Sunday, November 11, 2007

Application Clobbering

The first attempt to create this posting also got clobbered; the remote controlled finger fumble "miskey" stunt, and poof, the first take was erased.

The instignating event was a download that got clobbered by a Google search that wiped it out, and thereby having the download repeat. This is such a common event, that it has likely got no mention in these pages until now. That is, an application, a phone call, a conference call, the typing of a word, or any routine activity has been, or will be, clobbered, "cancelled", interupted or otherwise interfered with to cause a restart of the activity. I cannot think of a single instance where this hasn't happened.

Even one-on-one meetings will be routinely interupted, often by a phone call, and the other person is absent for a few minutes, and then returns. Even hyphenating words in this paragraph gets screwed with, and only later am I allowed to know that it is needed. The axiom that I live by is; "do it twice, or more, once for them, and finally for me". And I am sure that is a planted phrase as well. Hence the faux brake squealing noise that erupted outside when I typed it.

I had my very own Remeberance parade outside my place today, shortly after having lunch, timed for the post-meal digestion period. Pictures to follow.

And more gratuitous and prolonged jabbing and like pains are also becoming the norm. It would seem that Thursday is the intense action day for the perps with plenty of spine stretching yoga followed by a gym workout in the afternoon. And as it happens, the planted testicle jabbing goes on while walking, though not yet at a wincing level.

A like persistent pain has started up in my right hand; a piece of seeming metal was stuck there last night after logging off for the day, and when it came time to deal with it, it was "gone". And without any provocation or touch, this needle jab like pain keeps recurring, as if something was there. Other pain jabbings "happen" in my knees when standing at the kitchen counter and handling food. This seems to be minimal for now, though it wouldn't take much for the assholes to fake an event and have it at near permanent levels. This has been done in the past; a spiral fracture in my left hand when timber cruising some 30 years ago seemed to have all the attributes of being "managed". One of the tip-offs is that it happens at the end of the day or journey, with the perps benefitting from a full day of relatively "normal". A cut eyelid a few years later had the same timing in the same line of work. Nothing can be taken for normal, as there are too many of these events, and their timing is most often the same.

Anyhow, on with another perp infatuation and intense research topic, that of the substance in all its forms called petroleum. I note there is a Russian oil tanker that has split apart in the Black Sea and is leaking its cargo. I cannot be sure that this is a managed event, but what I will say is that the perps are on top of me with extra gangstalking whenever I am around gasoline, filling the vehicle tank, "spilling" it, etc. and this is likely related to their similar obsession with asphalt, also a petroleum product. Other strange events in the long past have been Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, mysteriously dying when promoting plant sources for diesel fuel. Petroleum, aka "rock oil" was not considered to be a viable fuel source at the time. The only other tie-in that I can think of with respect to the perp's obsession with petroleum products is that it may relate to their interest over provenance, where things come from and related energetics. A big topic, and I will stop there as this is about all I am permitted to recollect on this topic.

And I found out last night that the perps can now block recall of my knowledge of a singer while singing a song; the song played on YouTube unrelated slides, and it was familiar, as was the singer, but all my knowledge of any possible singer who it might of been was totally blocked. I was not allowed to even think of potential possibilities or like musicians. The thread of my entire knowlege of female vocalists (better than average) was rendered unrecallable. As soon as the song was over, the singer's name came to me, or was supplied. Another never-before recall "failure" event.

Another example of what goes on; the Save command on Bolgspot has been blocked to delay me updating the template.

Today's pictures, that being a Rememberance Day parade. Now all those red poppies will be done.

Just for me, they put on two different parked red colored vehicles and added red color to three of the seeming bystanders' clothing.

Then onto the intersection with some faux vagrants as bystanders, and two marching along in parallel on the sidewalk, one in uniform behind a pole. Funny how that worked out.

Taking up the rear of the parade is a military vehicle, replendent in the red and white medical cross, and a grey police vehicle at the tail end. One more person marching in parallel on the sidewalk. And in the foreground parking lot below my suite are three degrees of grey vehicles, simulating an applicable grey scale for the event. These parking stalls are never populated with the same vehicles, but serve as the "common area" where the vehicle colors of the day are rotated; e.g. reds, whites, greys, blacks and sometimes a green or a blue vehicle.

A forced pee, and then when I came back to the desk, the ambient lighting had being noticeably reduced, and this application greyed in at the outer vertical edges of the LCD panel. Nothing new in all that, except for both at once and so much earlier in the day.

And it will be a shorter post today as I am due to be picked up by my perp-abetting parents for "family" dinner, such as it is. Tonight, my in-town brother is putting on the dinner, and I get to do the night driving, something my mother, the only active driver, does not like to do.

Another jerkaround; the download file that disappears to unknown places, and there is no control on download, another feature that I have become familiar with. The perps like it very much when I am looking for something; a file on a PC or physical objects. I cannot count the number of times in my life when something has gone inexplicably missing. I reckon the hyper alertness state is what is preferred, and hence more brain bioenegetic signals that the could remotely detect.

Now four "inadvertebt" downloads of the same file, and I cannot stop it as the cancel button has been removed. All for showing the progressive progress bar, colored light blue I suspect.

More *.pdf file reading interference and a takedown of the web page while I was reading it. This would be an example of the above mentioned "do it twice, once for them, and once for me" fuckover stunt they continue to jerk me around with.

More plasma beams are spewing off this LCD panel so it it time to wrap this one up for the day and blog off.

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