Friday, November 16, 2007

Curly Hair Gangstalkers

I will have to review my past blogs to see if I identified a particular demographic the perps like to draw gangstalkers from, and that is the curly haired types. I get plenty of corded and corn row hairdo's, along with male ponytails, and redheads are also a perp priority to in my proximity. Two days ago, the perps put on this frizzy and curly headed dude at the traffic light, and made sure that I looked at him for no other reason but for their own designs, as he was set up with the sunlight coming from behind him, hence only his hairstyle was visible, the rest was in a (managed) dimness, removing his facial features and darker skin color. In another event, the perps put on this mid thirties negro dude with grey hair in a tight curly mat, something that had to be arranged as it was bizarrely unnatural. Then, while at an office nearby, they put out this orange clothed woman with a full head of curly hair, shooting forth like a large mop. And lo, if there wasn't an 3' tall orange box nearby.

I have no idea as to why I don't care for curly hair, but I don't, and it causes me to wonder what the perps were up to in my early development years to cause this traumatization reaction, as it seems to be. I don't know what the deal is, but the perps seem to be on this theme more of late, along with planting many obesers in my proximity, especially at the gym. I never did take to the 1960's afro look, and nor to the wirey hair that is a reasonable facsimilie of it. Not my problem, whatever head hair traumatizations I have, no matter who did it or when.

I see there are two residential towers planned a half block away, and I can only assume this relates to the perp's propensity to excavate deep foundations, construct building foundations, and complete a building nearly everywhere I go. The choice of building is usually conforming to neighborhood zoning, and over the long past it has been in the form of a house, one story commercial building and even a 50+ story tower in Seattle, next to the one I worked in. I got to see it from an existing site to a 120' deep pit through the steel work to a clad building, only across the street. Another tall building was outside my apartment. Demolishing buildings has also "happened" on my beat, and there is new one that I now pass twice a week on my way to gym and back, across from the street and sidewalk excavations.

Currently, noisestalking games; a simultaneous instance of an extended session of morse code being played with a vehicle horn (from the left side), and the faux neighbor water use noise (from the right side) that has an abnormally high coincidence with other noises.

An off-cycle crap was just scripted; normally, I am run to have no need to take a shit from Wednesday to Monday, as it has been consistent for over 6 weeks. Another change for reasons that can only be related to the perp's sick minded brown color games, in all their forms.

And a general potpourri of weirdness today, and I have been more exposed to it as there is an off-site association that I have started to be involved in, all legal, proper, and formal.

I was using an Excel spreadsheet there, and 30 minutes before lunch, the perp and harassment witching hour, the cursor began to act strangely, operating not to the right of it, but three spaces over. After a period of hyper-alertness in attempting to understand the problem, a state the perps like me to be in as it must exercise the few neural circuits that they cannot yet fuck with, I gave up and went for lunch. I explained the problem before I left to the responsible person, and we agreed to look into it afterward. And lo, if the "problem" self repaired itself; when the person asked about it they didn't seem too fussed that it happened or that it self-repaired. This would of been a problem with the kernel of Excel and of extreme interest to anyone who depends on this versatile software to do their job. Not a big deal, as it "so happened", meaning it was a rigged jerkaround for some fun and games from the sickos who create the problem for themselves by refusing to declare their human nonconsensual experimentation activities over a lifetime, and then harass the living hell out of their victims for their fuckups along the way.

I don't suppose it was any coincidence, but there was a thoughtful piece on blondes that "showed up" on one of my regular news websites. I read it after lunch, and before I set off to tussle with the Excel spreadsheet, and while interesting, I have never "got it", possibly from experience to the contrary, the dumb blonde stereotype that is often pilloried. Just one of those "never happened" judgements I suppose. But after I got off the elevator and out of the apartment building with my pals, see below, who was the first lead-ahead gangstalker? A blonde woman 40' ahead, trolling along in black pants and a grey suede jacket. For the first block at least, and then the swarms of shiftless males and other vagrants "took over" gangstalking duties. The perps lined up one of their shiftless males in front of the blonde woman so the two images were spatially overlapped from my vantage point, repeating a common trick in attempting to leverage the "aura"/energetics of a favored demographic member to that of the unfavored shiftless male operative. Next the perps will be planting males in suits next to blondes, and so it will go. I am calling this a prediction, and there have been very few that have not turned out. It is one of my challenges to the clinical cowards that sit back and pretend the harassment isn't happening. Also true of the former social circle, especially for those of that group who might be allowed to read this.

