Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ten Hour Sleeps

That is four ten hour sleeps in succession, something that I didn't think I was capable of, as eight hours is plenty enough. But for some reason, I am getting up at about 0900h and having the sunshine beat through the window and onto my breakfast activity each of those days. There seems to be a consistency about it; cereal bowl in sunshine, me not; then on the next day, the cereal bowl is in the shade, as am I, with an intervening sunshine beam between, so all spoonfuls pass through this beam, and so it goes. Today, if one believes in this controlled environment that is not of my making or cooperative participation, was for a shaded sky, reduced sunlight, but still casting a faint beam across the breakfast activity.

Another consistency of late is the lesion bleeding stunt; not only am I given a lesion of no known origin going by my past history, but it bleeds by itself each night that I wash my face with the specialized Neutrogena oily skin soap. This is the lesion that was created under my left lip about a week ago. My fingers or hands do not hang up on this lesion or otherwise provoke injury, but over three consecutive nights it bleeds anyway. This is the same lesion for which I can run a shaving razor over each morning (likely a controlled event too), and is not injured in any way. And as it "so happens", the steptic pencil will not stop this imposed bloodletting, and I am obliged to use the white towels to staunch the flow. Thankfully these aren't 30 minute events like one particular blood flow that erupted from the top of my nose from no ostensible cause, but it makes for a high turnover for towels. And with the red on the white towels, it does bring back the vehicle color combinations that have been included in past blog postings, not to mention the ubiquity of vehicles backing up, red brake lights and white backup lights on, that erupt in my vicinity, usually for me to see. Another pattern of color combinations that the perps find significant utility in for their nonconsensual experimentation games.

I noticed an additional lesion was created on my forehead in the night, again by some magical properties of unknown origin and method. Also on the left side.

A post-teatime siren noise event, plus chirping tires and loud mufflered vehicles all at the same time. No word yet why the emergency vehicles use this podunk street as their major thoroughfare route, but I don't expect such anyhow.

I am getting the constant jabbing of a mysterious something in the palm of my right hand. This "from-nowhere" intermittent pain started over a week ago, and at that time there was a piece of metal that somehow arrived there. I plucked the metal off, but lo, if that wasn't the "reason" for this enduring pain, of a minor level, with no kind of surficial expression, such as a zit or boil. Another never-before event, transient pain from the same location without an apparent causal site.

This is the post-teatime digestion period, having had my 100g of chocolate, for which I have no say as to whether I need it or not, I don't, and that serves as the noisestalking bait while eating a brown colored food. Regular readers will know that the perps are totaly fixated on this color, and all its sites and in all substances especially inside the human body. The topic is covered in the Essential Introductory Postings, and hasn't changed much since. Rarely is there a brown colored vehicle in a gangstalking pod, and if there is, it is a tan, or light metallic brown color. I reckon with the increase of tan vehicles that the perps must be making some progress. As one's brain is no more than an inch away from the roof of one's mouth, I reckon the chocolate, and other brown colored foods, are of huge interest when being eaten. Certainly the digestion period is unabashedly noise and phenonmenon stalked. And there have been more food "hangups" on the roof of my mouth, where it gets "stuck" for longer than would occur normally. And this might also explain the perps habit of arming their operatives with lit cigarettes, as these would be brown substances with a white wrapper that are moved about with respect to one's mouth and adjacent neural structures. Just my theory, though there is a supporting story my aunt told me about childhood development that also substantiates the story and why the perps are so freaking nuts about chasing me down with the color brown, usually after a suitable warm-up period where other colors have been presented, and blonde women too.

At teatime, about an hour ago, I also noted that I was totally mind-controlled in making some tongue movements that I would not ordinarily do. The chocolate was on the tip of my tongue, and my tongue was directed to push against the left cheek, and then the right cheek immediately following. This is something I don't do as it does not add anything to the effort to eat or digest one's food, and was a blatant act of mind-control to serve the needs of the gangs that created the fucking problem with the color brown in the first place. There has been at least one past instance when I was screwed into eating a brown cookie about the time my duaghter was departing, and then wishing my daughter well with cheek to cheek contact. Funny how that worked out then, with the thankless sickos arranging the stunt at a church do at Christmas time.

The overhead pounding has started up, and it is accompanied by a raspy and loud mufflered vehicle from outside. The one-two noise punch. As of two days ago, a vibratory noise was added into the mix, as if something, and I don't know what it could be, vibrates as the pounding occurs. Just another noise augmentation, and perhaps something is vibrating too, as pounding on 6" or more of concrete above just doen't do it anymore. Fucking stupid, and this from the idiots playing games with planted crumbs and creating extra turbulent milk with the breakfast cereal.

Yesterday, after viewing some 60 Minutes footage of interviews with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, it crossed my mind (or it could of been a planted thought), that he looked Reptilian in close-up, something I hadn't noted before. As soon as that thought surfaced, I got a plasma puff in my face, I was blanked out for a second, and it felt like my entire brain was frozen and I couldn't move for about two more seconds. It was at least a three simultaneous phenomenon event, and was obviously near and dear to the assholes who keep running my life for me with family abettance, never minding the legions of operatives that swarm about me in public. I did not express anything out loud, it was only a passing thought, but they jumped all over me for it. Find a clinical answer for that, those who continue to hide behind this excuse.

A succession of loud mufflered vehicles are transiting by, or a fecsimilie thereof. A long trail off, or sound decay seems to be important for these ongoing noise flurries, at least 5 per minute. Sometimes there is a coincident plasma flash to go with the noise.

A zap in the knee with a coincident plasma projection from the LCD display, then overhead bouncing ball bearings noise. Unusual for an apartment with carpeted floors.

Another forced "forget" in posting this blog entry last night. And another repeat of the above mentioned bleeding lesion when washing my face, the fourth consecutive night, and as before, I did not snag or otherwise perturb it. Now that I have three blooded white towels in four days, it was time to put on a laundry load, this time without all the usual clothes for the week. I can only surmise that the combination of clothes that is in the laundry is of significance, as it is constantly being modified. Once per week laundry and all the past disruptions over this haven't yet satisfied the mind-keepers. It is high time that they pissed with their own laundry and not mine. Maybe they should stick to my out-of-town brother's; he runs a commercial laundry.

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