Saturday, November 17, 2007

Continuing the Aggravation

As I opened up this create blog application I recieved the faux bus noise and a backup beeper and an airpressure release noist to accompany me. That is how it goes these days; every utterance is noisestalked, as is every proper noun and infrequent words that I might read. I finished reading the Canada's national newspaper, and was constantly noisestalked the entire time.

Part of the game in reading newspapers is for the perps to add extra shadow across the horizontal central fold, and as I encounter it when reading, going from a reasonably light background, the noisestalking and other phenomenon start for that brief duration of reading in this arranged shadow. A new phenonmenon is to pinch my nuts, adding a sustained minor pain component into the harassment action, as it seems the nut jabbing sensations of the last two months are no sufficient. As always, anything successful is exploited all the more, and that includes pissing me off all morning.

I had items pulled from my hands, excessive noise augmentations to anything I am doing, faked touches when I was clearly 6" away from the putative cause, at least four shaving "cuts" which are more like pore bleedings, countless forced and controlled "misreads" where the meaning of the written word is screwed with at the neural level all to detect how I determine the logical dicontinuities, and many more to keep me pissed off for the morning. And plenty of typo sabotage as I am keystroking and time to cease blogging for now.

And while reading some incongrous news online, a chirping and grinding noise started up overhead, and I cannot imagine how that could be attributable to "neighbor noise", but instead is consistent with the more blatant noise imposition from no attributable source.

A sudden brightness after a managed dinginess all morning, and especially while reading the newspaper. I was reading about gangstalking in Japan at that moment, something near and dear to the perp's heart; noise and phenomenon stalking while reading about the methods and terms of the constant harassment they inflict upon me. (Over 100,000 hits on Google for “Shu-dan stalker” in Japanese the author claims). This includes the "torture" word, and all its recent associations, as it is in the news so often of late, it could well be a planted theme, not unlike blondes.

And I did get a sight of a blonde woman standing in the apartment lobby when I set off for the grocery store, only a 3 minute walk. Her golden mane was draped over her black leather jacket and she was totally still, not moving in the slightest as I came from behind her and then passed through the adjacent door to her left. She was as close to the floor to ceiling glass as one sensibly could be, and would of been looking at me as I crossed her unyeilding line of vision. When I got back 10 minutes later, she was gone.

And in her place was a Mr. Green stalker, one who followed me at the checkout, and then "happened" to follow me back to this apartment building, waiting for the one working elevator while the other one has been shut down ofr no stated reason for the past three days. This dude made sure I saw him only in profile, at both locations, and with a goatee beard, possibly to inculcate or "train" me on being accustomed to seeing male beards and not being turned off from this face hiding "feature". The entire realm of who and how I look at my gangstalkers around me, and even online and in print, is highly managed and probably has a few perp themes to it besides beards, ponytails, red hair, curly hair (yesterday's blog), blonde hair, and the rest of the facial features. often partially, that the gangastalking demographics include.

The maser and plasma games have also being played more often as the rest of the harassment has escalated in the past two weeks, this week especially. Anytime I am to reach for an object there will be a maser close by, taking a magnetic measurement/assay of the air space my hand is to pass through, and often again as I retrieve the grasped object. And more masers while shaving; I cannot count them all, but there were at least six prominent 4" long, filamentous vertical blackish lines, hovering in mid-air or where my hand and razor blade passed through, and staying in position while shaving as specific area. Usually the bottom of the barrel event is for the perps to allow me to photograph the phenomenon, but as far as I can tell, they are still busy playing with these magnetic phenomenon.

Also "showing up" more often of late are what I call "dog hairs", that come from nowhere and are placed to be on my razor handle, or on me located where I about to shave. I have just exited the shower at that juncture, and I have never had so many of these hairs in past comparable situations. The hair looks as if it came from me, but if I shed head hair that often I would not have any. And similarly for the eyelash variant hairs that are also used in same manner. In both cases these will also show up wherever I have cleaned a surface, often a plastic one, again, seemingly from nowhere.

There are plasma blasts in front of the LCD display that I am using much more often. These are whitish puffs which decay inside a second or so, and seem to be related to remotely assaying the magnetic environment that is around me, and has been measured.

Another reminder of being irradiated was looking in the mirror and seeing the sad shape of my gums in my mouth. The crown margins show up to a 1/4" which is an awful lot when seen in one's mouth. It would seem that the increased irradiation of late is wearing down the gum tissue, not unlike the ionizing nuclear radiation, though I don't think it is the latter, as I would of been sick by now, if not expired. My theory is that the perps have not yet determined the energetic signature of gum tissue development, and are still intent on pummeling my gums until they find out. Or, they could be doing this as an aid to their current energetics operations to determine neural and concept related psi energies. Who knows exactly, but this week's visit to the dentist did not enlighten me as to how bad they looked, and I was only "allowed to know" how atrocious my gum attrition had when I was forced to look at them this morning. It is likely that this had been happening for months.