My outbound elevator escapade after lunch paired the stentorian apartment manager and a spook hiding under his sweater, as it was pulled up over his nose, he looking at me. The manager had a vacuum cleaner with him and with a long coiled yellow extension cord on the upright cleaner's handle and was place behind me as I stood in the elevator. And lo, if there wasn't a bicycle attatched to a post outside with same color yellow anodized rims gleaming in my managed world of photonic phenomenon. Bicycles are the new "sleeper agents"; they are attached to posts all over town at the oddest locations, even without a decent cover story such as at an intersection for some two hours for round trip exposure.

The disturbing thing about the above operative in the elevator with his sweater over his nose, showing only his eyes and forehead, was the fact that I was screwed out of knowing how odd that it was initially, for a few seconds at least, and was purposely delayed in determining what I can ordinarily figure out in an instant. This confirms that my entire mental constructs of what is normal and what is odd, perverse, or improbable is now controllable and changeable by the perps. They can defeat this determination at anytime for as long as they want.

And on the topic of hiding one's face; the woman whom I am dealing with over this mighty spreadsheet was in an 1960's style hat today; peaked, and it pulled over her forehead. Another woman, a blonde even, whom I met for the first time as I was about to depart, was also wearing a same style of hat, also pulled over her forehead. It seems part of the trend as noted a few days ago in a blog posting, a consistent perp theme to display the eyes, or even only part of them or a partial face, in print, online and in person. And only the most fleeting of glances are allowed of late, between me and checkout cashiers, if at all.

And while inside a store, I got to "meet the vagrants" at the door; four of them doing a helping each other act, a ruse for contact between them, and an rentacop standing around too, on sentry duty it would seem.

And why am I getting red soled shoes on lead-ahead gangstalkers, at least once per day when I am out in public? They are usually leading me by 10' or so, and my attention gets controlled and directed to look at these fugly shoes more than I would want, and yet this never happened before. The red shoes and footwear games have been happening on and off for years, but of late, it is the soles, and am jerked into seeing them after an operative placing himself in position.

And more on-street improbabilities and inter-operative contact. I was walking on the sidewalk 12' behind a two-ranked swarm of five gangstalkers, and there was an adjacent vehicle parked where a person got out of the rear passenger compartment to attend to the meter, a bit odd to begin with. Then two more gangstalkers got out of the same door, and lo, if they didn't "perchance" meet their long lost friends of the second gangstalker rank, and engage in hugs and the like immediately in front of me. Just another bullshit event, but consistent with some of the games that are scripted of late, some kind of interpersonal energy interactions.

And doubtless related to this are the "together and then not-together" ambulatory gangstalker couples or pairs who I "encounter". A couple, or familial members, will be walking side by side, and then they spilt apart, one taking a 4' lead in front of the other, as if they did not know each other, when it is sometimes plainly obvious, e.g. two similar looking East Indian men. Or vice versa, seeming unrelated individuals, one ahead of the other, and then they "link up" when further away. Freaking bizarre.

The perps let me in on how well they can fuck with my short term recall when I got back; they forced a "forget" on what I did 10 seconds earlier, in this case, turning on a lightswitch. I had a sudden "inability" to recall if I had turned the light on or not, and it was obviously staged for me to know this latest development of being fucked with. Funny how the doctor never seems too moved by these new incursions of recall manipulation/dysfunction, as this would be truly indicative of Alzheimer's if it happened all the time. It represents deep neural, brainstem area, manipulations and selective dithering. According to the doctors' training this is not supposed to happen. It is the ongoing joke/futility of expecting clinical curiousness and professionalism. Har, har; next it will be "brain lube" medication, changed every 5,000 miles. (A dig on a particular individual).

And I might be allowed to get this posted today; I have even been permitted to review the posting and correct the errors that I was forced into making and not allowed to know about at the time. I have done exhaustive rewriting all my life, and it is time the assholes who created this intolerable imposition gave it a rest. Been there, done that. Fuck off for good.

And on that ascerbic and testy note it is time to blog off and call this one done.


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