Monday, November 19, 2007

The Pounding From Outside

A home renovation type noise has begun in this region of the city where most of the buildings are concrete. And the same noise also "erupted" while at my parent's place this morning, though there is no evidence of anyone nearby undertaking renovations. Its that box hammering noise; as if someone were beating on a box with a hammer to ccreated extra noise decay time and associated vibration of it and the air. Nothing new in the strategy, as it has "happened" in every location I have lived at for the past 5.5 years.

I got two simultaneous cold sores overnight, one at each corner of my mouth, and an additional lession below my lip on the right side which erupted in the past two nights. This is near identical to the "lesion show" I got ahead of driving my parents on the one week outing to the interior areas of British Columbia, blogged in mid September. I wonder if anything big is planned as another "coincidence", or if this is just another incursion to add "color" to my face. I am also have at least three gum lesions inside my mouth, two more "erupting" after I saw the dentist last week. I nearly always get one gum lesion ahead of a dentist visit, a reason for her to be called in to look after the hygenist has scraped my teeth clean. Something must be up for this lesion attack, both inside and outside of my mouth, simultaneously.

I also get small zit attacks on my neck, chest and shoulder areas. I can only assume these are also "color swatches" for the perps to get more color referencing data in close, all related to their remote assays of my bioenergetic being, what I sense that they are up to, including the constant placement of gangstalkers around me.

It was the usual bleak parental gangstalking yesterday evening; they coordinate their leg movements, crossing and uncrossing their legs at the same time, but without looking at each other while watching TV, me between them, about 4' from each. As an additional part of the show, they also coordinated their head scratching at the same time, all to serve the hilarity of the situation. Though, I get plenty of this on the street from ambulatory gangstalkers, even while on open-mouthing duty at the same time. Fucking absurd, and the big game continues as if it isn't happening.

The unbidden jaw and mouth noises are increasing of late, and are often timed to any thoughts that appear to be uncontrolled or not planted by the perps on their mind-fuck and mind-pollute games. I got the full vehicular gangstalking when driving my parent's vehicle, with my mother as a passenger, downtown to my place. First six silver-grey vehicles, then five white vehicles clustered around me, and then after some five minutest they added a light tan metallic brown vehicle between the white vehicles as if it needs this color reference to travel with me. Later, the red colored vehicles were added into the mix, and with an accompanying silver grey vehicle. Freaking tiresome as it was predictable. I reckon at least 500 vehicles were on for this 20 minute city trip, and at least that again in parked vehicles in the two shopping centers that we passed by.

The weather is mild and grey; it has not rained yet, but that could change if I head out to the grocery store, even if a 3 minute walk, if the example of two days ago is invoked.

The overhead rumbling is now coordinated with my vocalizations, this time over typo sabotage.

The metal bashing noise is continuing, having started up before I made lunch, and has been sporadic since then. It would seem that the perps are attempting more before and after meal energetics correlations. Regular readers will know that being noisestalked gets worst just before a meal. When I was first harassed, and didn't have any idea as to what it was about, but the mealtimes, and the food interaction was one of few predictable events that the perps would harass me over and I could not figure it out as to why there was such a huge effort devoted to what I would eat. The grocery store visitations were also a big gangstalking event. Those were the days of being less mind controlled (2003), and on occasion I could make a snap decision while driving and arrive ahead of the perps at the store. But they must of had a roving passenger van close by, as at least 20 of them entered the grocery store within minutes, with a handler at the door, and they dispersed throughout the store to gangstalk me at my intended acquisition product locations.

Now, there is no contest; my every breath and footstep are planned, as well as any eye contact or verbal exchange with the cashiers. Controlling my gaze is also important for the perps; they like me to take extra looks at someone who is "featured", usually drawn from the unfavored demographic groups they have defined for me, and often in some color clashing outfit, e.g. red and orange, red and fushia. It could well be that the featured gangstalkers are morphovers of those who I know, and there is often something reminiscent about them; same posture, countenance etc. though of a different build and facial structure. There is something the perps expect to gain when I look at one of their planted perps, and if it is the same person with a totally different appearence, then they could detect some kind of other energies that are unrelated to how they look, but are more intrinsic and fundamental to the human experience. Just my take on what is going on, but more than once I have had someone deliberately step where I was about to, and they are staring at me for whatever reason, when I should be doing this, as they provoked the situation in the first place.

I am getting an annoying yellowish light coming in the main window, and because of it, or as part of this harassment schtick, I am getting perturbed by it. When I had my vehicle and went hiking, the perps would sometimes arrange a brownish colored light which had the same effect; stealthily annoying.

I got a jab in the back of my leg when looking out the window to see some red Christmas light reflections in an lighted office. These leg jabs are invariably when I am standing in the kitchen and are also timed for when I am handling brown tortillas and olive oil, two of the perps study obsessions, though there are many.

Earlier I went to the grocery store for a 10 minute roundtrip; I got the granny in a carmine red anorak in the elevator again, this time she prededed me out the elevator door and then stood exactly where the blonde woman did two days ago; at the full height glass window, looking out, with me passing in front of her once I exited from the doors. Funny how they repeat their moves, and it could well of been the same gangstalker, as I contend they can morph, or shape shift with relative rapidity.

It was "men's day" at the grocery store again; the shiftless fucks who loiter around in significant number, and keep coming back to "visit" me elsewhere in the store. One Asian dude in green made five reprise gangstalkings, the last one outside in his vehicle, and another was on me at least three differing store or street locations. I got the "gut stalk", some protruding guts slung from males on "just stand there" duty, and as usual, I couldn't wait to get out of there, as there were at least one at every aisle end, never mind the stocking carts in place with the usual pile of brown boxes. The gangstalkers are definitely getting more intense, and cannot leave me for more that 10 seconds when shopping.

