Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mouth Contents are Under Investigation

A rare post-breakfast recounting of harassment games while eating breakfast and my shower, shave and dental hygeine routine. I eat one slice of a gluten-free flax and sunflowerseed bread with my peanut butter and jam every morning. Today, after the dishes were done, while 12' away in the bathroom, the perps planted some flaxseed on my towel just ahead of where I was to grasp it. Then another flaxseed "showed up" in the sink a few minutes later. These are a deep brown color, and that may have been the reason for these materializing from nowhere, as they hadn't been inadvertently carried there by any means I was aware of.

Another game that became more systematic this morning was the perps packing food inside of my mouth on the outside of my gums. This stunt is routine for every meal, and it appears to be a sample of food to cause delayed onset of food digestion. My awareness of the outer gum packed food is controlled by the perps; it could be as 30 seconds, or hours later when I am let in on the presence of this food. At breakfast, the outer gum food packing was made known to me within short order, and each time I moved some food with my tongue from the outside of my gums to the inside of my mouth, an outside noise went off as the food crossed over and under my teeth. That is correct; the perps are actively controlling the distribution of food in my mouth, and are now setting up more structured and repetitive coincident noisestalking events as the food crosses my teeth. The type of noises varied from heavy duty vehicles passing by, backup beepers, squealing seagulls, dog barks etc. but each time it was simultaneous with food movement in my mouth unobservable to anyone watching me.

And it was clear that the food was also made to linger longer on the roof of my mouth, and that the imbibing of coffee was simplified so that there was no permitted tongue movement of the food as it was washed over with coffee. Later, all the outside noise went into an all-quiet state while eating chocolate, and I can only assume this was a huge brown color test event, as one's mouth and throat are very close to the brain structures the perps have such an abiding interest in, especially as it relates to that obsession of theirs, the color brown.

Other breakfast and dental hygeine routines were also disrupted this morning, although no big penalty in this, save a momentary piss-off.

Another new introduced noise this morning was an ongoing whine, like a siren but with no variation of pitch or sound cycling. As it "so happens", the major roadworks job at View and Vancouver Streets for locals has now moved upstreet and they are cutting the asphalt surface down the center, coming toward where I live. This faint ongoing siren-like whine went on for 40 minutes and "somehow" got through my hearing protective ear muffs.

This being Thursday, this is the yoga and gym day, and is usually fraught with extra gangstalking and other stunts. But today, they moved the yoga class some two blocks N. to a new venue as well as making it earlier by 30 minutes. It would seem that the rescheduled time is to allow about the same interval duration between the two events. Or at least, that is my take on what the perps are up to.

And true to form, when at a new location with a group, I am either the first one or the last one to arrive, and this case it was the former. The instructor came 10 minutes later, and the "yoga pal" (male) from two days ago whom I "happened" to meet on the street, a regular, came 10 minutes after her.

As usual, there was the full complement of plasma and maser beams flitting around the room and coming from all locations. In addition, there was the color and object augmentations; a 8'x4' green chalkboard was against one wall, a stack of brown 5'x4' flat cardboard boxes on another wall, and there were a few more red and yellow color reference objects in place along the walls.

We were well into yoga practice when my least favorite yogi goof came to join the session some 10 minutes later. This the yappy, fat and flake-out dude who also "happened" to hound me at the former Tuesday yoga at a different venue, and just when I thought I had seen the last of this idiot/disrupting operative on Thursdays, he "happens" to show up on the first day at the new venue. He took at least 10 minutes of farting around to get onto his mat; changing in the adjoining bathroom, plastic bag scrunching, coughing in the adjoining bathroom, coughing all the more in the yoga classroom, groaning and the rest of his noise repetoire was all part of the "settle in" time before he got going, positioning himself on my left side. Many of these noises were planted while I was doing stretches of my back or legs, effectively noisestalking while my spine was flexed or else I was in poses.

It was one female instructor with three male students by now, and then a new student shows up, someone I hadn't seen in this class before. He took five minutes to go through his noisemaking to "settle in", this time on my right side with an avocado colored mat, one he must of brought himself. He too launched into some pointless yapping with the instructor, so I had one of these fuckers yapping from either side of me. And it should be noted that the instructor is always abundantly clear, this coming from one who has plenty of adversity when taking verbal instructions.

Now, one female instructor and four male students, and this might be the way it will go from now on, using the start time change to purge the female class members. It should be interesting, as this room doesn't offer the windows to the street which was always a big (perp) feature of the last location. There, various colored vehicles could be planted in my line of sight, and they were invariably the color of objects in the room. And also, there were no end of light flashes on the walls in the last yoga classroom, being made to appear that they were coming from the myriad vehicles passing by outside.

It is near impossible to miss the instructor's cleavage when she is in a forward facing pose, and each time I happened to look, one of my yoga stalkers managed to cough at that exact moment of visual cognition. There were at least three such "coincidences" like this, which told me the new dude in the class was totally primed for gangstalking.

