Saturday, December 01, 2007

Idiot Wind

A typical Saturday with nothing too much to do, and a howling wind outside that "somehow" gets past both window frames, and in the case of the sliding door, makes a noise like a reed instrument. That is, planted noise, as it has a particular timing to when I engage in standard Windows activities of select, copy, cut and paste. Funny how that happens just like the overhead pounding and most external noises.

I was allowed out with my posse of gangstallkers, one backpacking individual outside my apartment "happened" to take an alternate route, and ended up in front of me at the LD store a half block away. Under the present escalated gangstalking and harassment I was not surprised. I was dithered at the shampoo section long enough for the ubiquitous stocking cart with brown boxes on board to arrive right behind me in mid-aisle. I was fucked out of buying the usual Pantene products, as a "big deal" was made out of the fact that none were labelled with "conditioner" or "shampoo". And as the packaging lineup had changed since the last time I bought these products, I was duly cognitively "forced" to buy another product. This time it was in blue plastic containers, and I am sure this is a big deal as the Pantene was in white containers. And there might have been some additional color games going on in that I also bought blue mouthwash and blue packaged chocolate.

The usual swarming weirds were on the job, and as it had snowed some in the night, I reckon there were additional benefits to this albedo differential (light reflectivity). The streets and roads were clear, and so it was no problem to go to the store and back. The newspaper had an orange yellow edge banner on it, and lo, if it didn't match the color of the clothing of a gangstalker who was on me at the shampoo section and then again at the checkout. Could of been a coincidence, right? Not a big deal, but she looked like Helen Mirren might have done some 30 years ago.

And while transiting the half block the glass bottle bashing noise started up, and covering me going both directions. There wasn't any apparent source from the direction the noise came from, but this is nothing unusual. There were the usual "gateway" setups in LD among the ambulatory gangstalkers; two people facing each other about 6' apart with the aisleway between them, and in this case, both were wearing the same red color jackets with there being no other logical place to go except between them. Another "gateway" setup was outside my apartment building when I got back; two dudes facing each other across the sidewalk with a third woman some 20' further back in a pink hat that was behind one dude's red jacket. Funny how two parties can coordinate odd public behavior, standing still on the public sidewalk, and at the same time bring their respective colored clothing in visual alignment for me to see the combination. This could be another case of attempting to place an unfavored demographic, the shiftless loitering males, with a more favored one, young smartly dressed women.

I read the national newepaper once I got back, and had the overhead pounding starting up when I read specific names or a noun, or saw pictures that were doubtless set up in advance for me to notice. I addition to reading the newspaper with the usual harassment adversity of page sticking, pulling pages from my hands, shadow games across the fold, alternately stiffening and flopping the page where I am reading and changing the lighting on the newspaper, I had to deal with this new form of newspaper reading harassment. (And as that last word came to mind, a huge overhead pounding erupted; these are concrete and steel floors/ceilings).

A new harassment form has been happening on the LCD display for some months now, and this was the first paper based incidence of messing with visual images in my central and peripherial vision. That is, a part of the picture in mt peripherial vision is assigned to be disturbing, even if I have not seen it in central vision in the first place. So it would appear that the perps can attach an emotional reaction, a weighted registry, to a component of an image, even if I have not looked at the picture in central vision to make such an assignment, if due. And as it "so happens" that the "perturbing " portion of the photograph in the newspaper was only background fill in space, and not the subject itself. This represents a huge gain in their mind-control abilities, as this is what everyone does; they assign an emotional valence to every object, or object portion that they continuously see.

And when walking outside earlier, this would explain the many incidences of faked dogshit on the sidewalk, as these were flattened leaves in fact. Yesterday, the perps planted real dogshit on the street for me to see on my return to the building at lunchtime. Funny how that theme continues, either in the form of sidewalk plantings or else in a tank on a vehicle, yesterday's septic services tanker turning the corner in front of me with the brown dressed gangstalker circulating behind me after walking and surviving through moving vehicular traffic.

