Friday, November 09, 2007

Chicken Run Time Again

A 10.5 hour "sleep", another one of those 2.5 hour extra sleep-ins that appear to be organized around timing me for a late day start, as the breakfast, shower, shave and dental hygeine routine takes 1 hour and 15 minutes or so. Hence, the 0930h getup time makes for a 1045h start time for the day. And as the perps routinely escalate their gangstalking by 1200h, I have a narrow window to get the needed cooked chicken and eat the first lunch off the carcass by eating the wings and a few other meat pieces that "fall off". Regular readers will know that the perps put a huge amount of investment in my diet, and they want to trap all bioenergetics that they can at the source of the food, the local supermarket, only 200' away.

They put on the usual drift of on-street operatives walking one direction, usually five or more, though not appearing to be associated with each other. Having that many "pedestrians" headed one way at that particular corner, Yates and Quadra, at 1130h is absurd, as there were at least 20 clustered over the entire intersection, and a few "just stand theres", aka sentries.

And I notice that I am getting polluted with many more thoughts that are not my own and are nearly always dead wrong and/or utterly pointless. As this level of mental incursion is relatively new, I can be certain that all my self talk is scripted. Usually, if there is an unbidden thought, there is an immediate noise; neck cricks of no ostensible origin, vehicle noise, overhead pounding etc, all from the thankless assholes who were on me since I was given over to this depravity since birth IMHO. I also note my self-talk that details what assholes I think the perps are has been largely quelled. This was a prominent part of my thinking and concluding and has dropped to nearly nothing now. I am not allowed to hold my own opinions of the perp's characteristics and behaviors.

And for an extra treat, the perps put on their racially profiled gangstalkers on early; an monsterous negro woman was paired with a Caucasian woman, and they liked to end up where I was headed each time, perfoming at three reprises. The negro woman appeared to be the same one at the doctor's office, the one in the glassed in receptionist area where the perps have now switched over to the red-haired demographic, featuring them behind glass now. I even got at least one stare from the negro woman, and I did nothing to invoke it, so I can assume this was also a planned to the millisecond duration.

When headed for the tortillas in the grocery store, it was on with the fugly dressed kid, he at the cheddar cheese section that was next to the brown colored tortillas in green packaging. These sprouted wheat kind that I always buy is the scene of regular gangstalking, sometimes five in a cluster, since I started buying groceries there at this particular store in 06-2006. But that wasn't all of it; the cheddar cheese was the orange colored variety, and the kid's oversized jacket was a brighter orange, and there he was, playing with the cheese blocks as if toys,- fucking idiotic by my standard. All this plastic packaging playing about was timed for when I swept in and picked up two packages of tortillas that were adjacent to this kid and his cheese games. All to emphasize the perps ongoing obsession over all things plastic, never bothering with the primary fact, that is not my problem, so why am I constantly getting fucked over it?

Then, it was on with the geriatiric crowd gangstalkers, another chosen demographic from which a large number are selected. The perps just love to place these "folks" around me, though I have no reason why, and I am not aware of any kind of negative reaction. I suspect the perps can monitor my subconsciousness and pick up these deeply embedded traits more than I can, hence the ongoing demographic groups they draw from.

And there is getting way too many coincidences of late, even over trivial matters. A topic or item that might appear on-line becomes referenced among the gangstalkers, and is "featured" by some parading operative for me to see, and then may also "show up" in conversation later, usually at gym or yoga class, or else family. And the perps make sure that my social life is highly constrained, and that there are no other occurences, let alone a meeting with someone new that hasn't been groomed and scripted.

One trivial item that is getting air time for whatever reason was the reference to a Canadian journalist's cap, Peter Newman, which he wears most of the time. The convicted corporate raider named Conrad Black got into a slanging match in print with Peter Newman, and one perverse mention was his cap. And lo, if I didn't see one such cap yesterday, and then again today on an in-store gangstalker. Then when exiting the store, another gangstalker of the same body size and age as the last gangstalker was in lead-ahead gangstalk mode, and he too was wearing the same cap. (The story and the picture of the feuding pair are at the above link). Fucking absurd, and there has to be at least 10 to 20 of these trivial themes running in parallel in any given day. The Che Guevara iconic image is another theme that started over 2 years ago, and gets reprised every so often.