With one male class member on either side of me, and their mats were offset 2' behind mine, it meant that I got the smelly feet routine, likely introduced by way of perp fuckery, one pair from either side. Their feet were aligned at about where my head was when lying down, surely a tip-off of the perp's foot fetish fixations.

Given that the perps manage the cornflake distribution in my cereal bowl every morning, and the planting of crumbs everywhere they chose, no matter how absurd, it doesn't take much to figure out that this change of the Thursday yoga venue was a huge deal for them. And as part of it, before other class members arrived, I got "blonded", a term I use to describe the perp practice of planting an attractive blonde female within my proximity at new locations or venues, usually in an introductory capacity. A blonde staff member of the building came with the yoga coordinator for whatever purpose, to stand in the doorway and be seen is all that it appeared to be. I don't claim to know what the perp's rationale for strategically planting blondes wherever I go, or beside the unfavored demographic group members, and I characterize this as supplying "blonde aura".

It is no secret in these blogs that the perps attach great importance to planting beings, people, colors, objects or materials around me that I either like, or loathe, and often in the same view adjacent to each other. So if the long haired middle aged male vagrant (four unfavored demographic groups there) pushing his shopping cart toward me can be spatially aligned in my sight with an attractive blonde woman behind him, even if 10' or more, but arranged to be "stacked", then the perps will do this.

Much of the perp's activity is to mix these unfavored demographic members with favored demographic features; today, the largest blonde woman came back into gym class, the "large" or obese as it is, being an unfavored demographic, and the blonde hair being a favored demographic feature. And so it goes, in both yoga and gym classes.

I did a 20 minute walk to yoga this morning, and a 30 minute to gym class in the afternoon. I also got many more freakshows today, mostly on the street, but a few at the gym as well. I had a crimson red poncho-ed woman follow me at least 300' over one block, and when she caught up to me at the pedestrian traffic control, and I was muttering under my breath as to this blatant following job, she rolls her eyes at me, and I know she did not hear me say anything, and she did not know (theoretically) that it was in relation to this unusual coincidence in seeing her again. It is an example of managed "coincidental" eye contact, even from those who I don't expect it from; the (faux) vagrants to the checkout cashiers who make an effort to not look at me when we pass by each other on the street, and who later give me a flirtatious glance. Managed eye contact, and likely down to the last thousandth of a second. And believe me, I do nothing to attract attention if I have any say in the matter.

Another stunt as part of today's harassment escalation took place at the gym; someone wanted to use the bicycle that I was on, when there was another two availible, claiming that he signed on for the one I was using. A total jerkaround show, instignating confrontation when the signing board is next to the stationary bicycles, and picking one that was in use. Very few people seem to sign up when there are others availible. He got into a big harangue over this, and it would seem that this was a stunt to incur my vocalization, conversing with this asshole, as if parading gangstalkers around me for the entire free gym period isn't enough fucking with my life.

Other events of today's freakshow appeared to be attaining more complexity, usually in clothing and skin colors, and hence even more freakish at times. I walked past a black pickup that was parked in a stall of parallel street parking, and the box was loaded up with broken cedar laths, a table with a finished surface, and a sheet of particle board. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have a total obsession with me being exposed to wood products, and lo, if the perps didn't add some extra complexity by having two native Indians outside the vehicle, who then got in it as I was passing by. It was S. bound facing when parked, and lo, within a block, it was N. bound passing me by on the street. In perp fixation terms, where they go beserk over the color brown, and usually are "wood stalking" me early in my outings, this was a very complex arrangement, as this would of included brown colored skin, another key variant of interest they have with the color brown.

And to replicate this in part, when I got back to my apartment after yoga, there was a setup of three East Indians appearing to be moving out of the building; their furniture tumbled out of the elevator that was now working after a two week shutdown. There was a wood table and base, a plastic drawer set like the one I have, and anothe item I cannot recall. Additionally, there was an East Indian patrolling around the UHaul van parked outside on the street. Not a big deal, and it was even close to the month end to have a decent cover story to it.

In another more complex arrangement a red and white Vespa was parked inside a closed pizza store with red and white checkerboard tiles and same color themed decor. It was visible through the storefront window, and it would seem that the normally outside vehicle was being "mixed in" with interior furnishings.

I also got my military dressed gangstalker after yoga today, just "happening" to be walking in a residential area, the same street as all the rest of them, post-yoga. There is about a 0.6 probability of seeing a military dressed gangstalker on this same street at this juncture on Thursdays. Explain that one for all you clinical cling-ons, and there isn't a base around for 5 miles.