Then when approaching my apartment building from outside, some 8' away, I noticed a man standing and facing the elevators, in the normal waiting position. Then, just when I was getting my key from my pocket, he turns around and heads out the front door, providing me "door service", the common perp game where they act graciously and hold the door open for me. Here was someone who changed the entire objective and direction of what they were doing, and "somehow" timed it exactly when I was close to the door and benefit from their "generousity". And, like the dude behind me at the checkout, he had the red coffee cup in hand, a signature perp move to have a portable brown color reference with him, aka, the Coffee Corps. Bizarre, someone who was intending to go up to his apartment who suddenly spins around to head out instead, and timed to perfection as always.

And while I was waiting for the elevator, which now takes longer as one has been shut down for no apparent reason for over five days now, a blue and white varsity jacket dressed chinless blonde male gangstalker arrived with his Japanese mandarin oranges, a Christmas time tradition of sorts in this region. They are easily peelable oranges, and having a boxful of them, at least 10 pounds, would of been a very useful orange color reference. And I do get orange peels on the street sometimes, another never before public habit that has erupted in recent years.

When the elevator did finally arrive, a corded haired woman with nice big doe eyes emerged, and true to typical perp form, walked between me and my blonde male gangstalker, giving out a "hi" for whatever reason, as I have never seen her before. This is another case of having someone attractive with something unattractive, in this case the fugly corded hair, brown colored. It was last week when the perps put on this same fugly hairstyle on a male gangstalker that "happened" to be in front of us. I reckon the perps wanted to compare my mother's reaction and mine at the same time to this disgusting hairstyle. This hairstyle isn't very common thankfully, but it does show how deep and detailed the perps are going to stimulate my neural reactions to observe something I don't care for.

Last night, Super Size Me, the documentary on a fellow who eats at McDonalds for a whole month, all meals was on the Canadian TV channels. I hadn't seen it before, and it was interesting. When the film showed him getting his physical from the doctor, with his shirt off, at the moment his nipple was shown the perps gave me this sustained jab and pain in my ankle for a few minutes. He gained over 20 pounds in this exercise, and there was side profiles of how his gut had grown, and I am sure this was also of great interest for the perps to show me, as they feature male guts hanging out on their gangstalkers nearly every day that I go out, even at the gym.

And my life has become more vibration prone; the overhead sliding glass door rumbling nonsense, that moves around to be overhead, is now accompanied by a rattling noise from inside my apartment. I also noticed my parent's vehicle has at least three additional vibration sources since I drove it last week.

It was the usual First Feral Family gangstalking night, my parents and I, at their place watching Sunday night TV in the living room. They did their coordinated leg crossing and uncrossing as usual, and they weren't looking at each other to time this, so they must of been getting some direction from a unified control. Then, to add the to theatre (of the absurd), they both scratched their heads at the same time, more than once. My father did his usual shoe, sock and feet feeling games for the perps. And he did a wander off, and encircled me from elsewhere in the house. His act has him with Alzheimer's, though regular readers will know that I don't buy it one bit. Funny that my mother doesn't worry what he does on his disappearences, as they can go on for over half an hour.

Another apartment intrusion; an Asian couple on a cell phone "wandered in" while I had my earmuffs on, and at the same time, the perps froze me so I couldn't react and say something before they backed up. Nobody makes those kinds of mistakes, and not twice in two months. It is time to lock the door as a routine action now, though if they really wanted to repeat this at a later time, they could easily screw me out of my habits.

I have just finished reading Katharina Wilson's Alien Jigsaw, and it covers the mind control research imperative from the abduction perspective. It seems to be both sides of the same coin; sustained mind control research is called harassment, and infrequent short term research at a remote facility is called abduction. That is a gross oversimplification as the reality is that there is much more complexity than that, and there are many more objectives beside mind control. The perps are only months away from 100% mind control capability, going by the rarer noisestalking events related to my thoughts or images.

Katarina Wilson's treatise. Project Open Mind, on the abduction mind control connection is at this link. The bottom line is that none of us victims, from either camp, can take any evidence to the police and have them act on it. It is fucking criminal and depraved, either way one cuts it. Worse yet, it seems that there are competing black operations that attempt to shake down the other's abductees/victims. Her conclusion is that the alien and military arms of the perps (my term) are connected, and that there appears to be competing interests. As far as I know, I have never had any "protection" as did a famed black operations research scientist, Thomas Townsend Brown. I wonder how the competing black operations cannot find me, especially given the huge amount of preparation that goes ahead of wherever I travel. It is very curious, but many of the "tests" the abductees are put through are similar to what I have experienced and have been harassed over. The experience of the CIA hypnotized agents has also been similar, though in many cases they have been involved in missions and combat events. There is more commonality of these three "disadvantaged" victim/abductee groups than not. The real problem is collating all of this adverse experience among those that think they are alone.

Some overhead pounding with an add-on vibratory noise in my apartment of no ostensible cause. then I yelled at them, and it subsided. I suspect the yelling is a mind-fuck behavior, as I never did this before.

I got to take my once-every-Monday crap; mostly OK without the collosal games of the past, but nothing routine can be taken for granted. I cannot accurately recall how many Monday craps I have had, but it has been consistent for over 6 weeks, maybe even 8. And I will likely be kept awake tonight or contained in a REM sleep only, being the "Monday tradition" for over a year now.

Time to call this day done, and wonder what more collosal impositions are coming my way this week. My mother said something like "good luck" when departing, a mighty curious turn of phrase for her. The planted notion is that I won't like the next harassment spectacle, but then again, I don't like any of it, a moot point to say the least, though they have been mostly correct in this before, the street assault being the last one.

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