And another new event "happened" today; a perp was walking out the door of the supermarket as I was heading in, carrying a tin can with a red label on it, talking to a staff member in the all too frequent Cheer-sing mode, and he appeared not to have purchased it. No till tape or carry bag, but I can only assume this goes with the territory, as they have changed from apparent customer to an apparent staff member in past gangstalking setups.

The usual crumb games are also increasing in audacity and frequency; this morning's coffee cup was the subject of their escalated games. There was one white crumb on the right edge of the rim next to where I sip from, then after removal, another on the left side, and a third one on the right again, this time a light brown color. Alternating crumb placement with color gradation, and from no ostensible cause as there was no remnant foods of that color and form. Similarly, the perps planted two 1/4" brown colored sized stains on my white towel this morning, they too coming from unknown sources. As in, no cover story, just blatant placement. Expect more "cap" coincidence stories in the coming weeks unless I hear otherwise.

The tea and chocolate moment has passed; this is the scripted tea time, another noisestalked event for which extra noise was applied, and still continues some 20 minutes later. I know that the tea color and digestion gives the perps extra problems, hence my mother "needing" me to take her to the downtown store to buy bulk loose teas. My parent's tea pot has a broken lid, being half removed so the tea is visible from above. The chocolate is also problematic for the perps, a color, and perhaps a substance, of noise and phenomenon action as well as a mind-controlled "need" to acquire chocolate, something that never happened to this degree until the harassment began in 2002. There was one week where the perps turned me totally off chocolate, I couldn't stand the smell, another bizarre event before they got back to the usual games. Currently, the perps are putting me on a off-on chocolate diet; 10 days off, then on again, then 6 days off, now on again. A huge noise flurry began when I first touched the chocolate; at least three vehicle horns, two loud mufflers and a few heavy duty diesel engine noise sources. Not my problem, so why aren't I being compensated for the cost of ingesting these substance for this nonconsensual human experimentation? (Another big noise flurry when the word "human" was typed).

There will be no answer, and no financial relief if past games are anything to go by. I am getting another round of "harassment cessation soon" thoughts, which are always planted, as I get this at least 10x per year, and nothing happens. Given how they keep pissing me around over everything, and not just thoughts, I suspect that they have a long run to go yet. There are too many objectives that have not been attained, though 100% mind-control is almost there going by what I experience. It will likely be near year end when this is attained, though I have been consistently wrong on this account, possibly by planted design. Beyond that, there are the energetics related to the ongoing color games, food digestion, provenance, concrete and asphalt interaction, vehicle interaction, plastics interaction, scale of seen objects, and many hundreds of other smaller events that are routinely noise or phenomenon stalked. At least another year is what I reckon, and I have never been wrong about rebutting the notion that harassment will cease anytime soon.

After the perps had loaded me up with the thoughts that I had tortilla leftovers in the firdge, it wasn't the case as I came to know only when in the kitchen. And in readiness of the culmination of this jerkover, a diesel truck was idling outside all the time, and was amped up for me to hear it at extra volume. Of course I don't have any leftovers as I ate lunch with my fingers, off the bird directly, and did not make any lunch. And having never, ever made this kind of elementary mistake before, it can only be a mind-fuck stunt. This is a good example of how trivial of a level the perps are fucking me over for. Fucking stupid, and fucking thankless, as they learned how to jerk me around with planted perceptions from me in late 2003 and early 2004.

An overhead pounding with a simultaneous zapping, the latter being the major piss off. So, I was mind-controlled to yell at the assholes, and it is abundantly clear they like me to vocalize as much as possible to aid in their remotely applied fuckery.

More music finds on Youtube.

Time to call this done and blog off.

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