An afternoon spent itemizing my accounts in Quicken, and reconciling it with my bank statement online. As the act of recording financial figures, payment transactions and even reading a dollar amount in the news is all bigtime harassment and monitoring bait, I wasn't too surprised at being totally screwed around in the process. Not as bad as in the past it turned out, but more than one "misread" sending me back and forth between Quicken and the account web page. The perps can screw me over on this activity in so many ways; they can derail my reading across the page, picking up the wrong amount, they can dither and replace a new amount in my short term recall, they can spoof the amount and when I return to evaluate the source of the error it is correct (modified in real time). All these and more are to be expected for any month end reconciliation of accounts. Similarly, I get totally sabotaged in writing out a check and placing it in an envelope; they give me the shakes, hang up the envelope flap on the check during insertion or otherwise prevent the check from being smoothly placed inside the envelope, have me "forget" to put the account voucher in the envelope, screw with my handwriting when addressing the envelope, screw with placing the stamp on the envelope, and a few more that don't come to mind. All this harassment routinely over making out a check to place into the mail. It is fucking nuts that they go beserk over this.

As with everything else, there was more masers and plasma beams flying about, some even coming off my LCD display while doing this. The maser zingers were zigzagging side to side while moving toward me while doing the Quicken accounting.

Dinner and dishes are done admidst the third overhead vacuuming job today, seemingly odd for an apartment that has a hard surface floor if the overhead noises are anything to go by. I had my parade of zinger masers coming at me while I ate, they are in constant attendance of late, especially for the more problematic events for the perps, eating, showering, shaving. Almost without exception there are plasma beams where I am intending to reach, and then again after I have retrieved the object. There were plenty of faked touches, the sensation only and no actual contact, as well as faked noises when I would place something down. I am controlled to react to these conventional reality violating games, and they even have me over react to their moving of objects in the dishrack with noise when my hand was close by. Then I am controlled to react to being planted with faked reaction to be screwed into a planted over-reaction. Follow that?

And there was the overhead pounding that started up while making and eating my dinner, all the more amazing when there is so little variation in what I eat, and here they are after over 5.5 years of this intense harassment over all minutae of my existence. Fucking beserk that a billion dollar outfit won't come out of the closet and front themsleves and have their harassment objectives attained in weeks with cooperation. Whatever their reasons are it has buy-in from all parties, and it must be a huge payoff for them. Given their remote applications technologies and their abilities to control matter and mind from a distance, what do they fear when carrying out this intense harassment remotely? Or who are they trying to fool? I just don't get it, and yet the entire project spins about this premise of not declaring themselves as an extant party.

The Santa Claus parade must be on, hence the reason for the train of vehicle horns, sirens and the rest of it. It is only once a year and is an expectable event in this downtown neighborhood, harassed or not.

A toroidal pulse came off the scissor handles that were facing me, these being beside the monitor. There was a temporary blankness and startle "reaction" and it may be that I am getting extra irradiation temporarily while they are shutting down certain neural processes to dig deeper. Hence the increased floaty sensations of the past 6 months or more, as this infers a momentary reduction of temporal lobe activity. Anything can become a source of plasma or masers in this super densified electromagnetic field that I am being kept in. (This has been measured in the past as 200 Gauss in 2002). Even my veins of my torso that are visible in the mirror have somehow projected the same color green and the same shape about 8" outside of my skin momentarily.

Another forced "forget" in posting this last night, and since I will be heading to my parent's place this afternoon, I will extend yesterday's blog posting to cover today. This kind of jerkaround with my routine and "consequent" two day blog posting is a big deal for the assholes who are running me, along with the rest of the harassment and surveillance.

I was treated to a 11 hour sleep which was totally absurd as I only need 8 hours at best, and there has been a near continuous string of 10 hour sleeps over the past three weeks. The big deal seems to be ambient light level manipulations, as there is a fluctuating illumination even if I don't get direct sunlight aafter about 0900h at this time of year.

The weather conditions have been continuing rain and some wind, which makes for the hissing of vehicle tires on the road surface, amplified of course, and the coincident howling sound around the windows. Last night. after getting into bed, the perps put on extra amplified wet tire noise, faked neighbor water use noise, fridge compressor, background voice in an annoying cacaphony before allowing me to get to sleep.

At breakfast, I was duly enraged at peanut butter and jam on toast application time, as I am every morning. Today they cranked me up big time by jumping the jam jar lid out of my hand, flipping it upward so it could be caught, and then foiling my grasp to then launch it upward, and then repeated this juvenile stunt before they allowed me to desist from a third attempted catch, letting it fall to the kitchen floor at my feet. I have good reactions, and I would of not let the lid out of my grasp in the first place, and would never miss a grab in such close proximity, especially with the lid looping some 12" above my hand. In essence, and all over a jam jar lid, I was fucked with for three times; one grasp and two attempted catches. Later, the extra (curious) sliver of the chocolate bar foil wrapper "eluded" my grasp and fell at about the same location and rotationaly fluttered around its axis all the way to the floor, again at my feet. Two failed grasps of easy to hold objects in one morning is two coincidences too many. This is how my life is, doing battle with the assholes over any, and nearly all, trivial events, such as grasping items. The then script me for an enraged reaction and even planted the humiliation notion as if this had happened in public.

