion of using the item. More progress on the mind-fuck front.

After an ugly day, it is time to call this one done. My greatest fear is that the perps are going to give me another near sleepless night, and grind me down tomorrow where there are three events planned.

One event on for tommorow is a dental appointment; I got a call "reminding me" about my appointment tommorow and I said that there wasn't anything scheduled. After some "sorrys" and great amounts of faux apologies, I kept the appointment date. This particular dental receptionist is one of the most efficient and friendly that I know of; she doesn't screw up, ever. And "somehow" she did, exactly when I had open time. This is just another example of this senseless and gratuitous harassment fuckery, and how low some will go to accomodate the fuckers. The abettor, makes herself out to be incompetent, about the last thing one could say about her capabilities and efficiency. Why do all these people conform to the perp's depravities, making themselves out to be quislings and idiots?

This is the same woman who "showed up" at LD to sell me a cell phone in 2006, and she doesn't mention that when I see her afterward, har, har. "Somehow", I wasn't allowed to know this at the time, and only when I got back to my apartment some 10 minutes later did the perps tell me who it was. I had a sudden rush that she was familiar while she was telling me about the cell phones, but that got suddenly shut down. That is another classic of mind-fucking; I never, ever forget a face, especially one I see twice a year for most of the previous 15 years, and "somehow" I did, and only "recalled" who it was when she was long gone. Someone tell me the clinical background on that with a straight face.

The other two events are at the same office, one in the afternoon, and then in the evening. This spells a "location test"; testing me for both daylight and dusk light conditions offsite, not at my place.

Time to call this day done and hope the next isn't going to be another like this.

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