After tea and chocolate, and harassment over this by pulling objects from my grasp, adding extra noise to all my actions (e.g. putting down a teapot or the mug, putting the dinner plates away), heating the second cup to be hotter than the first, creating some 20 fine needle like slivers of chocolate that "happen" from breaking it along the score lines,creating and disseminating chocolate crumbs around the placement of the bar on the table, creating two extra parallel foil cuts from the one I made with the knife and a sliver of foil to contend with as well as some errant slivers that "evaded" my grasp and rotated to the floor parallel to my leg, and so it goes. In other words, continued aggravation just to do what can be done in my sleep even if my diet has been largely unvarying in over five years of being harassed. As I contemplate the downstream harassment for when they allow some variation in my diet, as in at least a year for now, the overhead rumbling has started up, as has the rain and noise making vehicles. The ambient light conditions were suddenly made dingey, incurring putting on the lights at this time. It is all part of the ongoing harassment perpetrated by the assholes who refuse to come out of the closet and front for this venal and depraved nonconsensual human experimentation I was sold into, at birth no less.

Now the siren cascade has begun, also signifying greater harassment interest at this juncture. This is typical of late, more intensified noise, especially the post-consuption digestive period.

A session of yawning has just begun, and is likely for the purpose of exposing my mouth contents for the perps, one of their basic harassment themes; how to manage for neural control from a remote location when the brain's color energy is changing due to food intake and residual color energies from the mouth itself. As mentioned in past blogs, the perps expend a huge amount of effort to expose the mouth contents of the operatives that are coursing around me at any given time.

The overhead pounding is also continuing intermittently and seem related to thoughts that occur but are not yet controlled. Aka thoughstalking.

Dinner and dishes are done, and the opportunity for the perps to continue to rag me is less when doing simpler tasks such as web surfing. After having battles with them over th properties of cling wrap for over five years, they decided that it should now cling, and lo, if it didn't all adhere to my wrist and inner arm, where they like to get touches.

Two separate rouds of hallway chatting outside my door, about 20 minutes apart, different pesonnel. Funny how it happens to me like this.

Another jocular conversation outside my door in the hallway, just after a siren noise; why all this tonight? Is it because I am reading about abductions by aliens? As far as I know, I have not been abducted thankfully.

Another hallway voice-over for my benefit I assume. No rest tonight it seems, while reading alien abduction stories. It is odd the perps want to noisestalk me on this topic when I consider it to be immaterial to my own harassment experience.

I have had buzzy feet all evening, and it seems that this is stanard procedure every few weeks where I am treated to this. I suspect that deep neural structures in the brainstem are energized which is where the perps seem to be looking these days. Any head zaps are in the neck, above my Adam's apple.

As I read a descriptive term of what is being done to me I got a zap and overhead pounding noise. Back to that venality again, and the fuckers know how much I like it.

A firecracker went off with a simultaneous zapping; and I made my complaints loud and clear this time, not that it will change the harassment script any.

Two Firefox browser hangs in succession = perp intrusion to rile me up. I restore the last session each time I boot up the PC, and tend to forget the passwords after a few weeks. Fortuneately, I recovered, though I am pissed off this keeps happening.

Now, at this time of night, a session of sheet metal pounding from the street; anything goes when it comes to harassment; recall the meter heads pulled from the street parking to allow continuous day and night parking in a two hour zone.

Another jerkaround tonight; the Youtube feed was interupted many times to stop the video and the audio feed, and have it resume in a few seconds. Any viewing was screwed with, over and above the video and audio synchronization "drift" that "happens" routinely.

Time to blog off for the day after finding most of my past link visitation annotation has been reset from purple (previously visited) back to blue (not visited). This makes for more perp games to screw with my recall as the prop of the annotation has been removed. Who would of done that on my PC? The perps seem to be prepping me to reread web pages without having a clue that I have already read the page. This is another "never-before", as I would rarely forget if I had read a web page, even going back years. And likely too, my recall would of been even better without these assholes messing with my head, e.g. irradiations of some kind, selective recall dithering.

And enough plasma games for a day; the white space on this LCD display has been filled in with an ever morphing greyish plasma background, undertaking some kind of greyscale testing of my vision and where and how I process what I see.

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