The screw-me-over while ameliorating and reacting to the first jerkaround is not new; when I was hiking regularly, the perps would pull my feet out from under me and then foil my natural reaction to brake my fall because I wasn't offering enough harassment gain from adroitly reacting to the first imposition. The wanted to dump me on my ass, and weren't content with the fact that I could get my hands out in time to prevent that. There is nothing whatsoever sporting about the jerks that continue this depraved and unrelenting life abuse.

I got my daily stare-at-me gangstalk, this time from the negro dude that sometimes emerges from the perp's "common room", an apartment that houses an old biddy, an Asian and a negro on a rotational basis, all depending on who they want for what purpose. I had just exited the laundry room beside the elevators in the hallway, and this dude had me lined up to stare at me. Other stalkers haven't even looked at me in similar circumstances, so this must of been today's assigned staring. This is the same weird that stood in the elevator doorway, before it opened, and even more bizarrely, would not get out of the way for me to exit.

And more freaks are putting on the stare of late; the sidewalk sentries (staying in place for no apparent reason on a sidewalk for me to pass by in some kind of distance dependent color/photonic test). The vagrants have reverted to abnormal starings, attempting to use the mental illness gambit as a the cover story, and there have been a few flirtatious ones of late. Me, 53 years old getting these kinds of looks from women at least 20 years younger than me; very unlikely. Never mind the colossal black force of sickos that is on me every second of my life, and likes me to know about it, at least a few hundred times per day, the cummulative number of stunts and jerkarounds that I am aware of.

I was screwed out of recalling that my laundry was in the dryer, a two hour forced "forget" duration, and one that hasn't happened until now, save some past laundry stealing. It made for the legitmate cover story for another "tenant" to need the dryer and place my laundry on the bench where there were plenty of white laundry detergent granules. In my view, it is an example of the ever present white reference color/objects in close proximity to the items under observation/energetics assasy. Another example was having my freshly cleaned laundry have lint on it from the washing machine, and still have the same lint after being removed from the dryer. Simply amazing, having such persistent lint and in new circumstances, the washing machine. All of the three black colored underwear had white strands of thread on them, and the black track pants were duly plastered with a bluish colored lint that came from an unknown source. These are the pants that I wear to gym and yoga and are nearly always beset with white and brown crumbs as the class progresses.

The transitory vision impairments are continuing today and are also timed with plasma projections from this LCD display as I type this, and even some grit like sensations too. The managed dimness is continuing, and it would seem that the perps want me to have more lights on during the daytime, just as the apartment block across the street keeps its nightime lighting on throughout the day. Similarly, there are plenty of vehicle headlights trained on this apartment, usually from the designated turnaround area, a loading bay driveway. I even have vehicles turning around there as I am about to walk through that area, and invariably they are positioned over the sidewalk and force me onto the driveway area while they stop in mid-turn, pretending to be considerate drivers.

Earlier today, when baited to take a picture outside, the camera's battery was discharged, and the whole deal seemed to be all about forcing me to take the picture of the thre silver-grey vehicles parked in file with the second battery swapped in while the other was put into the wall charger. As my mother was making an effort to grope my camera case and camera two weeks ago when on a junket to take some pictures of an area where a relative was said to have once lived, I find that the perp's games over forcing various new juxtapositions of my photographic gear while taking pictures to be remarkably consistent. And the perps like placing batteries near me, even if for a short time. In fact, some of the AA cells have rolled toward me on the floor, from no apparent force. The gangstalking will nearly always be intensified when I am near the battery section of any store, another remarkable consistency.

The floaty sensations are continuing to get more prominence; these are immediately alleviated by placing my arms beside my head, which maybe the real objective. The perps like very much when I lift my arms, and I have see quite a few gangstalkers with raised arms, "stretching" being one such feint. I have mentioned in past blogs that the perps like to create situations where oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers pass me on my right side, which I assume is a variant on the above theme. This would be another consistency in public behavior, along with the plastic bag packing that has increased of late, and not just the ones from the grocery store that have a cover story.

Time to call this blog posting done; and be spared the constant typo sabotage.

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