Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Short Sunday Posting

The sorting, folding and putting away of the laundry proceeded with the usual elevated noisestalking. The big augmentation stunt was to add lint and fluff onto my black color underwear, having "caused" it to be lint-ed uo in the washing machine, and continued this into the dryer cycle. I have never seen freshly laundered clothes from a washing machine have so much lint or other like debris coated on the clean garments before. This has got worse in the past few months, and no doubt there is some kind of conventional explanation, one I won't accept of course. There are too many strange things going on, and they fit the patterns previously established or that of the model of being harassed by remote means for my bioenergtics activity, which includes obtaining grey scaled readings and juxtaposition of alternate colors/fabrics/materials next to an object, item or being. I can only surmise that this is to evaluate the endless combinations and permutations that the perps cycle through, presumably taliored to what they have already discovered.

Regular readers will know that the perps have a total obsession over all aspects of doing laundry, up to and including theft, ripping and shredding. Currently, my bed sheets and pillows have this yellow stain on them, where my head is placed on the bed, and it does not smell or wash out. There is no conventional explanation for this, and it remains only one stunt of hundreds that goes on with laundry sabotage.

On the topic of laundry, and incorporating the perp's brown color obsession, they had an East Indian dude steal my laundry from the dryer and then wear some of it when I was illegally incarcerated at the hospital in 2003. And of course the setup was for me to notice and complain to the nursing staff and have them retrieve it, and in the process, the dude had the idiot line of being "sorry" for stealing my clothes. Har, har, that one; another of the preposterous statement testing, something that is still of interest to the perps, or at least of a few weeks ago, and is likely a neural response/behavior that they have not yet been able to fuck with.

I was also made cognizant of "forgetting" what websites were listed in my blogroll to the right, under TI Blogs on Covert Harassment and Gangstalking. The perps had me "forget", planted the notion, and almost prepared to insert duplicates. And not having made this kind of recall error before, ever, it would appear that more of my recall abilities are being remotely compromised and subverted for someone else's gain, and games. There have been too many recall "errors" this year to be anything close to normal, and "somehow", the doctor just blows me off. I always wondered why physicians of the past were ignoring the extra obvious, and now I know; there is an agenda unrelated to what I need or expect that has precedence.

An all-quiet order has seemingly gone out, quelling most external noises. In their place there has been some frantic lockclicking, doorway thudding, some kind of abortive voiced exclamation, the uibquitous coughing from the hallway and a few more select sounds. Then came some plasmic flashing in yellow on the adjacent wall, sufficient to be picked up in my peripherial vision. This is just a note on what transpired in my midst, and soon, it will be back to the elevated "background" noise. The cocomittent activity I was involved in was a FAQ on audio formats, a careful reading of what is the difference between a CD Audio and SACD. Exciting stuff for somebody, butnot me.

The final entry, or intended entry, as I never know if I am going to get another recall dithering oever posting this, as it has been so frequent of late. I had three white colored vehicles parked in file, with one silver-grey vehicle inserted in, and by the time I got my camera one white vehicle had pulled out from the line, and was adjacent to the lead parked vehicle. That, and a red vehicle that pulled out of the same line earlier, suggests that there is some kind of residual color energy that cannot be seen, but is created for my witness/bioenergetic interaction. Also of importance is the interaction of the vehicles themselves; the red vehicle's former parking stall was filled by a white one within minutes. And perhaps the coincidence of teatime, drinking a brown colored fluid with chocolate, was a big perp attraction. All this active vehicle shuffling below my balcony suggests that this is vital to their ongoing research, and it was the same at my last residence, as it too overlooked parked vehicles.

These photos are from my apartment, six stories up, and the camera is zoomed in to show three parked vehicles, from right to left, white, silver-grey, and white. A red pickup truck was parked behind the lastmost whilte vehicle and it had departed to then turn the nearest corner, turn around, and then back down the adjacent street. All of which you will have to take my word for. But a "substitute" red sports car was located adjacent to the first parked vehicle. And as the navy blue vehicle arrives, another silver-grey vehicle enters the picture, headed to the right.

Twenty seven minutes later, the third white vehicle pulled out of the above string of parked vehicles and then pulled into traffic, stopping next to the lead white vehicle. Funny how that happened seconds ahead of getting all four vehicles in file. From above photos one can see that an additional white vehicle has joined the other parked vehicles, where the unseen red pickup truck had been. Anyhow, as one can see, a white and navy blue pickup truck has "arrived", also to be featured in this little game. And the woman bent over is a classic ambulatory gangstalker pose; those shoelaces again.

That is it for today, blogging off.

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