Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Toe Pain

I am getting constant jabbing needle pains in my right toes as I write this, and they are being pulsed every five seconds or so. There has been an increase of pain "administration" of late; toes, testicles, nipples, hands, fingers all "happen" to get jabbed, burned with extra hot water, contacted or plain out and out irradiated with some kind of remote exotic pain application method. I sense this is all about getting deeper and stronger correlative neural energetic reactions along with whatever other action or thoughts they wish to track at the same time.

And after going to gym today, a 30 minute walk in each direction, it is clear that gangstalking "convergence", especially at intersections and street crossings, is the next escalation of harassment games. This is where two or more ambulatory gangstalkers arrive at the same intersection corner as I do in close proximity, 10' or less, and they invariably turn a corner at the same time while I am proceeding straight ahead. Very often, if the situation permits, one or more of these gangstalkers has just finished jaywalking across a busy thoroughfare to arrive at the intersection where I am.

Another gangstalking method that has increased in the past month is managing the profusion of vehicles that sit over the sidewalk at a driveway, or sit in my intended path when crossing a side street. Most are now turning left, which gives them the excuse to sit in my path for longer, waiting for both directions of traffic to clear. And they aren't bothering to stop for me as a pedestrian, but instead, belligerently pull in front of me when they have seen me coming. There is also more organized "putzing" of these vehicles, where they sit there in my path, and don't take the opportunity to proceed when there is no crossing traffic, but instead sit there so I am obliged to cross 2' in front or back of this planted vehicle, depending how far it pulled into my way. I am not allowed to cross a sidestreet without a vehicle crossing my path in front or behind for longer than five seconds. Alternatively, there will be an ambulatory gangstakers within 10' of me at these same locations. In no other city have I seen so much organized vehicular road traffic behavior.

This may have been mentioned before in past postings, but there has also been more vehicles running yellow and red lights, all to create a minimum of time before the intersection is populated by the crossing traffic from the other direction. This came on about a month ago, and is at the level that is worse than Los Angeles when I visited there some 15 years ago.

It was a gym day today, and I got the usual goofs and shills to stand around me and blatantly look stupid by doing nothing but loiter. One of today's featured operatives was a long haired male, making it obvious he wasn't there for the exercise. He was posted around me while I was lifting free weights. And I got more red dressed gangstalkers in the gym, one with a fedora-like street hat on for crissakes. And there were plenty of extra black markings on the wall beside the equipment I was using, and there is no conceivable way anyone would normally create these while using the equipment. Past experience has taught me that these are used as plasma and maser loci, sometimes for reflecting the beam, or else serving as an emanating source. It is as if someone with oversized black rubber soled runners took to kicking the wall, marking it only, up to 3' in height. Worse than a squash court.

In street gangstalking case today, I got one of the most blatant freakshow stunts going. A red hoodie wearing male was standing on the sidewalk in midstreet, just staring at me as I approached him from over 30' away, and he didn't move. I don't know what his act was, but when I looked back, he had then crossed the width of the sidewalk and then stood among the bordering coniferous shrubs. Another one was picking up litter, as if a "concerned citizen", by walking on the grass adjacent to the sidewalk. Bizarre to say the least.

I got plenty of ambulatory gangstalking action the entire distance, the 30 min. E. bound, and an hour later, 30 minutes W. bound. I have never seen so many "pedestrians" out today, and that included a party of three wheelchairs and the same number of attendants at this care home that does not normally let their patients out on the busy thoroughfare. I had passed this strange cluster of shills and gangstalkers, and then only 40' further at the infamous physical assault intersection, the perps has scripted a manhole "visitation" at a intersection, parking their service van over the crosswalk, and doing all the usual things of making it safe with railings around it, and then installing a winch with polyetheline tensioned cord over the manhole to add some "plastic action" into this bullshit story. This was at 1600h, and I have never seen the municipal workers take on a new job at this time unless there was an emergency, say, traffic control problems, which there wasn't

There is still three ongoing digging, concrete, and paving jobs on my 30 minute walk. One at each end, and one in the middle. Two of them poured fresh concrete today, while the third is still involved in digging down 6' or more and laying green 18" PVC pipes. Regular readers will know that the perps expend no end of effort in planning digging operations in my proximity, or for me to regularly pass by. Similarly for concrete; I usually get at least one redi-mix truck "passing by" per outing, or else a concrete pouring or forming operation.

For the finale, when arriving at my apartment from gym, I had three same sized Asian boys lined up E. to W. 10' from the front door, and a fourth one was cirulating between the door and them, on his cell phone. This was the space that I walked in, between the door and the Asian threesome, with the fourth member hanging around me as I entered the building.

On a different note altogether, I see that my BF Goodrich ball cap has "disappeared", and it would of been handy with all this low sun at this time of year that "finds" its way directly into my eyes, providing opportunities for planted backlighted subjects. This is the third theft of an article which has an affiliative organization logo or name; my Ministry of Forests brass belt buckle was stolen in 2000, then my Victoria Masters Swim Club jacket was stolen in 2002, and now, the lastmost item, the BF Goodrich ball cap. Regular readers will know that the perps can materialize matter, or dematerialize and teleport it elsewhere, and I suspect this was the case this time as there had been no signs of entry. All part of the harassment experience.

