Saturday, November 03, 2007

Beepings and Squeakings

An eerie all-quiet order is in place, save selected vehicle horns and the overhead rumblings with an associated squeaking. And these two noises are coincident with mouse clicking, web page changes, bookmarking web pages, forced typos, reading familiar names, planted recall associations and the remainder of the "small events that matter" list that is totally consistent every mortal minute of my existence. That is, these inconsequential events to me, are of seeming earth shattering importance to the perps and their constant noisestalking, often now augmented with coincident phenomenon such as plasma and maser beams, localized muscle spasms, (lower right eyelid especially), ass jabbing, almost-farts (sensation, but no expected outcome), vision impairments, forced tongue movements, food particle "arrivals" in my mouth, pulsed hits to my temporal lobe area, itches, scratching said itches and others.

Nothing new in all of the above of course, and this has been consistent in the past six residence locations, and even my once worksite on a weekend.

Now some steady tapping has started up, a continuation of what was going on when I was awakened for no reason in the night.

An extra noisestalking spell erupted 20 minutes before lunch, and continued through lunch preparation, consumption, the dishes and currently, some 30 minutes later. A hallway "project" has erupted as the cover for more hallway sourced banter, clunkings, rumblings etc. timed to coincide with other noise or my thoughts and actions, especially the thoughts that are not yet governed and planted. It is to be under the microscope all the more, as if the magnification was turned up another order of magnitude. The typos have suddenly increased, as has the loud mufflered vehicles, almost three per minute. And while dealing with lunch, the siren cascade started up for my cling wrap handling; unrolling, severing (with the cutting edge "failing" for an few inches of cling wrap, confirming that the perps are totally obsessed with this particular material), and that it is not enough to use the product every day. It is not my problem if there are intrinsic plastics in my system, as there is only one party that sat around and let it happen, and now it appears to interfere with their electromagnetic mind-fuck research/games and the rest of the nonconsensual human experimentation agenda.

In fact, it seems likely the perps knew all about the plastic problem as early as age 6 I reckon. If my mother's sudden interest in home brewing is a guide to go by, I was helping her siphon this brown liquid with active yeast (an energetic source), a task that surely fits with the ongoing color and plastic pollutants obsession of the perps. Again, not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

But in fact, there are many types of plastics, and a recent activity this week pointed one out that I was unaware of. I was with my parents at the plant nursery and we were being dicked around by the employee "shortage" and had to wait at a gate for the perp operative cum assistant to arrive. Both my parents split off leaving me under the polyethylene canopy structure that was beside the gate. And it "so happens", when the ex was keen to work this hobby farm we bought, there was a 100' greenhose that was covered in poly, and I cannot recount how many 100's of hours I worked in there to get the alstromeria beds built, filled, tended to, irrigation constructed etc. In other words, it was a setup to have me around large quantities of plastic, as dealing with home renovations for the previous 20 years wasn't enough for the assholes noisestalking my every keystroke as I type this.

And the above also explains why there are so many plastic objects, especially PVC pipe, being toted around in or on vehicles on gangstalking duty. Of late, brown fallen leaves are the cover story to be wrapped up in plastic bags of varying colors, and even toted around by ambulatory gangstalkers on the streets.

I expect no answer to my usual rants above, and in all likelihood any stock phrases that I use are likely scripted and planted, otherwise they wouldn't "come to mind" so readily as they do.

A misty rain came over and wetted the streets and thereby altering the noise of road traffic to a highre frequency swishing sound. Not a big deal for me, it is winter after all, but rest assured, it makes a significant difference for the remote energetics assay work on me. Earlier, with wet streets from nightime rain, the perps put on the street sweeper for whatever reason, perhaps to assign the edge of the ashphalt surface more variabile energetics signature. I also notice that there are more gangstlalkers walking along the curb on the asphalt street surface when there is a perfectly adequate sidewalk. Seemingly, they don't want their operatives to alway walk on the sidewalk as I do, but to walk in parallel on the asphalt-curb interface.

The assignment of energetics to asphalt and tar is a major perp obsession, and it has sponsored quite a few roofing projects, one in place on my beat to the gym which I pass twice a week. Another related obsession is gasoline, and more to the point, gasoline filling stations; they have pulled one out, again on my beat, and are rebuilding it by digging down, blasting out more rock, and placing at least two large plastic tanks in the ground as well as all the other construction of the building and overhead roof. So it would seem that the perps want me walking that beat for a while yet, or at least until they resolve their energetics assay games over gasoline and other petroleum based fuels and whatever interactions it has with me and all my surrogates. That is my take on what is going on, as there have been at least two other gas station refurbishments on my frequently travelled routes in the past year. I always wondered why there was past spates of cross-industry based gasoline filling stations refurbishments, and now I know, as strange as it seems.

More knee torquing tonight, the first in ages. This is where the perps manipulate my lower leg, turning it on axis to then bring on knee pain. There must be some primative neural circuits attached to over rotating one's leg, and they are attempting to identify them.

A related jrkaround was giving me a jab in the knee when readying lunch earlier today. This too would be another method to access the same primative neural pathways the perps keep attempting to detect by remote means of the energetic signature.

I switch to a certain blog site and then I am hammered with plasma beams and vision impairments, the combination suggesting that the latter is "causal" to this phenomenon. Not so; it never happened in the past, so why now? It is all about escalation of harassment games, also seen on the street and the profusion of the "Plastic Bag Men", the middle aged dudes with nothing better to do than walk about packing plastic bags; white store sourced ones, and the black garbage bags. Fucking absurd, and that doesn't reflect the faux vagrants and their shopping carts full of plastic products. One dipshit had at least 6 yellow rubber duckies, about 5" high, arranged on the handlebars of his bicycle last week.

Time to call this one done; I am getting some serious vison impairments in both eyes and it is sustained, and not the usual harassment I get.

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