There were the usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles on my city transiting today, an excessive amount by any standard for anyone who knows this city. This is about the usual number of color and size coordinated vehicles when I walk this route, and it would seem that most of the parked vehicles are similarly arranged down all the side streets. After the initial flush of white, silver-grey, black and mid-grey vehicles, there were strings of three red vehicles more than once, or sometimes arranged at all possible orientations at the traffic controlled intersections. Once they got over that, there was a decided push on the color yellow. The school buses were on duty; one outside the gym class building disgorged at least 40 dudes with gear bags and baseball bats (strangely), and owing their impeccable timing, coming from the opposite direction, I was obliged to join their line as the entryway to the recreation center had been constricted down to one door, as a vacuum truck had been set up in front of the other entrance door. Perfect stalking; forcing me to join a line of egressing yellow bus passengers and keeping me from paralleling or taking my own route into the building. At least one of the throng made sure to cross in front of me after I had entered the building, as all the bat packing dudes took a route to the left, and I to the right. That wasn't good enough, I had to be gangstalked by at least one of them that had no apparent reason to get in front of me.

The new yoga venue notices were up and placed outside as well as inside the building, and lo, if they weren't yellow too. More of the gangstalkers are packing paper around with them; colored envelopes as if they were going to post them, clipboards and now even newspapers. This seems to be the newest reference material, now joining wood in that capacity. There is the perp's practice of color referencing with paper, but also there is appears to be additional importance attached to the material itself.

The yoga instructor was wearing a yellow top over a burgundy red one today, a combination that I have seen her wear before, and I can only assume that seeing her shapely form in association of these two perp problem colors can only enhance their agenda, akin to the "blonde auric goodness" mentioned above.

In another well planned event, the perps trained a surveyor's laser level on my eyes at one of their construction sites, mentioned below. I was making a rare N. to S. crossing of this street to return to my apartment after gym, which wouldn't of happened if the sidewalk hadn't been ripped up for a short block length, and I saw this intense red pulsing light from 120' away. And lo, if it wasn't an "unattended" surveyor's laser level trained on me, covering me for the 30' of the crosswalk. It is fucking outrageous that I cannot be allowed to cross a street without being fucked by abusive assholes who have created the entire problem by maintaining their nonconsensual human experimentation without seeking cooperation.

The incidence of roadworks on my walking beat today was increased by at least one; there were three jobs that are currently in construction on my way to OB Rec. Center, and all are involved in extensive digging and placement of new concrete and asphalt curbs, sidewalks and road surfaces. Just when I thought that was plenty, they have added a new job closer to the recreation center, and are breaking up the concrete and soil road median, and have cut off the tree branches to leave only 4' tall stumps that will also be taken out. It seems to be a perp objective, to desecrate trees in my proximity, as well as pursue whatever other objectives that relate to soil, concrete and asphalt. At least one job appears to be totally needless, making an infrequently used pedestrian crossing with a larger concrete sidewalk area at an uncontrolled intersection.

An additional member of this construction is the demolition of a never used house that is on the hospital corner. That makes for a total of five road and public works projects on my walking beat. Again, I have no idea as to what this is intended to accomplish for the perps, and it even seems that digging a hole to plant a tree at my parent's place, per past blog postings, is part of this set of perp harassment objectives.

As part of the above mentioned road projects there were two major constrictions of vehicular traffic. In one case, a three-lane major one way thoroughfare was reduced to one through lane, and in another instance, a four lane bidirectional road was reduced to one lane each way, both on one side of the normal four lane configuration. In the latter case, the traffic was routed to the S. side, the one I was walking beside, and lo, if the perps didn't plant a silver-grey Audi TT at that constriction point, coming through beside me. I think this is one of the most elegant and enticing sports car designs going, and it is likely it was placed to be close by as I was adjacent to the through lane. As mentioned above, the perps have a particularly strong need to place desired or liked designs, colors, hair colors and favored demographic members in my proximity, and this would likely be another instance. Another component of this re-routing of two way traffic on the former single direction side appears to be the perp's interests in making some kind of determination, measurement or correlation between me and the direction dependent energetic properties of the passing vehicles and roadway. It was interesting that a two way road and a one way road were both "happening" today, raising possible comparison reasons, at each end of my transiting, taking the same route there and back.

The current perp obsession in bringing over Japanese left-hand drive vehicles continues, and it may well factor into this anisotrophy (different physical properties in differing directions) study they are conducting. It does not surprise me that there has been some major road artery closures in the western US and Canada this year.

Onto a strange topic; last night's dreams were about some kind of alien tribe, or groupthat weren't terribly different from humans, though there was some way I could tell. It is all very odd, and like most dreams, I am sure it was planted, and I am permitted to recall only the general concept. And no, I hadn't been reading about aliens or abductions the night before, and haven't read much of this topic of late, being seduced by 1960's video footage of the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and other performers.

Time to call this busy day done and hope that the perps can chill out and leave me alone, though the prognosis isn't good, as I am due to attend to the spreadsheet woes again.

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