But they also leave plenty of clues as to what countermeasures are possible by their theft record; wearing a magnetic "healing vest" once was cause for it to be stolen in short order, and the same for the electromagnetic sheilding hats and shirt. Both got stolen, trashed, or replaced with a non-sheilding facsimilie. As all my countermeasures, and field strength detection equipment (three items) get sabotaged or trashed, there isn't much point to acquiring these. If this harassment is managed as closely as I think it is, all my past protective devices were to serve the assholes who were delivering the constant head pain at the time.

This morning I did some spreadsheet database work for a volunteer project. I was totally fucked around over where in the spreadsheet I was, recall as to select, cut and paste, etc. Basically, I was fucked over down to every cognitive aspect of using an Excel spreadsheet. Which is an advancement as to what they could do to me two weeks ago.

Another "on notice" stunt occured recently. I have been observing the perp's increasing capability to fuck with my recall, getting closer to the shortest term recall all the time. A few days ago, when entering my apartment, they fucked me out of remembering if I had turned on the adjacent light switch only 10 seconds earlier. I did not have a clue, another never-before capability to dither my recall. Based on today's games in screwing me on the Excel spreadsheet, I would surmise that all my short term recall is totally accessible and trashable by the perps. I suspect that total 100% mind control will be accomplished in a matter of weeks. But there is a whole lot more to this harassment objective than that, and it would seem that the assholes have a long way to go yet, given the above mentioned games of nearly posting operatives up my asshole in public.

The perps are ragging my ass bigtime this evening; fucking with typo sabotage, and my vision, usually together. And every scripted reaction that they plant upon me is primed for instant anger; I have never known myself to be acting in this way, but of course the provocations are coming at me all the time, as the level of cognitive interference is at a new primal level. Along with vocalizing my complaints about constant harassment, right down to getting fucked out of where I keep my items in my kitchen, something that I learn inside of a day, the perps keep changing my voice at each new vocalization. They like the raspy voice plenty, and will also vary the pitch and modulate my speech volume by sucking the air out of me so I won't get too loud. Real big of the assholes, voice morphing me while complaining about their jerkarounds.

And I heard by way of arranged happenchance that my Thursday yoga is moved to a new site, at least a few blocks further away, moving around in my last residence location's neighborhood. It is moving to an addictions treatment building, and that opens up huge cover story possibilities for the perps to plant yet more scurilous and shiftless scum in my proximity. Wooho.

The arranged happenchance was the other male in the yoga class "happening" to pass by on his bicycle when I was standing at the street corner. He came back, walking his bicycle on the crosswalk and showed me this bright yellow colored paper notice that the yoga class had moved. Being distracted at this intersection meant that more swarms of clothing color arranged gangstalkers could pass on either side of us, and then the waiting trades van in the closest parking stall to the intersection "happened" to round the corner, driving up on the sidewalk and passing within 12" of me. In other words, it was an arranged distraction with this vehicle waiting to drive next to me on the sidewalk. The perps had me in some kind of buzzed out state that prevented me from getting extremely annoyed at this asshole stunt, in effect dociled, so to shrug it off as yet another perp stunt. I should of also been pissed at my yoga "pal" for setting me up, but "somehow" I wasn't. And I can only assume that my yoga "pal" was showing me this notice for the purposes of referencing me to the color yellow at that location; the number of deep yellow colored taxis that go around that very same corner with me in the same position, E. bound, hasn't gone unnoticed. And the bicycles continue to be a big perp gangstalking adjunct and are often chained up in the most strangest of locations, for hours at a time, sometimes even days. As mentioned in past blogs, it is my theory that the tensioned metal spokes, or any stressed metal, offer increased energetic interference, hence their widespread use in gangstalking and related fuckery like today.

And in another turn of events, I had an invitation to go hiking tomorrow, and it was cancelled late today. Normally I don't get too many planned disruptions from the perps, as there isn't much of a life to disrupt. Two in one day is odd, though that might mean exactly nothing. I am the last to know, about the only certainty there is.

Another forced "forget" to post this last night. I have just finished another round of building a schedule in Excel, and was forced to make every possible mistake at least once. Competence is not allowed. This is a repetition for regular readers, but no end of select, copy, cut and paste actions were noisestalked with simultaneous throat clearings, voiceover, or other office noise. The electronic chirping sound that has followed me in three residence locations is also "erupting" there. It is similar to a pneumatic tire wrench noise, but without the hissing, and emulates sounds that are associated with foundation wall setting for highrise buildings where a deep pit is needed, which "happened" at both my work and residence location when I lived in Seattle. And I also note that the perps have changed the kitchen cupboard hinge noise this morning to sound much the same.

And when I came back from a lunch break, the perps scripted a piss for me to take upon entering my apartment, and lo, if they didn't script missing the toilet, an ever present harassment possibility for which I take precautions everytime. Except when they defeat my anticipatory countermeasures and fuck me into making a mess to then clean up. And of course total enragement follows, to keep up the annoyance level, the one consistency that is totatlly predictable. Imagine, harassing an innocent citizen to piss outside the toilet for kicks, now for over five years. I wouldn't believe this either if someone had told me about this pernicious depravity. All the years of camping and outside forestry work wasn't enough for the sickos before they went overt in 2002.

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