Thursday, November 08, 2007

Monks as Gangstalkers

The post dinner overhead clunking and rumbling has started up, and even some noise from below. So much for the sound dampening qualities of concrete and steel floors.

I had the brown robed monk pushing and empty shopping cart instead of a walker today, this when on my gym outing, which followed yoga this morning. And the number of shiftless loitering males in dark brown clothing has increased of late, and even in multiple fabrics, one brown garment over the other. After this double-brown gangstalker stopped to tie his shoes in the middle of the sidewalk, to then pop up only 3' in front of me to place himself in a lead-ahead gangstalker mode, I passed by him, and then he "decided" to pass me by running ahead at the first traffic light. Meanwhile, another white dressed gangstalker was paralleling me, this dude walking through an emptied parking lot, and then he and the double browner converged on me at the sidewalk. This is the typical close-in action anytime I exit a building where there is some justification to ambulatory busyness.

The atrocious looking chinless blonde in green hair was also at the gym today, the second time this week. And I did not want to look at this visual mess, and yet the perps kept redirecting my attention to look at her. There was no question that she was being featured in the gym, but they decided that wasn't enough. So, when I departed for my apartment after gym, there she was, only 60' ahead of me wearing a red jacket for more color clash against her loathesome green hair. The three blondes were not there today, or at least none in the class. The perps appear to be working me over with the brown-greenish skinned corpulent dude, on his second week of parading his gut about and following behind me on the exercise equipment I use.

And it seemed all set up to send me onto the bicycles early in the half hour free session of gym that precedes the floor exercises we do together. From the bicycle I got to see the profusion of "do-squats" sitting on the equipment, or else standing around, doing absolutely nothing at the gym. Some of sitting operatives/gangstalkers don't even use the equipment they are on, but simply proceed to another piece of equipment to do nothing there too. I have worked out in a number of gyms, but I have never seen so many sitting around like this. At one point it was 15 gangstalkers ringed around me, and about four of them actually working out. Fucking nuts, and all the more telling too is that I was covertly followed and monitored in all the past gym facilities under the guise of normal, and nowhere had I seen so many "do-squats".

As usual, there were some fugly clothing colors in the gym, and the perps seemed to be keying in on red and black clothing combinations, and added an orange and black kid with black hair into the color mix. There was a person/gangstalker with a pink red towel who was following me around last week, and now I seen that this same colored towel, and perhaps even the self-same one, is sitting in this vehicle that is adjacent to the sidewalk outside the gym, and was in the same location on Tuesday when I departed, as well as today (Thursday).

As today was two workouts, yoga and gym, the gangstalking action was on the heavy side today, and that includes the obesers that keep showing up and parking their guts in front of me for a side profile look. Other games included having two gangstalkers on the sidewalk, some 40' apart, who individually made the same move to then place their back toward me as I approached and walked by, both of them on my right side, one of the hallowed gangstalkers placements it seems.

And after yoga, in accordance with the high percentage event, two military dudes were crossing the residental street I typically use, each bearing a Starbucks coffee cup, (read, brown substance, portable reference color), just sauntering along. In past blogs I have noted these same uniform dressed military types after the yoga class on this same street, and to date, I haven't recieved any replies as to why they might be there at that time, save gangstalking. As mentioned before, there isn't a military base for 5 miles, so why are they there in a residential area? Sometimes these military fucks are toting plastic bags, another gangstalker prop of near ubiquitous use.

Today's yoga class was a mixed bag; the regulars were all in position to scoop the location I usually use, and the obdurate corpulent cretin that featured at the Tuesday class "showed up" again. He hadn't been for four weeks, and I was glad to see the back of him, but there he was, in the instructor's location, who arrived after me. He did his usual "flaking out", and for the most part he laid down on the ground when we were active, first on his back, and later on his front. Then he did the standard window blocking, the same move my father pulls repeatedly, and so went the class. It is all too curious knowing that it is entirely scripted, and rehearsed by everyone but me. It was heavy on the meditation and breathing today, and plenty of back stretches and movement before we got into poses.

And there was scads more to mention, but I suspect my choices are being governed down these days, and what you get to read has been vetted by the perps well in advance. Assuming this blog is really on the web, as there has been past evidence that my computing world is not on my PC, but a node, that being someone else's computer. Again, this was mentioned in a past blog, and I did not recieve any answers as to the curious file location name that I saw, and pasted into the blog posting.

And some fierce radiation emanating from this LCD panel when I got back from the gym this afternoon, which is reminiscent of when I was hiking until I sold my vehicle in 2005. I would get this torrent of plasma and other emanations that almost made the LCD display unviewable. So it would appear the perps have cranked up the irradiation, using the LCD as a source. And that they cannot "cook me" to the desired level while I am walking about. Their solution is to cut down on my outside activities. I wondered why the adjacent apartment, ths site of a daycare, has moved out two days ago. It may be that the perps are going to crank up the irradiation to a level that they don't want the children to absorb. (Because they get reduced brain function and fundamental learning disabilities to which I can attest). For the record, this is not ionizing radiation, but some other kind that is not part of conventionally understood physics. The beams a palpable, especially on the eyes.

And I note, sure as fall comes, that there has been another school massacre, this one in Finland. I was hoping that the perps had finished their destructive blood sampling of children, but no, they must of cranked up someone who was already on the edge, and had him do over a school. I have reported on like atrocities before, especially last year when there were at least four in North America in the first month of school, which cannot of been a fluke. Can me a conspiracist if you like, but these tend to fit the perp pattern and their obsession over blood samples (me, by punching in the street, senseless shaving nicks, and clinically), with another of their obsessions, the bioenergetics of provenance, or geographic location.

I was hoping that the perps were over this brutality of collecting bioenergetic data, but I also noted that there was a shooting rampage in a Wisconsin apartment last month, where all six victims were either students or recent graduates of Crandon High School. This would be a change up from the perp's usual practice, killing students at the school, but still may have their dark hand behind it, changing the provenance of the student's demise, and all associated with the same academic institution.

A new link on the template, "On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology" by Carole Smith, and it is a reasoned analysis that reflects what is happening with remotely applied technologies, and the head-in-the-sand approach of the so called professional clinical bodies. As in, never heard of remote neural monitoring or control, nor directed energy weapons, therefore, anyone who claims such is paranoid. Justifiably and rationally paranoid perhaps, but not clinically, and not until the thesis of this paper is taken seriously.

I went to view the World Court website to see if they would be disposed to look into my case, and I got an array of plasma on the screen, making it unviewable. So much for that line of inquiry for now.

Another development of late, in concert with the perps using many more silver-grey and mid-grey color variations of their gangstalking vehicles, is that I am getting more barrages of grey toned plasma. After the usual slanging match with the perps over the harassment in applying peanut butter and jam to my toast, which happens every morning now, they peppered the dinner plate area adjacent to the toast with 1/4" grey dots, in varying tones of grey. This lasted only a few seconds, and it apalls me that they are resorting to this more invasive method, albeit largely benign, after five and a half years of intense harassment, every mortal minute. To me, it seems that the perps are using what I predicted they would over four years ago now, for the first time. Or, at least, I think it was my prediction and not a planted thought.

A third evening of a Dusty Springfield fix on Youtube. It would seem the perps are screwing with the depiction of her eyes on thse old videos, as they are being blacked out so often. This fits with the perps ongoing games over this feature as it is presented on myriad web pages, images, and even real people.

Time to call this blog done for the day.

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