Monday, November 12, 2007

The Eyes Have It

The eyes are becoming more of a perp focus; simultaneous noisestalking the instant I see the eyes of web images, be they animals, simians (plenty of them showing up of late), cats or other animals and are often portrayed with extra reflectance in the image, e.g. flash photo. Other newspaper and advertising imagery of like kind has also increased of late, and the perps make sure to direct my attention to the eyes first. Blonde women also figure predominantly in this lastest theme. This is just a documentation note, as there this is a benign form of harassment and mind-control for the most part.

The sirens started as soon as I began this paragraph, and I can only assume there is something significant the perps wish to pursue. That is my world; all sounds and vibrations are managed in conjunction with what I see, be it reading or scanning the landscape or images on a web page or magazine. Invariably there are added plasma and maser phenomenon as part of the total mix to enhance the experimentation games. Very often, when viewing a bright color image in central vision, a same color plasma array will "occur" in my peripherial vision at the same time, usually for a second or two.

Today, stormy as it has been, the perps created a ever increasing smudge on my left lens of my glasses; it was tolerable at 1300h, but by 1600h it had become incrementally worse, and I finally had to clean my glasses, another highly managed event. I use the same lilac terry towel with the use of the same source lens cleaning fluid, and it nearly always takes two or more attempts to satisfactorily clean the lenses. On occasion same lilac colored clothed "medical staff" have gangstalked me in public shortly after cleaning my glasses with the same colored terry towel.

I got screwed out of "recalling" to get olive oil when my mother wanted to stop at a grocery store when dropping me off earlier; this is the new norm,- I am not allowed to manage my own grocery store list. Writing down the grocery items was sabotaged by various mind-controlled games; "forgetting" the list, "forgetting" to reference the list in the store. "misreading" the list and so it went. A total waste of time. I can only surmise that the current games that have gone on with olive oil are continuing, as usually they like me to have some overlap time, buying the next bottle in advance of running out, with both stored in the same cupboard. Today, the old bottle was dispensed with, and the new bottle was placed where the old one was. A big deal for small minds, especially those that have constantly jerked around and flicked olive oil around the kitchen. i.e. floor, stove top, cupboard doors, kitchen counter, under the burner, on the wall etc.

A 10.5 hour sleep last night, making for 2.5 hours extra, an absurd amount by my usual standard of 8 hours. I was staying at my parent's place, and they didn't mention anything about this, and in fact were elsewhere for my entire breakfast until I had coffee on the table, being the brown liquid substance that the perps rountinely expend huge amounts of gangstalking and harassment time over. And the Coffee Corps, the coffee bearing gangstalkers were all over me at the grocery store this afternoon; there was three amigos dudes posted behind me in the checkout putting on the banter with the new Christmastime coffee cups, in a red color containing the brown substance they use as their portable color reference around me.

Last night, with the First Feral Family all having dinner at my brother's place, drinking the same red wine wasn't good enough; the perps had it literally fly out of my glass and onto the tablecloth for a dinner-long 3" diameter color reference beside me. Been given a smaller glass was part of the setup of course. I was once a wine steward for a wine makers club, and I have poured a lot of wine for people, but I had never seen something so blatant as last night's wine "explosion in the glass", straight out of the glass after pouring three glasses beforehand with no incident, not even the "usual" drop. Having mentioned just that to everyone at the table, they all went quiet; the dead conversation stunt that occurs with astonishing regularity among anyone or group that I converse with. To me, it was obvious that was a planted thought, and the cue seems to be understood by everyone but me at the same time.

My brother's native Indian on-off girlfriend arrived about 30 minutes after we arrived, and I can only assume this was for "settle in" time, as this kind of graduated exposure happens all the time. The perps even had her sitting on the same couch as I was for 10 minutes or so before they dispatched her to the kitchen to do the dishes while my brother did absolutely squat but watch TV and shuffle the newspapers one more time. As mentioned in past blogs, the perp's brown color problem expends to brown skin tones, and they can monitor the instant they determine I have had "too much" brown exposure. Time without fail they will have a negro within a few seats of me on the bus and then pull him off within two or three stops.

Last night while watching television with my parents, and their coordinated leg crossing and uncrossing, head scratching, and lean-forwards there was also an new element; everytime one of us moved in our chairs, it was as if our joints made a loud popping sound. I now get this all the time; a pop or a click when moving my legs, knee or arm, and the perps make no bones about it that is totally faked and planted as there is no comensurate sensation to one's body or joint. This bullshit has been planted on me for close to a year now, and it is an extreme piss off to have this noise keep erupting around me. But having three of us being stiffed with this collosal bullshit was way too much. As usual, no one said anything. Funny it did not happen earlier in the evening when at my brother's place eating dinner and watching TV there. But that is how it goes; on-off total bullshit noise of no attributable cause.

A read of a fascinating experience of Katherina Wilson of Alienjigsaw, her new online update book, I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember. The commonality with the harassment, gangstalk and mind-control experimentation is significant, though I am not sure if I would trade the harassment existence for hers. A tough choice to be sure, constantly being jerked with like I am, and she, having little recall of what transpired with consequent health problems.

Other trivia notes on the day; it was "hoodie" day; at least a third of the ambulatory gangstalkers were wearing hoodies in black, dark green or dark brown.

And with today's rain it would seem it would be odd that anyone would wear sunglasses, especially ones with white plastic frames, but there he was, the cyclist, putting on his brown hood as well, and not the usual helmet head cyclist I get. I usually see about three white plastic sunglass wearing operatives a week, and more in the summer.

The word fuck for the day is "infrastructure"; the instant I read it I got zapped in the leg.

True to form, a crap was scripted for Monday, now the 8th (?) in succession when this has "happened" and I usually get one more for the week, often Tuesday, or a Wednesday, then Monday again. I swear someone is scooping it out without it passing through me. But no toilet or shit games today, at least some relief from this constant battlefront with the perps.

Enough to call this blog done, and retreat from the noxious bright white emanations and plasma projections that are coming from my LCD display all evening. I get the notion that the perps cannot plug me with enough bright lights these days, especially as the daylight duration is getting shorter; my mother had the flashlight out and was waving it around while the perps jerked me over comprehending the instructions for starting her gas fireplace, riling me up considerably. Then more pitlamping outside the apartment just before I entered it. All part of the totally contained harassment experience, and mind-fucked to do the bidding of the assholes running and trashing my life.

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